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  1. Need juju to outscore Djax by 2 points. Not confident.
  2. 16t ppr qrwwtffkdddddd Phillip Lindsay for 2019 1st. Likely mid.
  3. A few from the last day or two: 16 team PPR Salary Cap A: Received Jay Ajayi (8%) and Derrick Henry (12%) B: Received 2019 1st (mid, 5%), 2020 1st (unknown) 16 team PPR Salary Cap A: Received Mike Williams (5%) B: Received 2019 1st (mid-late, 3%) 16 team PPR Salary Cap A: Received Joe Mixon (7%) B: Received Keenan Allen (6%) 16 team PPR Salary Cap A: Received Jordan Howard (17%) B: Received 2018 1.10 (3%) 16 team PPR Salary Cap A: Received Corey Davis (6%) and Christian McCaffrey (7%) B: Received David Johnson (4%) 16 team PPR Salary Cap A: Received 2018 1.14 (2%) B: Received 2019 1st (high-mid, 5%)
  4. Two more trades: 14t PPR Team A received McCaffrey and Corey Davis Team B received David Johnson 16t PPR Team A received Amari Cooper Team B received Jerick McKinnon and 2019 2nd (early)
  5. 16t ppr. Team A received Christian McCaffrey and Mike Williams Team B received David Johnson
  6. Well in our case I can mostly work from home so an internet connection is key. Hope to semi retire in 5 to 7 years.
  7. Totally open to relocation elsewhere but cursory research led me to this general area.
  8. I'm approaching 40, married with older children, born and raised in Northern CA. The wife and I were discussing the other day how neither of us actually chose to live here and we just stuck around and built a life here. California has it's benefits but we do not fit well here for several reasons. 1. Preference of simplicity: We're highly frugal and enjoy a low cost lifestyle. That's not rewarded in CA. 2. Air quality: this sounds petty but we have allergy issues and even my daughters are being impacted by the smog and generally filthy air here. 3. Climate: we're not sun worshippers and do not look forward to 20-25 days each year over 100. Fine with more cloud cover and some snow. 4. Nature lovers: we regularly try to escape the city to go fishing, camping or hiking. 5. Politics: We are not gun toting Republicans but are glad to have neighbors with firearms. We're more libertarian by nature but we generally avoid politics for lack of interest. But in CA you would think there are no other opinions but the liberal perspective. We look forward to affordable housing (sell home and buy again with equity in the, say, $300k territory), lower cost of living, better air quality, likely in a smaller community (100k or less is ideal). This is the first phase of research and I'd love to hear anecdotal pros and cons from anyone in the pool on these states, maybe cities/regions to focus on or avoid.
  9. Cooper is hard to peg. Which rookies other than Saquon would you take over him?
  10. The 19 1st is originally from the most dominant roster that won last year, so it's 95% playoff team and likely top 4 roster... I'm confident it's a late pick. 1.13 or later is very likely.
  11. 16T PPR IDP Ronald Jones, Eric Ebron for 2019 1st (early), 2020 1st (early to mid), Danielle Hunter, Taywon Taylor
  12. 16T PPR 2019 1st (late) and 2020 2nd (mid-late) for Jerick McKinnon