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  1. Marginally better than Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener v HOU.
  2. Rolling him one last time while the Colts' TE situation gets ironed out. But I do think he (or Fasano) has (yet another) chance to do well seeing ARI is so good against the run, bad against TE's. That said, I'm on BYE.
  3. ARI has allowed the least points to RB's. The most was McFadden at 15. Murray was held to 13. ARI has given up the 6th most to TE's. Possible outcomes? Jamaal eats Jamaal shut down, Kelce eats Jamaal shut down, Fasano / Bowe eats Jamaal shut down, Smith and Reid give up before half-time
  4. Have a link by chance? Pretty interesting.
  5. Let's not You could make the argument a few weeks ago when they had won 5 in a row or whatever it was but with the offense looking impotent in back-to-back losses (including one against a horrible Raiders team) and their playoff lives on the line it seems pretty clear to me things should be changing and more of a focus should go on the team's best playmakers. In this case, that's clearly Charles and Kelce. ETA - Also, Smith's limitations shouldn't prevent this from happening. Smith is an intermediate passer. Charles and Kelce both excel on those types of routes. It shouldn't take any major changes at all to make them the focal point of the offense moving forward. Completely agree. To add, I also think the O-Line shouldn't be excused either. Smith was under a crazy amount of pressure all night against DEN. Even intermediate throws are tough in this situation.
  6. Only my dog heard it, but I called a Fasano/Knile TD a few moments before that happened. Don't know why I start this guy. Fleener burning a hole on my bench after sitting Kelce last week.
  7. Sitting this week for Fleener. Best of luck. God forbid Charles gets hurt, but that's about the only way I see Kelce being used more. Because of this I'll continue holding Davis and Kelce. But I won't confidently start him after his low production last week. If he didn't produce then, there's no reason for me to believe he will in any other matchup as-is.
  8. Unsubscribed until mods clean this trainwreck of a thread.
  9. I like Kelce and all, but no need to get crazy. If anything, hope he has a great game and maybe you can deal him before your trade deadline. I figure the idea is that by this time, most of the people in this thread are Kelce owners, and likely ones who have been stashing him in hopes that he has a breakout week. Each week that has gone by has crushed these hopes more, so this is pretty exciting news. I'm personally gonna go dance right now. BRB
  10. Yahoo has him as just a two-of-five star matchup. FantasyPros has him ranked #17. Confus.
  11. Is he a start this week for those who need a BYE filler?
  12. Reed, Wright or Ebron for me. I'm feeling Reed due to matchup
  13. Just read that it's because the OLine gets tired. Also because they haven't been shifting their plays up for the second half, whereas the defense comes out, primed with how to handle what's happened for the first half of the game.
  14. Dropped him this week after he didn't meet a projection week 1-9.