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  1. In numbers of new and active players playing the game? I've been thinking about this since coming home Vegas and hearing lots of Rice owners swearing off FF forever then the AP news hit even harder recently. For the last ten years or so i've often wondered when FF would hit its peak as far as new players joining in the game. I kept thinking it would peak at some point but amazingly it just keep growing bigger and bigger. My question is with so many owners being hurt with Rice and now AP among others who are missing time in such a strange way (if this was a blown out knee or an injury i doubt id even question this) since drafts have been finished. Will the FF industry/hobby/pay for play game finally peak out this year and begin to level off as far as numbers of active and new players go? Like i said, out in Vegas I talked to many owners who simply said they were all done playing FF..esp. anything in the High Stakes category and that was just over Ray Rice who was going in the 4th-7th rounds out there but now with this AP situation its a major blow to one team in every single league being played anywhere from hometown freebie leagues to 10k or more a team HS leagues. Now trust me I am not one of those who would quit playing as I just love the hobby too much, but i wasn't taking AP very much unless he fell to late in the first round but did take some chances on Rice and it just might cost me a pretty penny in some HS leagues/Contests were I loaded up on WR's early in drafts and targeted Rice as a RB #2 with the hopes that with the O-line upgrade in Balt and his good spring/summer showing that he just might be back closer to his old self than he was last year. I really did need him as my RB depth took a hit drafting the way i did this year. Luckily i did hit (so far) on some later round RB's that might make up for it a bit but wow would i have loved to plug in Rice this week in some of those teams i took 3/4 stud Wrs/Te's early in drafts. It all has left a pretty bad taste in my mouth to be honest and im as diehard a FF player as we come I can roll with the punches quite well but things like this Rice/AP situations happening now its makes you wonder if spending so much cash on these HS leagues and Contests is still worth it anymore even for some diehard players? Imagine and early in season draft... starting with AP/Gordon (there was talk early in year that he would get an injunction forcing his issue to be handled after this season and play this whole year) /Rice or any draft that an owner took AP and or Rice both? Its how its happened really, at least we can rationalize it if our players are lost to injury and not the way these guys are missing time now. If AP/Rice owners were able to at least handcuff Pierce/Forsett/Assiatta to fall back it might help some on but lets face it an AP/Rice RB tandem is a huge difference than a Pierce/Assiata no matter if you got the handcuffs or not I know this could be a touchy subject around here but with so many owners with AP and or Rice, esp. AP now missing a first round pick and a top three if not first overall as i've seen him got #1 many times this year. Will enough owners get turned off enough to say that they just cant afford or want to deal with such things happening again to them and give up the game? I don't see any way those owners could get any help from the leagues they are in or even if a rule could be added in to help owners is such situations going forward. i do know there are now FF insurance options out there that just may be looking more appealing after this seasons early nightmares with AP and Rice and even Gordon to a point( don't get me going on that....2nd hand smoke and a negative test along with a positive from the same exact urine sample taken from a threshold so low that one could get a positive result if you walked by a group of youths smoking some cannabis or riding in a car with people smoking it around you as proven by Gordons legal team at his appeal hearing. But i won't get into that here as i know there's a huge ongoing thread about his situation here. Ok then, Do any of you guys feel all these strange situations..AP and Rice and Gordon to a point will cause FF to lose it's momentum in the coming years or will it just go bye as if they were lost to injury? Will certain owners just give up the game over these things and will it cause new players to not get involved etc? Thoughts and feelings on that is was im looking for and wondering about myself. i do love this hobby and imo it will continue on in a very strong manner. i do wonder if these weird happenings have caused it to peak out this year though? m just interested in hearing how some of the Vets around here think about this issue? Because ive been playing this game like a fanatic for almost 30 years now and every year i say wow this game is still gaining and growing in popularity, when will it peak out? I'm afraid i finally may have got my answer..this coming year. I just cant help but feel with this AP situation especially that with one AP owner in every league just about having their year doine like that will keep them from coming back and putting down their cash or playing as much as in years past. That and any new players thinking of playing must wonder how they could ever overcome something like that happening to them etc etc... I know i'll never stop playing this great game till i'm in a wooden box but i get the feeling that my question of when this game will peak has been answered this year buy Adrian Peterson's ongoing issue. I do hope he gets back asap but its not looking good for him at this point and speaking of coming back..why can't Rice get the six games for a first offense that's been written in the new rules by the NFL on domestic abuse....or will he eventually get to that and if so would any NFL team take his baggage on this year, would Balt take him back even if he did get that type break in his appeal? Hmm i hope so im keeping him until i know better!! Ok im done finally back to trying to make up for these nightmares in pick ups all over the place! well who has some thoughts for me on this and keep it to the topic? I know i suck at typing/grammer etc so please don't go there but do hope i got my point across and I do feel it is a quite important one imo for the hobby as a whole esp. those in the business in any way shape or form. DT-Azzurri I will check back for any thoughts added but may not get involved in much back and forth ( busy busy busy ) posting but will keep an eye on the thread for sure.
