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  1. We’ve seen plenty of what Lamar can do in 3 quarters. Think he’ll be fine.
  2. I’m definitely starting him but as we inch closer to kickoff I find myself also flexing mattison. Over the likes of John Brown, Christian Kirk, bilal powell.. keep flip flopping it’s driving me crazy. Just keep thinking about what happened to Conner although that was a different injury.
  3. If I do it would be over Christian Kirk or John Brown. I don’t like either of their matchups.
  4. Hey bloom! Bad matchups for me all around this week. Been flip flopping all week.. could really use your help.. .5 ppr, need 3 John Brown vs BAL Zach pascal vs Buccaneers DJ Chark vs LAC christian Kirk vs PIT james Washington vs ARZ carlos hyde vs DEN alexander mattison vs DET(I have cook) Bilal powell vs MIA thanks in advanced!
  5. Picked him up, if I make it without him this week it’ll be an easy choice sliding him in next week vs ARZ
  6. What scares you most about Dak? I have him too and could possibly pivot to fitz but Dak seems like he’s the safer play in my opinion.
  7. Doesn’t that normally assume they’re actually healthy and didn’t fumble twice being tackled?
  8. That Ravens secondary has been really good on the outside though. I’m going Beasley over John brown this week.
  9. I’m benching for James Washington/Anthony Miller/Cole Beasley
  10. I picked up Cole Beasley, Anthony Miller and James Washington this week. Gonna start them all. I thought my WRs with Thielen, Chark, John Brown and Christian Kirk would be okay by now but I can’t take another 5-10 each. Hopefully their trends continue. All In or All Out 🥳
  11. I seem to drop the defense I should have started the day before the games for another flavor of the day so I’m just gonna wait til Sunday morning to choose. No regrets that way!
  12. Yeah I would just hate to play Cook only to see him leave and stare longingly at mattison on my bench.
  13. Hope this isn’t the Conner situation all over again. Might just play Mattison anyways, although I’d never let myself live it down if he really is OK. Detroit is such a good matchup...
  14. Arizona is awful against TEs. Look what Higbee just did to them.