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  1. Pringle passes the eye test for me more than Robinson for sure
  2. Where do you guys have Mack in your dynasty rankings? Is he talented enough to be the bell cow there for awhile? Just traded for him & am pretty stoked about it.
  3. Id keep Cooper & OBJ & start Wentz. Hes been top 12 every week and is going to start getting guys back.
  4. If you want to die on this hill- be my guest. I think my stance (hes pretty good, really explosive-- but not as good as Kamara/Mcaff & needs to prove he can stay on the field) is a lot closer to rational thinking than "hes trash- he sucks- he kills every team hes on" blah blah blah-- coming from you-- especially when hes 4th in the NFL in FF PPG last two years and top 3 in YPC each of the last 2 full NFL seasons. "
  5. Newb makes no sense? Not comparing their talent, comparing their stature. Keep degrading people though-- seems to be working out really well for you.
  6. hardcoredx also doesn't draft Kamara/Mccaffery/Ekeler
  7. Im so with the two posters above. Wondering if he is the next Allen Robinson or the next 1-2 game guy.
  8. Robby owners need to just sit tight I think. Imagine those dropping him will be pretty bummed out come late October/November w/ Darnold back
  9. Need 24.9 from OBJ .5 ppr 40 yard TD 2 point bonus & 2 point bonus @ 100 yards. For some reason I think I have a shot. 7-110-2
  10. Dropped a walk-in 65 yard TD or he would have had 11-170 2 TD
  11. What a frusterating night. Thought barber looked ok but man i also thought he left a ton of yards on the field when he had open creases to the second level. Bucs are running the ball pretty dang well right now. If Jones ever got the 24 totes Barber got tonight... Look out. Doubt he will though, barring injury.
  12. Really debating hard on davis right now. Bought him for $5/$210 with option to keep for $8 next year. Could drop him right now for Mclaurin for $1 with $4 keeper price for next year. I loved davis talent. Also thought Mclaurin looked incredible sunday. Would hate to quit davis early. Would hate to see Mclaurin get snatched this weekend or have another 7-100 game sunday and that price go up to $20+