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  1. Reading anything Mike Florio writes is a waste of time.
  2. Well if you think he'll throw more and I agree then you got to think Tyreek will have and even better year than he had last year. 50 will be tough to duplicate but I think Mahomes has a better chance than any QB to throw 50 TDs back to back. Oh and Tyreek going nuclear. It depends how much more exactly but if he throws 620+ its logical to think Tyreek gets 145+ targets. Less down games and the same amount of monster games.
  3. Are we talking who would win a fight or who can handle the most pain?
  4. Absolutely. Any one of us would have taken that deal. I'm not a lawyer but is that a better deal than is normally offered in similar cases? If it is......why was such a sweet plea deal offered? So many rumors floating around about this case. For instance I heard the nurse thought the girls injuries were self inflicted.
  5. Thanks for the response. I own Baker and I think I'm good at QB.
  6. I stopped reading at B. Like there's never been a black man that's pleaded guilty to something he hasn't done in this country. I'm just saying that's ^^^^^ a possibility. If that's ^^^^^ a possibility until we know what he shared you are doing this entire situation a huge disservice. Ok? No hard feelings but nothing about this case makes sense. Lets all take a step back and wait for the facts. Myself included.
  7. Do you know what Hill and his attorneys shared with the NFL investigators?
  8. QRRWWWTFKD PPR TEAM A sends Rodgers + Rudolph + 3.12 TEAM B sends Fitzgerald + 2020 1st (mid to early) and 2nd (mid to early)
  9. Yeah I can understand how emotions can get the best of people but he owes Tyreek, the NFL, and the Chiefs organization an apology. Until he publicly comes out and does that I can't take anything he says seriously because he's only worried about clicks not about get the info right.
  10. Florio is a troll at this point. Just click bait.
  11. I only said it because I've heard/read it. He would have been drafted much higher. That's considering he didn't do it which we don't know and probably never will.