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  1. The difference for me is I like what I saw with Singletary and I'm not super impressed with Zach Moss. Aaron Jones doesn't impress me and I like AJ Dillion. Plus Aaron Jones is going to want a big contract next year. The Packers seem to be getting ready for life after Jones. That's why I feel basically the opposite in both these situations. The play on the field will decide these situations in large part too. With Singletary exploding onto the scene this year imo.
  2. Yeah it's close with those two for me for sure. I prefer Waller but wouldn't fault anybody for taking Andrews in front of him.
  3. Fair enough. The only thing I see as a significant risk to Waller's target share is a drug relapse. I think it's a significant risk too so that's why I have him as my TE7 in dynasty. If it wasn't for that I'd have him as TE3 behind Kittle and Kelce.
  4. So you don't see a path for Waller where the underneath stuff is more open and defenses stop using their #1 CB on him freeing him up more? That's not possible imo?
  5. Ranking the safe plays for Carr this season. Waller shallow/intermediate>>>>Edwards shallow/intermediate>>Ruggs deep
  6. Hope you don't think I'm picking on you @KChusker I am certainly not. Ruggs doesn't worry me at all. He's not the type of receiver that's going to be heavily targeted in this offense. Edwards could easy get more targets this year than Ruggs. Agree Witten is nothing. Love what I saw from Waller last year. He fits this offense perfectly. The west coast offense is a dink and dunk offense. Carr is a dink and dunk QB. Waller has established himself as Carr's safety valve. Gruden loves Waller. He is his type of player and Gruden saved him. The 27 year old breakout doesn't concern me as much because we all know why it was a late breakout. If it wasn't for the drug problem he would likely have broken out sooner. Waller is a stud. I predict that will continue this year and I predict Ruggs won't lead the rookie WR in targets barring an injury. Good chance Waller has some positive regression in the TD department too. If anything the offense will get better this year and there will be more room for someone else to emerge as well. Depends on Carr.
  7. I like this but think he'll get more receptions than that. I anticipate him being the Bill's best option on offense and they want to get him the ball in space. So I see his target basement being 60ish with a much higher ceiling. I'd be shocked if he had less than 40 rec this season. I mean look what the Bills did in the biggest game they have played in years. 7 targets and Singletary delivered like he always has to this point.
  8. Yeah I don't see them as equals but I understand that you do. I guess that's where we differ. I didn't like Singletary coming out of last years draft. I hated his physical profile and his lack of athleticism (I think you do too) but then I saw him play. What he is good at he's not just good at.....he's special at it. Moss would have to be special in my mind to push him off the field. With what he showed last year he would be a 2nd round pick or even sneak into to 1st. He has Barry Sanders level vision and instincts imo. Anyway I'll just leave it at that and stop talking about Singletary in the Moss thread. Cheers!
  9. Thinking about it more all Singletary has to do is continue to do what he's already done. The vision and instincts he's shown aren't going away. He does that or even has a small drop in efficiency and he's not coming off the field. Moss has to have so many things go right to get any meaningful playing time this year and beyond. He has to be better or at least as good as Singletary was last year. Either by Singletary regressing or Moss himself being a rare talent. He has to come in and be an incredibly fast learner with no training camp....learning The plays Pass protection Audibles Moss has to get used to the 16 game NFL season and not hit a wall. He has to adjust to the speed of the NFL game. Singletary has already done all that and was incredibly successful for the last 8 games of the season doing it. I don't know how anybody thinks Moss is a favorite here. I mean I guess if you think Singletary is a JAG and Moss is special then you could project a 50/50 split later in the season but no offense if you studied Singletary's play last year and think he's a JAG I have to question how you came to that conclusion.
  10. Just don't see a rookie RB, that imo isn't special, pushing a RB that showed he is special off the field. He can be better than Gore all he wants he has to be better than Singletary to push him off the field that much. It's really a long shot that Moss is that good. So I'm going to bet on Singletary and if Moss comes in and plays as good or better than Singletary I'll consider it like a game of poker where I made the right call but still lost the hand.
  11. I was going to mention the same thing. 70/30.......That's the Gore role.
  12. You'd have to be thinking that Moss is going to outplay Singletary. It's not impossible but it's highly unlikely with what we've already seen from Singletary.
  13. I don't see 50/50 here. Teams don't take electric players off the field. Singletary was nothing short of electric 2nd half of last year. They rode him to the playoffs frankly. I think where people might be misreading this situation is the draft capital the Bill's spent on Moss. They like Moss and he was probably the best player on their board in a position of need. The need isn't to replace Singletary though. The need is to back him up because they had nothing there really.
  14. Yeah but he's going to get 36 million plus now. That's why he's smiling.
  15. Have no idea on the source but saw on Twitter 200 million gtd Player opt out clause after year 6 Might be some big performance bonuses If he took a 6 year 33 million per year deal the Chiefs got off easy.