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  1. I’m hopping on. Worth a speculative look, none of the other guys are very good. Someone’s gotta catch the balls.
  2. My plan A was Njoku. Got claims in for Hock, Herndon, or Witten now. Thanks for the good weeks Dissly, see ya next year.
  3. I love waking up at 6ish for football. Feel like a little kid on Christmas morning
  4. I traded Bell for Freeman, John Brown and Mark Andrews.
  5. I read somewhere that he’s going to see doctors after practice today. Let me see if I can find it. I’d imagine it would be by today If he is. edit Erik Schlitt @erikschlitt · 4h T.J. Hockenson is meeting with Dr.s today to attempt to achieve clearance from concussion protocol. He will practice today. he’s an editor for link to his Twitter^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  6. True but he’s not a bust quite yet. Worth a speculative add on the cheap before Sunday in case it hits. If not then it’s an easy drop.
  7. Same here. Held him until I saw gurley play last Thursday. Gurley looked fine and no injuries to speak of. Fast forward to yesterday and suddenly a thigh contusion.
  8. Started Melvin over him in my flex and lost cause of it(Aaron Jones is my new enemy). Was worried about the matchup and figured that was the right call at the time. Now I’m Gonna roll him out every week regardless!
  9. A couple years ago I wouldn’t even turn the tv on for this. Very interested to see how this game shakes out
  10. I sat him also for Mecole Hardman but the guy I played would have beat me by 100 either way. Aaron Jones tore me a new one in both my leagues.
  11. Just feel like he’s a sit this week. My other options aren’t even great and I still want to sit him. Even if he does well, it’ll be on my bench and maybe then I can trade him away
  12. That poor Falk-ing guy. Didn’t even get first team reps all week, gonna be a long day for that offense.