  2. He's BACK!!!!!!!!! Yes deal with it cuz it's happening!!!!!!
  3. do you mean Gronk and Julius Thomas will pass on or not play 12 plus games this year AND that Reed who has yet to prove in his pro or college career can be reliable to show up in pads on more than 3-4 consecutive game days? Plus he is already very susceptible to the dreaded concussion syndrome...i do like his game a ton but lets see him string 6-10 games playing full games in a row before you jump so such huge conclusions. I'd say Kyle Rudolph with Norv Turner his OC now and Cassell playing much better than most realize right now and knows from watching Brady how to utilize a great TE has a better chance to do such a thing than Reed this year...But if Gronk is close to 90% (doubt hell get to 100% till late in year or next even) and plays most of the games this year Reed has almost no chance at out producing him and he has NO chance at out pointing Julius Thomas imo..not with Peyton getting him to the ball and being his #2 option in his pass this is going out on a very thin limb imo. He's just not come close to proving that he can stay on the field enough for such a call.
  4. to who was looking for a place to play..look no further than right here at FBG/FFPC Contest, which may just be the best Contest going and imo one day could be the first contest to hand over a ONE MILLION DOLLAR CHECK TO ITS WINNER its getting that big and is run by the best professional people and customer service reps in the industry imo.
  5. played there many years ago also, stopped when he decided to go from one of the best % pay out sites to one of the worst in a year..must have been like 10 years ago now that happened...Steve was always fair with me but things got very tough to deal with towards the end of my playing days there when he when way up on his rake. ..had he just played his cards better he'd be still one of is not the biggest of all FF pay for play sites out here imo. Not sure if it was his wife or some banking issues he was having but something got in the way of him going HUGE in this business and its to bad cuz that was the place to play when FF started blowing up out here. Not enough upgrades and a hube % rke increade was the end of his big run imo...i still have all his trophies and medals he sent to his winners with the prize winnings all over the place here lol
  6. I have had a very good take on this matter since its first began and have drafted my teams accordingly. But like a few have mentioned i seen (ive just checked this post for first time 10 minutes ago and don't post here often anymore as I'm very busy these days). This is my take on it and id be very surprised if i am not pretty much right on most of not all of it. It may not be worded perfectly so don't kill me but you'll get my point. I am far from any English major lol. Im making this post because ive felt this way all along now and every vibe i get is telling me this is whats going on and how it may play out and want to share it with you guys and gals in this very long and interesting thread about a huge issue for us FF players and NFL fans alike esp..Browns fans. Gordon IMO will catch a break and for many different reasons. #1 being the timing of it all and that his last tests in question (for cannabis, which is a joke in and of itself) its legal and being prescribed by Doctors for everything from glaucoma to back pain not to mention many other things as well and its also LEGAL and or decriminalized in a few states and about to be in many more ) were low and barely above the threshold and another test that was taken that was actually under it. I know for a fact that second hand smoke can cause a positive test if the levels they test for are as low as the NFL threshold is. A relative of mine many years ago now beat a case where he lost his job for a positive test for pot and hired a lawyer and it was determined that it was indeed form second hand smoke when eh was riding around with his buddies and they were smoking with windows done and on many occasion, so he showed a positive result for cannabis in his system but just barely enough to show that it was in his system but not bear where a regular smoker or pothead levels would be. Well anyways he beat the case and got his job back and this was at least 15-20 years ago now. So it can and has happened before. Why the NFLPA didn't negotiate cannabis use out of the contract was a bad call on there part. NBA players from what ive been told did in fact have weed testing taken out of the cba (if anyone knows if this is 100% a fact chime in but ill Google it in a minute myself but i did hear that did happen because 70% of the NBA players or some very high number like that use the herb and wanted not to be tested and punished for using it) Now i will never say Gordon is a saint or very smart because he must be pretty dam foolish or stupid to be close to blowing what could be at least a $50-100 million dollar career over pot and whatever other things he tested positive for. He should have either knew better and did nothing or figured out how all the others get around or pass the testing. But anyways the kid has great timing, both because and don't lol me either because FF is now a huge factor in all things NFL and Goodell and Co. know it, the bigger the star the more it will become a bigger issue for them and the Cleveland team, fans and FF players. He also has a very strong case in regard to his last test as one was just above and another just below the legal threshold and both just slightly showing up at all which is what happens when it might be from being near or around second hand smoke and inhaling it by just breathing the air that you are in at the time especially if its in a closed car or room. Well anyways, This is entirely another issue but i do have some very strong opinions and insight into this matter as well and it does have a bit to do with the Gordon case as far as being such a light suspension. Ray Rice imo just caught a major break in his situation hes the one who should have gotten a year out and if the NFL new at all that the 2nd and very ugly video of Rice actually punching his wife to be right in the face as hard as he could with a hay-maker kill punch which caught her square on the jaw and knocked her out cold and concussed her, she next awoke in the ER from what ive read about that situation ( read that description of the act by a person who did in fact see the video) so