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  1. I'll be concerned when week 1 rolls around and the team comes out not properly prepared to play like many weeks last year and that will not happen. This was an elite offense before the switch to Downing. The defense has been a disaster for years and Norton and Del Rio are gone. If you count Conley we are most likely getting two new first round talents with the pick this year to help the defense. Most of us here have been whining to bring Gruden back for years. I'm excited and not concerned at all.
  2. I suspect he will go to the highest bidder, which will most likely not be us, but the Raiders could really use an interior pass rush.
  3. Yes. I'm good with bringing in just about anyone who could take Seth Roberts role.
  4. Big surprise, Rapoport had no idea what he was talking about when he said it wasn't done.
  5. Crabtree released. Would think that would mean Jordy is in. Michael Crabtree - WR - Free Agent Raiders released WR Michael Crabtree. The move saves the Raiders a tad over $7.7 million against the cap. Most of that will likely go to Jordy Nelson, who is not only older than Crabtree, but also looked more out of gas in 2017. However, GM Reggie McKenzie and new WRs coach Edgar Bennett know Nelson from Green Bay. And that trumps all in the "football guys" world. Crabtree is an elite red-zone force and has vise-grip mitts, even if he had a small bout of drops late last season. Crabtree turns 31 this year but is a tremendous route-runner and should quickly land on his feet.
  6. Think the report about the Jordy thing not being a done deal was from Rapoport and he just makes stuff up so we'll see. That guy is the absolute worst.
  7. I don't see Jordy as a major upgrade over Crabtree, might even be a lateral move. I'd also be fine with keeping Crabtree even if Jordy is signed. But if it's one or the other...Jordy is not going to drop the ball and he's a better locker room guy. I'm also not going to judge him based on last year with Hundley throwing him the ball a lot of the season.
  8. I think I like this: Jordy Nelson - WR - Free Agent ESPN's Adam Schefter reports Jordy Nelson is expected to sign with the Raiders. Nelson is still in Oakland after visiting with the Raiders on Wednesday, and a source told Schefter, "This is going to get done." Nelson is clearly on the back nine of his career, but he would be a solid red-zone option for Derek Carr. If Nelson does end up in Oakland, the Raiders are expected to move on from Michael Crabtree.
  9. Ebron has at least shown brief flashes. I'm not convinced he is a complete bust and he should be cheap. I am convinced Walford is a bust.
  10. Eric Ebron could be an interesting guy to take a look at.
  11. TJ Carrie has signed with the Browns.
  12. Interesting. Jordy Nelson - WR - Free Agent Free agent Jordy Nelson will visit the Raiders on Wednesday. Nelson was cut by the Packers on Tuesday and will immediately start making the rounds. GM Reggie McKenzie has a history with Nelson from their time together in Green Bay, and new Raiders WRs coach Edgar Bennett was Nelson's position coach in Green Bay from 2011-2017. If Nelson signs with the Raiders, it would likely mean the end for Michael Crabtree in Oakland.
  13. Colvin signed with Houston and Amukamara re-signed with Chicago.
  14. Granted he was hurt much of the year, but Murray looked pretty close to done last year to me. I think Mularkey held Henry off more than Murray did last year. Completely understand the sentiment of wanting to get a power back to pair with Washington/Richard though. I just don't think Murray is the right guy to fill that role. I think Washington could be really good in Gruden's offense and will be interested to see his usage.
  15. I get moving on from Lynch. He seemed to take himself out of the game too often and the whole locker room dynamic and how he will mesh with Gruden. However, I'm not overly excited about Martin and even less excited about Murray. I think an engaged Lynch is better than both, but Gruden is not going to deal with guys that are fully invested only part of the time.