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  1. Richmond has a ton of great options. Here are the best I've been to/had recently (although haven't visited in about a year so locals may have current info): 1) The Veil: The most hyped brews in the region. When I was there can releases were a real s show but if just looking to getting some pours wasn't be a problem. May want to check them out on facebook to see what is going on the day you visit. Beers are outstanding though. 2) Mekong/The Answer: Right next to each other, really pretty much the same place. Mekong has great food and an insane tap list; Answer brews up some ridiculously good beers and has an Andall system where they make their adjunct stouts. No cans or bottles to go but they do crowlers and growlers of things. 3) Triple Crossing: Very good NE IPA, last I was there was a little more low key than the Veil but that may have changed. 4) Hardywood: Wide stable of beers, distributes through most of VA. Some decent stouts. Tons of others including 3'Notched, Licking Hole Creek, and Strangeways that may be better for you geographically
  2. Even when Artie did talk, it was only to say that he was a huge fan of Jackie. I am one of the people that thought the show hasn't been the same since Jackie left. Setting aside his on-air personality, his writing was one of the things that made the show so great. It was great to hear him back on again, and I loved the old clips. The clip of him reading from Robin's book had me