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  1. Ugh don't want him staying in Jacksonville.........
  2. Good chance they trade or cut him. Anywhere would be better than Jacksonville so things are looking up. I'd be a buyer but only because his price should be lower.
  3. Milkman

    Philip Rivers Is Terrible

    Rivers had pressure on him all day? He wasn't very good at getting away from that pressure and making plays was he? Hmmmmmm........
  4. Milkman

    Philip Rivers Is Terrible

    I know the title of this thread calls him terrible but I've never claimed that. He's just not elite. Time will tell if he's a HOF. I don't think he should be but I don't think Eli is either.......Teams don't really fear him and he's had some great teams around that he didn't win a SB with......
  5. Milkman

    Philip Rivers Is Terrible

    The Chargers are 118-90 in the regular season since Rivers took over. 5-6 in the playoffs losing several games they were favored in.
  6. Milkman

    Philip Rivers Is Terrible

    Yeah his limitations make him an average QB. He makes some great throws sometimes but he's terrible at extending plays and I've never been impressed with how he reads defenses.
  7. Milkman

    Chargers vs Patriots game thread

    Well it's the Chargers. They have one of the most overrated QBs in the NFL.
  8. Milkman

    Tarik Cohen - RB - CHI

    No excuse for the lack of usage. Nagy just isn't that good of a coach. Cohen has proven all year he's their best offensive weapon and when they use him the offense looks much better. Everybody but Nagy sees that apparently........
  9. Milkman

    Le'Veon Bell

    KC would be a nice landing spot. One time!
  10. Absolutely. Giants would trade Barkley straight up for Mayfield in a second. Hell they'd probably add a future 1st.
  11. Milkman

    Ravens at Chargers....

    All QBs struggle against a good pass rushes. Rivers more than struggles. Same old Rivers tonight and a similar performance is coming as soon as Ricers faces a good pass rush in the playoffs.
  12. Point still stands either way.......Tyreek/Mahomes were very close to having a good game.
  13. He looks like Blake Bortles right now.
  14. Car D is going to start getting tired. Cam can't keep them off the field.
  15. Cam is so terrible at throwing the football. I hate using his receivers........