had the NFL at all thought it was possible of the 2nd video surfacing they would have given him at least eight games imo..the public and women rights groups would have demanded that or worse and picketed games etc etc imo and women are the #1 target audience for the NFL as far as gaining new fans, lets face it they have all us guys already, so. I just have to believe that would be the case and that the NFL has been assured that that tape has either been destroyed or will never get into the hands of the TMZ's of the world or Rice would never have gotten off so easily.Now back to the subject at hand...Gordons situation This whole thing I believe all has a lot to do with what Jim Irsay will get for his situation/punishment which will come out after all the players issues are done and which will likely be soon after Gordon's i would think? I say the NFLPA and the NFL are talking behind closed doors about these things and that if Irsay gets off lightly then the NFLPA won't make a huge issue of it IF there players get a shake also. Jim Irsay does not want to miss many or any of his teams games, that you can be sure of and is Goodells boss and a billionaire. So chances are great this has something to do with the outcomes of some players suspensions and disciplines especially the stars like Gordon (who could be a one of a kind talent and top 5 WR playing now and possibly ever if he gets his act together, hes that good and talented and NFL needs his types on the filed playing) who help carry the sport on TV and with us fans and FF players. I say he get 4-8 games tops but have no clue if he will or won't screw it up again after that. My two cents....carry on.
  7. You would rather have talked crap here and call me and my family names than get paid. I've never not paid a losing bet off in my life and still am not sure if this was a first or not. Its very disturbing reading some of this though. I could see why some might not pay a guy like this off, but still that's not like me and i hope some you all realize their is two sides to every story. I was suspended from this site for a few years back then and even when i was able to come back I stayed way because i could not be bothered. Sorry but unlike a lot here (it sure does seem it, but nothing personal meant ) my life doesn't revolved around this MB and i just had no desire to come back here and deal with the BS i took because i was a god awful at typing and sure didn't come across very well, to say the least. So even thought i love the FF hobby i just stopped coming here all together and for many years even after being suspended. You making all sorts of claims and calling me everything in the book. I wonder if you'd do the same to my face bass? I can't get into what id really like to but if you ever knew who you were dealing with for real i am sure things would be different. Ya i open myself up for all kinds of things, have at it but I just wish you knew me in real life and some past back round. If you did i just think things would be different. But really do you think you went about settling this in the best way? Do you have real proof of the bets won, seems i thought we had another bet are you sure we didn't? Did you ever think that just maybe you were not right about all of it or even some of it? Ya know seems that since you have been this hell bent of smearing me here that you might not have a problem meeting up someday. Do you really think I never paid you because I had known for sure I lost these bets and wanted to save the lousy $50 bucks and deal with all the nonsense here? There was so much BS going on around here back then Im very surprised that you guys are so shocked i may have forgotten about a $25 bet after being banned from the site. Im sure there are things im forgetting also, there just has to be more of a reason this went down the way it did. Im just not that type. Ive been in the Gambling business my whole life both sides of it. So much so that its a was a way of life for me for many years. If you know my name and goggled it you might get a better idea. You also may understand more about what i have been trying o say about myself also. Maybe then then you might understand this a bit better as far as not paying a $25 or $50 buck bet off. Sucks that you had to go this far with calling me out Bassbrew it really is. That's why i must think you had rather post all the stuff you have than just emailed me and talked like a man (ya u say u did ONCE) i still check the same email address and never seen anything from you in forever, yet you were carrying on like this here. SOB MOFER talking to myself there I just wont get into what going through my mind hahaha heh. Had you just emailed me like you posted here this would not have ever been, but i just don't think that what you wanted now isn't it? I am sure im right about that. Nothing else makes any sense or was this your way of getting back because of some heated exchanges that we just might have had? Disgusted really calling my family #### and not just you. Dam. Just amazing that you carried on like this when i was no where to be seen and don't dare think it was over a lousy 50 bucks. You have balls i must say that much guy. I have guys who owe me for bets all over the net form past year ive forgotten about even more im sure..ya i know it sucks cuz i must believe your the type who would have paid had you lost and that's exactly how i look at it also. so it really irks you when it happens. I have Raider Dave emailing me telling me your still calling me out for the money or calling me and my family names over it. You feel doing that makes you the better man? Is that your way of getting paid, or are you going to keep doing it for the next 30 years or until one of us die or does this have to blow up even more? You have my email, use it, Please. At this point i don't really care about winning or losing a dam side bet. I just don't wanna get pissed over it either anymore win lose or draw. i don't know you but must imagine you did in fact win something from me and if you also are so sure there was never any bets made previous to that then so be it....again you have my email, use it. i do not want to get into this anymore here. If you don't still have it Dave will give it to you. Im sure we can work something out if you really want to end this and stop it here. I just want you to understand i as not running or hiding from any known lost bet ever at least that i knew of.
