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  1. I'm leaning that way as well due to the small sample size of Dalvin Cook and the possible inefficiency of the offense as a whole with keenem holding the rungs, I'm not too excited about the whole 50/50 split between Freeman and Coleman either
  2. I think you can get a better offer than that
  3. Qb: luck Rb: Zeke, gurley, quizz, C. Mike, k. Dixon Wr: alshon Jeffery, Randall Cobb, Tyrell Williams, Michael flyod, jj Nelson, Sammie Coates, devante Parker Te: ladarius green, coby fleener, ebron
  4. Seems like good to me, what do you guys think. It's a ppr league.
  5. you think marvin Jones is more valuable than diggs?
  6. I would go Adams all day brother, thanks for answering mine.
  7. Anyone know what the deal with the rb situation is in Seattle? Prosise is getting the passing down work and Rawls will be back soon, I'm thinking it's best to unload him while he has any value. This is a PPR league and I'm short on wr but stacked at RB. So my question is which of the two WR would you pick and do you think I'm offering too low?
  8. True I can pursue some trades and for added security Rawls is available in my league on the waiver wire so I can pick him
  9. Take a look at mine if you got a sec.
  10. Agreed that team would be hard to beat, pull it off if you can.