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  1. He's no JAG that's for sure. The volume has been the question.
  2. We need more Zuerlein FGs. I'll take a 18-15 game please.
  3. I finally had to pick a new team to root for last year. 35 years a Redskin fan. I just despise Snyder and know he's not going anywhere. My favorite player of all time is still Darrell Green though. Good luck to the fans that stay and don't call me a bandwagon fan. I don't blame anybody for quitting on a team run this poorly with a young owner. They are literally never going to be competitive.
  4. Yeah I was thinking that. In my mind one can easily be game planned for and one is very difficult to game plan for.
  5. Can they put one of their defenders on the shoulders of another one to match up with his height?
  6. Waller = Cook? I don't think so.
  7. Nick Farabaugh (@FarabaughFB) Tweeted: Diontae Johnson has averaged 2.81 yards of separation per target, which is the best mark in the NFL. Yeah, it's not the best just among rookies, he leads the entire NFL.
  8. Right so if that happens.......he's golden. Plus an uptick in yards could easily happen too...... Cincy, Atl, NYG up next.........
  9. Well one can play inside and outside and one can not.......
  10. On pace for 4284 passing 452 rushing And close to 20 total TDs........ This is the first 4 games of his career and a tough schedule to start.....with him running below EV on TDs.