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  1. He very well may have tested positive or he may have been around someone that has it. They have not said yet.
  2. I don't believe they were allowed to travel with the team yesterday as part of the protocols since they could not come off the COVID list till today. My understanding was that they would have to travel separately (possibly by car) to get to Pittsburgh and if they tested negative today they could be activated.
  3. No Thursday night game this week. Was supposed to be Ravens/Cowboys I believe.
  4. In the league I am the commish of we allow contingency starters for any game that is played after Sunday just in case. They have to be named on Sunday.
  5. Some people confuse anti-hysteria for being anti-science.
  6. I guess we have a different definition of what "really sick" is. I am not going to say the NFL does not care about safety because they didn't cancel the season after a coach got sick in March and had a low grade fever for a day and was fatigued for a few days.
  7. Still waiting to hear what coaches are getting "really sick."
  8. For the most part yes: There are two ways an NFL player can opt out of the 2020 season after Thursday's 4 p.m. ET deadline, according to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero. A new diagnosis reveals that the player has a high-risk condition A player's family member dies, is hospitalized or is otherwise moved to a medical facility because of a COVID-19 or related condition.
  9. What a disaster. Very similar to the Jet game last year except Carr has to take more of the blame this year than the Jet loss last year. Penalties and a putrid offensive performance are the storyline here.
  10. Bad first half. Raiders not playing well at all and way too many penalties. Jacobs called for another personal foul for lowering his helmet to initiate contact. That's the second time this year he has been given a personal foul penalty for that. I'd be ok with it if that was called consistently across the NFL. I have not seen another player called for that this year. Maybe it's happened, but I haven't seen it and I watch a ton of games. Also, HORRIBLE roughing the kicker call on Atlanta missed field goal. What a joke.
  11. They are not only playing to "keep rich owners happy." The players want to play and get their money too. As others have mentioned players could have opted out, but not many did. They were given a choice and most chose to play. There is a very small chance that COVID will have any serious impact on the players. Out of all the guys that tested positive have any opted out? Have any of their teammates opted out after a guy on their team tested positive? I don't believe so.
  12. Ravens week 13 game moved to Monday night which means it is possible Lamar Jackson can be cleared to play in that game.
  13. I've seen articles saying the Ravens organization does not think the game can be played. Of course that's their position, they will be at a disadvantage. I've also seen that they think Lamar Jackson got it during the game. There is absolutely no way to know that. This is their way to try to get the game moved back by putting fear out there that other guys could get it during the game if it is played on Sunday. Shameful tactics by the Ravens, but not surprising. I think the game should be played Sunday as they made other teams do.
  14. If this was the Raiders they would have switched the game with the Lions.