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  1. Nah bro. He's been hurt his entire career. I mean we're looking at a 23 game sample where he's been banged up and we're looking at game 24 where he's.........banged up. He's still a low end WR2 or high end WR3 so he's been a nice hit considering his cost. In order to make a leap into top 15ish territory he'd have to consistently play 15-16 games "not banged up". Some posters itt think he can do it and others are highly skeptical. I'm in the skeptical group at this point.
  2. Near zero chance he plays this week. He's just not tough enough.
  3. Yeah and if you check out the Diontae Johnson thread I'm in agreement with you that Diontae Johnson is at least starting to be an injury concern.
  4. Claypool is awesome no doubt but so is Diontae Johnson. They will both be fine as long as they stay healthy.
  5. This is how most good RB get their numbers. You can't take away their best run.
  6. Clearly outperformed Rojo this game but is anybody happily starting him next week? Not sure he can be trusted.
  7. Yep. He's got like a 50% shot of not finishing the game.
  8. If it's garbage Minshew targets you can't get to excited.