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  1. Equinimous st Brown is a deep kid gaining steam (out playing the more mid season hyped valdes scantling) lately. could torch lions and be GBs #2 next season.
  2. Looks rainy and windy! hard to find an exact wind #... in a 2 qb league where I lost Wentz- looking at starting Russ in a San Fran down pour and Jameis vs that nasty d in the nasty cold baltimore weather... only guys on our wire I’d consider are Foles @ the Rams or maybe Driskell vs Oakland 😬😬😬
  3. Pick 3: Aaron jones Jaylen samuels DJ moore Tyler Lockett (1 pt per 10 return yards) Kenny golladay Ravens D or Jags D? winston or jeff driskel (2 qb league starting wilson already- lost Wentz)
  4. West is there to pass block and catch dumps if Ware or Williams gets hurt- nothing more
  5. Thank God Im locked in the playoffs- He will bounce back. Last two weeks have been a damn struggle.
  6. Full practice yesterday seems like he will be cleared-- Tough decision here for most. Debating him vs Flex guys like Corey Davis & DJ Moore
  7. Grabbed him just in case Luck is playing without Hilton and ebron this week— although even than, I’ll probably still play luck
  8. What is this kids long term prospects? Obviously Mckinnon back probably takes a big chunk of his volume away and his injury concerns are legit-- but hes been damn impressive, is really young, and his beloved my his offensive guru head coach.
  9. NO way do you let those players be added. Freeze the team or submit his best lineup this week for fairness but obviously don't let his ####### in the playoffs.
  10. No, Dr. Chao on twitter seemed like he was done so I was assuming as he’s normally spot on
  11. I love watching DJ Moore play/ reminds me so much of Percy Harvin. Gonna be a star in this league. ROS I’ll be tempted to play him over guys like Lockett Breida and Golladay depending on matchups
  12. Rhoads to IR w/ hammy definetly makes that week 16 matchup look a little better. vikings are running out of corners
  13. Not sure it’s right but I’m commisioning a league where a dude was 1-9 and totally checked out. Paid in full, obviously won’t be coming back. If I fined him- he would never pay me. Just a bad apple. I informed the league that if he doesn’t set his lineup, I will set it for him and if a spot is open due to bye/injury, I will plug highest projected bench scorer or if an add is needed, on Sunday at 11am, I will add the highest projected player available per our league settings. Last two weeks he’s upset playoff contenders so we’ll see if I catch any flak. I feel it’s the right thing to do.
  14. I love watching DJ Moore play football. Reminds me so much of Percy Harvin
  15. Was wide open for a TD and Russ missed him badly. Have a feeling he has a big week at home vs SF week 13
  16. Keep starting Golladay over him. Keep regretting it.
  17. I feel like if Brieda stays healthy, he’s gonna have a monster day. Goodwin out- gonna feed him in the passing game too
  18. I feel like if Brieda stays healthy, he’s gonna have a monster day. Goodwin out- gonna feed him in the passing game too
  19. .5 ppr pick 1: Baldwin @ CAR Sutton vs Pitt Moore vs SEA Davis @ Houston could sit Connor Mack or michel to play a second flex WR but like those 3
  20. 4 point TDs -1 INTs and Fumbles 2 point bonus at 300/400 wentz vs. NYG Wilson @ CAR Winston vs SF