  8. Tim said that was mutually agreed upon. Is that inaccurate?I never held him to it but thought it was lame.I wasn't aware that you thought it was lame, and I don't think it's a fair comparison. If you want to PM your address, I will send you that money first thing tomorrow. I have never welched on a bet in my life, and I don't like being compared to anyone who does.I can't take your money. You made the bet and then said you wanted out. I agree it's not the same but its something. Whatever though. I made enough on the Obama win elsewhere.I wanted out right after I made our bet because I felt bad about making a political bet. I would never have taken myself out of it without your permission. I offered to donate the money to charity, which I did. I don't think it's "something". I don't think I did anything wrong. I don't like the comparison being brought up here. This ######## didn't try and back out of the bet. He didn't ask me for my permission. He simply bailed when it was time to pay up. That's my fault, of course: you can't rely on any bets you make over the internet. But when the same guy returns a year later and pretends as if nothing happens, I'm not going to shut up about it. Might as well let it go. Lhucks finally paid me after a year, but DonnyT is still avoiding settling up on a $50 bet he made with me. One or two others schmucks from around here still owe me from a ff league. Of course Otis still owes me a $1. who the F r u to call me or anyone names? I would not spit on you now. I was banned from logging into or reading this site for FOUR years and don't post here much at all anymore. I do know this i have the same email address that i still use and check on when i was posting here way back when and have posted here in the past for you to email me and let me know wtf ur talking about! What year are you talking about how am i to know who won what bet, I have no idea what your talking about?..i mean come this is bogus BS..what a nerve you have to post this BS! AHole! What was the bet when was the you have a screen shot, don't just post I owe you money with no PROOF, i call BS and that's worse than welshing Have you emailed me ever with any specifics about this at all or is it you who are the schmuck for calling me out like this, again i know i use the same email i joined this site with way back in the yellow board days? A simple email with specifics would have done the trick but posting this BS with no proof is bogus! For all i know its you who lost this so called bet and owe me money...I've made/paid and collected hundreds of side action bets over the years so please spare me your BS and keep me out of your BS here or PROVE what you say and just maybe you might get paid! I say maybe cuz im sick or hearing about you calling me these names over something i have no clue what so ever about!
