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  1. his injury was a blessing in disguise, scared me off from playing him after having him locked in all season.
  2. exactly, could have been worse. just hoping no one i benched him for goes off lol
  3. pound the rock you idiots. getting away from what got you in this position
  4. starting him, feels like a damned if i do, damned if i dont situation though
  5. QB/WRx2/RBx2/flex/TE PPR mahomes and brady edelman, allen, evans, cooper zeke, carson, henry, sony, connor, gus ingram, samuels bears D 12-1 lost by 4 when denver D put up 32 points lol by far my most stacked 10 person team ever
  6. your right to do so, i have allen, evans, cooper and edelman. he has been locked in all season, but with a ring in the line, you have to take sure points from anyone else
  7. had evans in but with the news of josh gordon being out, leaning towards edelman. Thoughts?
  8. cant confidently start any of these guys, tgat being said, id roll with anderson because of his last 2 games, and GB has nothing to play for.
  9. PPR start 2 Cooper, Evans, K. Allen, Edelman. Dont wanna risk another goosegg from Allen. Would anyone start Edelman with Josh Gordon out over any of the other 2?
  10. I hate to say it as he won me many weeks but sit Sony. Coleman and Sony both boom or bust. Ill take the guy with less mouths to feed in Coleman as Ito is now on IR. Hopefully Henry can make up for any inefficiencies from whoever u decide to start. *sorta feel like NE would wanna save sony for the playoffs, just a hunch.