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  1. Unless that’s censored, it doesn’t have a good ring to it. Terrifying to say the least.
  2. The Nigerian nightmare is my favorite nickname.
  3. Hi bloom, darnold vs gb or foles vs hou lockett vs sea or Robby vs gb?
  4. .5 PPR 1/2/2/1/1 Darnold/Foles/Carr(Darnold right now after losing cam) Saquon, CMC Antonio Brown, Lockett/Robby Anderson/Mike Williams Uzomah Ware/Damien Williams/Conner(pending health for ware/Conner) Lutz Bears DST
  5. I have all those guys and considering keenum but likely won’t. Rolling Sam Darnold out there right now. I’m sure I’ll change it 6 times and still be wrong.
  6. This was a great post I totally overlooked before sitting Williams over Lockett. Didn’t cost me, but I should have read this sooner.
  7. Yeah Stafford, Eli and mariota were definitely off the radar for me. Carr certainly has me intrigued, the rest of my team is good enough that I’m just hoping for at least double digits from one of these guys. Another Cam stinker would surely sink me. I’m sure I’ll be going back and forth between Carr, foles, Darnold and keenum all week. I do like the floor. Appreciate the input.
  8. Carr vs DEN Foles vs HOU Mariota vs WAS Stanford vs MIN Darnold vs GB Keenum @ OAK Eli @ IND Curtently have a bid in for Foles but I don’t feel great about any of these. The final are Driskel, josh Johnson and Tannehill. That’s it.
  9. Cam was supposed to be my guy I rode off into the championship sunset with. Now I’m looking at a waiver wire full of bottom 6-8 QBs and sick to my stomach.
  10. From rotoworld NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports the Jaguars plan to move on from Blake Bortles this offseason. This feels obvious, but it wasn't a given after a surprise Bortles extension in February. Jacksonville is expected to make Bortles a post June cut — spreading his $16.5 million dead money over the next two years. After leading the Jaguars to the AFC Championship, Bortles hit rock bottom this season, but he should resurface in a backup role. The Jaguars will start over at quarterback. Dec 8 - 8:20 PM
  11. No worries! Saturday games are tough. I ended up going McGuire and lucked into Dixon off the wire who I’m happy starting.
  12. Tough call. If Jones got the usage he deserved I’d feel much better playing him. I’m more desperate at my rb2/flex spot so I’m comfortable playing Dixon. He might, but he’s barely played any offensive snaps since Ty became their pass catching back. Mostly relegated to special teams as of late. I’m seeing this move to make Ty a healthy scratch as an all in by the coach to make Dixon the pass catching back more than going back to buck.