  9. just got a pm/email from my buddy here..i do not have the time right now to sift through this entire thread to find the posts but its said some bassnbrew person has a welsh on a bet?? NOW THAT AS FN FUNNY AS ANYTHING IVE EVER HEARD OF ABOUT MYSELF!...not sure if anyone might remember my old sig i used here before Tilman is my hero but it was all about aholes who makes side bets and don't pay out here and how it pisses me off to no end! I made what must be in the hundreds of side bets on all kinds of things Ff related out here and never once not paid when i lost (i do have a pretty good winning % tho:) but have one to many times not gotten paid for a win. But that's beside the point. Now as for this crazy accusation...i was suspended here for like three years and i'd did not come back here even once for at least 2-3 years after that. So what you're talking about has to be 7-8 years ago? Well excuse me! Not only could i not log in i could not see the entire board for two years! If i had a bet i have no idea what it was how it got made how it finished or if i won or lost for that matter or how much it was for even! I must have more more than one side bet going on here over the years i was active here before getting suspended! Strange i see no one claiming they lost any to me huh? Bass whoever do you see me changing my user name or trying to hide? Never happen, are you that desperate and hurting really or did you yapp so much and talk BS that you might not have deserved to get paid IF a bet was even had? But i got to run right now ill get back to this when i have time to and time to think about what the heck ur talking about and i better not remember or see any BS talk pointed at me from you or you wasted your time..but again if i lost a legit bet and its proved to me i have no problem paying up even if it was 7 years ago and i was blocked form this site for half of them. Whats funny here is my email never changed and i never heard a word about this from you or anyone for that matter that i recall and i have been bouncing in and around here every now and then even posted some and never heard this..but now this comes up? Shocked to say the least but if you point me to this 'be' i made ill pay with bells on with interest as long as you didn't talk BS when i had no chance to even log on or read this site know outcome of any bets and defend myself. I say that because i know what ive had to deal with here(and yes i given back just as well)over those past years. How much was this bet? I spend a small fortune every year playing this hobby. Cash is not the issue here. Ill be back at a better time for me..but don't talk BS.. PM me some details but please understand i wasn't able to log in or view this site for many years when this may have gone down.
  10. Just what pats needed. A weapon like Demps change field position in a flash or stop momentum of opposing teams after a TD with a kick return for six or a great mid field return or better starting line of scrimmage. Belichek at his old tricks again here. I sure he have some plays drawn up specially for Demps on offense as well like reverses and swing passes when singled up vs LBs etc. This will be very interesting to watch evolve here! Tell me those who know for sure...can Demps handle punt returns? Was he able to field and return punts well at Fla? I think he must have but I'm just not sure if he did that job while in college? I know for sure hes an exceptional kick returner with blazing speed and quickness I just cant recall if he was a good punt returner as well? Does he have any chance at being a very good 3rd down or change of pace RB at the NFL level?
  11. I agree with most of this. In a nuttshell though, I think the problem is that the guys who want to post good stuff and have good debates/conversations have simply lost internest because of the fodder that surrounds every thread. Too many people want to manipulate stats or present their opinion as fact and simply be right as opposed to having a healthy debate. I used to read through 90% of the threads on the 1st page but now I only read through about 20% of them because it's obvious they are going nowhere. It's not really worth contributing when you can tell it's a dead end.yep this is about why i don't frequent here anymore also...once you get to many posts that make you wonder what your doing here, you come here less and less till like i have, just stop coming back..i hit the news and Davids ranks alot but seldom come here unless i stumble in like today and of course i find a turn off post and realize why i lost touch with a forum i came to every day for many years and enjoyed greatly doing so.
  12. Someone cared enough to write a novel about it. Anyways, short and sweet. If this was a forum that dealt with serious, life altering issues, I'd care. It doesn't. This forum and this hobby are about pretending to be something we're not; Owners of a football team. It's make belief, man. Most of us come here to cool down, blow off some steam, throw a couple zingers, and when we want real info, we hit the articles. Some of us like to make novellas about how cool things were back in the dinosaur age. cant be FN serious? I know this..the 10/20 K i spend a year playing this hobby is not PRETEND Monopoly money! Lots of players here play very serious high stakes FF on a professional level. Now i know exactly what Fred was talking about. Trolls like you just ruin sites like would have been chewed up and spit out back in the day..that kind of BS would not ever have gone on back then! What a dam shame! Wow, guess i know why i dont come around here nearly like i used to! I haven't been as crazy about the tank since the board change. There was a time this place was the first place id come anytime i wanted to find the best up to the second information. Those were the days, this forum was the best for that. I was far from an angel here but did try to contribute some good stuff as much as possible too. I can see why Fred is so turned off..What a disgrace of a post, as soon as i get to post like this i also turn off and leave..its just that pathetic..if you feel that way why the hell you here? Screw don't back back..who needs this kind of BS here? Pretend? So if i blow 10k playing this year can i pretend that its still really in my bank account?? WTF kind of BS nonsense is that? OMG if this donkey is anything like the type of new posters around here then this place will never be the same again and i cant tell you how big a shame that would be. Does not J still come around in here and give creeps like this a warning or two before giving them a time out or worse? Jeez, now dopes like this are costing me good time..wasted time and that's exactly what Fred was referring too..just takes a few Aholes like Riz here and destroy a great forum! Joe clean this place up and out, one way or another.
  13. HOF? Post like this make me chuckle out loud. HOF? Come on let the kid play a GAME or 50 in the NFL before such talk can even begin to be talked about! Jeez! HOF?