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  1. I haven't been keeping up, didn't even know about the Clan reward. I will slink away quietly and make room. It was a fun ride, but I cannot seem to get to that "next level"
  2. Super Easy. For anyone interested, I thought I had messed it up, because for the first few minutes of it boiling it was a cranberry soup. Very watery. Turned my back on it for just a minute, came back, and it was perfect. Also, I didn't have marmalade. SO I just minced up half an orange (rind and all) and it was fine
  3. Big Hit! Beat out a long-time family favorite in a side-by-side taste test!
  4. This... I agree that most of the celebrations are lame, but I will gladly suffer through 25 "feed me/twerks/etc." to have another Sharpie Incident. It is ridiculous to expect the player... on the field.... surrounded by thousands of screaming fans.... with teammates jumping around and celebrating.... to just be "meh" about it. There are people 100s (and sometimes thousands) of miles away in a living room throwing stuff around their living rooms because of that TD/first down/sack. And you expect this "kid" to be above the moment?
  5. That story is so eerily familiar. That cannot be coincidence. It was a Venusaur, I am L19 (probably only half-way to 20 though), great balls getting low, etc., etc. Hmmmmmmmmmm....
  6. Just a quick Pokemon Go story. I work for a county government in northern Michigan. Pretty rural and I drive around A LOT! Got out to a very small lake community, mostly summer cabins, and I find a gym. L2, and all it had in it was a 1100ish Snorlax. So I stop, throw in a 1016 Gengar. Collect my coins, and drive away. That was 1 week ago. Snorlax and Gengar are still holding down the fort. I have no idea if anything else has been added or not (btw, is there any way to peek in on that gym from 30 miles away?) but this is strange. Might be headed to that part of the county later today. Check in on my money maker! Anyone else have a long-term stay at a gym?
  7. The kids downloaded this onto my phone. Didn't know what it was.... opened it.... haven't done anything productive since.
  8. I think a simple fix to the "card trading" problem (meaning we want to trade easier, but they want control of the trading) could be, if you donate cards it knocks some time off the "Request Cards" clock. Just my
  9. I always just miss the good stuff. If anyone bails on the tourney, count me in. (TJ Loopie)
  10. tjloopie TH8 War Weight? Not sure on this one BK7 (will be 8 by Sunday) No AQ I don't need to be in on this. But it does sound fun. Use my clan if you need another low TH to round out the teams.
  11. Just checking in here. Haven't actually posted in a while. I just wanted to a HUGE to my HONDA Clan. They have been so patient and helpful. They took me in as a completely lost TH5. Now I am a contributing TH7, with no signs of slowing down. Now I just need to get used to CoC names vs. FFA names. (speaking of which - TJ Loopie is my CoC alias) Thanks again guys.
  12. Just wanted to give a BIG thanks to The Animator for taking some time last night to guide me through some base construction. Things are starting to shape up. I do have a question about one of his tips. What is the advantage of having the TH unprotected and away from everything else?
  13. This is probably a mistake, but I recently started playing, and signed up into the Honda Clan (CoC name - tjloopie). Got up to a TH5 this weekend. Just plugging away and trying to figure out what the heck language you guys are speaking. But I am a quick learner, and having a little fun in the process. As I said last night. Yet another way for the FFA to monopolize my time.