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  1. The effort on the field tells a different story than what is being said in this thread. Yeah they are 0-2, but they hung right in with possibly the best team in the league and should have won last week. If they win this week they can still make something of this season.
  2. No, he was answering a question he was asked honestly. I wish Mack wasn't traded too, but I understand the thinking behind it.
  3. He was asked by a reporter if the pass rush was good enough. He said it wasn't and they would get it figured out. It was obvious that it wasn't, what is he supposed to say? Every coach analyzes and critiques their team on a regular basis especially after a loss. When Gruden does it it's twisted into him blaming everyone for the loss.
  4. After Trump, Gruden might be the most vilified man in America. He is getting trashed by every member of the media. I've seen an article that said he blamed Carr for the week 1 loss and would need to find someone else to blame for week 2 and another one that lumped him in with wilks and patricia as new coaches that had an awful week 2. The Gruden hate has gotten completely out of control and over the top. The Raiders played very well yesterday and had a great gameplan.
  5. Definitely. I still can't believe they lost that game though. The defense played well, didn't turn the ball over and Carr went 29-32. Just a really, really tough loss.
  6. I'm trying to figure out how the Raiders managed to lose that game.
  7. Story that Reggie is expected to be out by the draft next year on CBS. Not really surprising. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/raiders-jon-gruden-reggie-mckenzie-likely-heading-for-a-split-before-2019-nfl-draft/
  8. Carr has to play much better or he won't make it to Vegas. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but I think there is a real chance Gruden moves on from him after this year if he doesn't play well. He can save $17.5M on the cap and would leave behind $7.5M in dead money I believe. They have the picks if Gruden sees a guy he likes to be able to take him or be able to move up and get him. Gruden has already proved he views this is a rebuild and is not afraid to get rid of anyone. It's his show and he is going to be allowed to do as he sees fit. There is a billboard outside where they are building the stadium in Vegas and Gruden is the guy on it not Carr or any of the other players.
  9. This, except you can blame him. He can't just throw the ball away or right to the defense at even the slightest thought of pressure. He has to be able to throw the ball down the field and for that it takes a little time for the play to develop and sometimes he's going to get hit. He was checking down or aborting the play Monday at even the slightest hint of pressure. The horrible interception was a perfect example. It looked like there might be a rusher coming and he just bailed on the play and threw it up for grabs.
  10. Also maybe even more troubling was that there was zero poise against very little rush as well. There were a couple throw aways and the horrible interception where Carr had more time and just gave up on the play. Maybe the WRs did struggle to get open, but they were also given very little opportunity to do so.
  11. A few quick takes: The good: Cook looked great. Team fought hard. The bad: Carr was dreadful. Throwing the ball away too quick. Never challenging downfield, nothing but checkdowns. Horrible decisions, can't just throw the ball right to the defense without looking. Even if the receiver was not in the right spot you can't just float it out there without paying attention to what was actually happening. The "centerpiece" of the offense, Amari Cooper, was invisible. Zero pass rush. Once again, year after year, WAY too many penalties.
  12. Not sure what the record is for penalties and penalty yardage in a half but 10-145 has to be up there.
  13. I'm still full of optimism.....for now. This is the first time we have opened a season with a good head coach since 2001.
  14. If anyone didn't know who Nagy learned under last night they could probably guess today. That looked like an Andy Reid special.
  15. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think the defense will be nearly as bad as is being expected seemingly everywhere. And I'm seeing articles that this is the worst offseason any team has ever had and stuff like that. I am still on board with Gruden's plan and hopefully the Raiders can prove everyone wrong. Absolutely everyone is piling on and I am still excited and will reserve judgement until we at least see this team in action for a few weeks.