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  1. He is the absolute worst. Every player is great, every play is an amazing job by someone, every person is a wonderful human. And just plug after plug for other ESPN programming.
  2. I guess you are referring to me. This roster has more talent top to bottom than at any point in many years IMO. And Gruden is still the best coach they have had since his first stint. You are ready to bury the team and end the season before it starts and I'm just not of that mindset.
  3. For what? To keep him from posting on social media? He's never been in trouble off the field just a selfish dude.
  4. Actually looks like he has to not show up for 5 days not just the next team event to be eligible to be put on that list.
  5. Probably depends on the language in the contract. I also read the Raiders have not paid him the $1M that has been reported. I read he was due $500k after week 1 and another $500k next offseason of that $1M based on how the contract is written and they have not paid him a dime yet.
  6. They could be thinking they will place him on the NFI (i think that's what it's called) list instead of releasing him so he wouldn't be able to play for anyone this year. If he doesn't show up for work at the next team event they can place him on a list where they wouldn't have to pay him and he would be ineligible to play for anyone else this year.
  7. At least it looks like Raiders weren't going to just let AB play week 1 and have his contract become guaranteed. So looks like the $215k fine would void the guarantees and they were willing to let him play week 1 , but not have the contract become guaranteed. Farewell AB.
  8. Gruden is definitely in control of the organization and Mayock was playing the bad cop here. They obviously didn't intend for it to spin out of control like this, but I don't see how anyone thinks this was Mayock fining Antonio on his own or that this pits Mayock vs Gruden. Mayock is with the Raiders for his talent evaluation. This is a big deal because it's Antonio Brown and it's always something with him.
  9. I only wish I was new because it would mean I'm not so old. Started rooting for the Raiders in 1985. I think Gruden and Mayock have done a really good job putting the team together and there is reason for optimism. There is a lot more talent here than any time recently, certainly more than at any time under Reggie.
  10. Jeez. Do you plan to even watch any games this year? There is always hope to begin every year and this year in particular with so many new players. There are always teams that surprise and ones that disappoint due to either poor play or injuries or both. Every year there are 3-4 teams in the playoffs that weren't there the year before. Khalil Mack is gone and he isn't coming back and it's well past time to move on and stop talking about it. And by saying they traded away the pass rush you are referring to one player which shows they had almost no defensive talent outside of Mack. Maybe Ferrell was picked higher than people thought, but if he plays well no one will care. We shall see what kind of player he turns out to be.
  11. I had the same thought as well. Glennon played well most of the first, but the two interceptions were bad. The red zone pick was really bad. I think McCarron would have been better than Glennon or Peterman. Hopefully neither will see the field this year. DeAndre Washington looked pretty good and helped his chances of making the team. The wide receivers as a group were impressive. D was very solid.
  12. Gabe Jackson out about 8 weeks......not good. We will be missing both starting guards to start the season.
  13. Frostbite......well that's different. No idea what time on the shelf that requires.