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  1. ICON211

    Browns @ Broncos ‘18

    Keenum really reminds me of Jeff Garcia. His appearance, the way he throws, his mannerisms and his sometimes frantic playing style.
  2. ICON211

    Week 15 - TNF - Chargers @ Chiefs

    NFL giving the Chiefs a wrestling style push.
  3. Reggie may have had the GM title when the draft took place, but this is Gruden's draft. Everything that has happened since the draft has shown this is Gruden's show and he has final say on the roster and pretty much everything else.
  4. Completely agree with this. I think people are overrating the job he did based on only a few players. The roster he built as a whole was not good enough.
  5. Really? I don't think 4-12, 4-12, 3-13, 7-9 is way faster than anyone assumed. Then one good year and right back in the tank. I would be shocked if he was the next GM hired.
  6. Mack played just as well with the Raiders as he is in Chicago. The difference is he has better players around him and his team is winning so more people are taking notice of just how great he is. As far as Amari he looked like the same player this year as he did last year under two different coaching staffs. He is being used as a true 1 in Dallas so some of that is on Gruden, but I think just the change of scenery has been good for him. Reggie did have some draft hits, but not enough. When I looked I saw 10-12 good picks in six drafts. He had a couple great picks and the rest not very good. You're not going to win consistently with only a handful of good players and the Raiders roster was severely lacking especially when you consider he had six years to build it however he saw fit.
  7. Never got all the Reggie love in here. He was a poor drafter that did not come close to building a championship caliber roster and had two bad coaching hires. 1 playoff appearance and 0 playoff wins in six years. I doubt anyone is going to be beating down his door to give him another GM job. Gruden may well turn out to be worse at running the show, but let's not act like Reggie built a dynasty here.
  8. Reggie out. Didn't think it would happen till the end of the season. Odd timing.
  9. I'm with you STC. I have been pretty accepting of the Mack trade all along, but if Carr is released or traded after this year that will make the Mack trade look even worse.
  10. ICON211

    Dynasty Kareem Hunt Kansas City

    I'd say it's more than a minor altercation, but I agree "brutalized" is over the top.
  11. Don't the Raiders and Bears swap second and third rounders in 2020, not next year?
  12. We just have to hope Gruden does well the next two years with a high percentage of the picks. What other choice do we have? It's tough being a Raider fan, but I'll never give up hope and could never jump ship.
  13. I really don't have any data to compare him to other GMs. I'm just going by my gut feel. In my mind the roster was not nearly good enough after 6 years even with Mack and Cooper. I also think Burris and Sio Moore were only starters because of the state of the Raiders roster so I don't view those as positive picks. In six drafts I'd say he's had maaaaaybe 10 good picks and that is probably a stretch. He has had a couple really good picks, but far too many misses. On 10 first and second round picks I'd say he has 3 hits 6 misses and 1 we don't know yet. Maybe he would stay on to advise on the cap and i would be ok with that, but I do not like his draft record.
  14. I don't know what Arizona's defensive scheme is, but unless Peterson always shadows one receiver no matter who they are playing I don't know why they would make him follow anyone on the Raiders. Outside of Doug Martin and Cook I wouldn't want any part of anyone on the Raiders.
  15. Overall I think Reggie has done a poor job. He was given the job security to tear down the team and have no expectations to win for 2-3 years. I don't think getting out of the bad cap situation was the hard part. All he had to do was cut everybody and not hand out any big contracts for a couple years. The hard part was building a contending team after that and he definitely failed at that. His drafts were extremely poor. After six years the depth was still razor thin and the team had only a few difference makers. On top of that he had two bad coaching hires. On the plus side he did manage the cap well and gave out sensible contracts (with the exception of Seth Roberts) and he wisely built up the offensive line. Going forward I don't see what role he has in this organization. Make not mistake, this last draft class was all Gruden and it's all Gruden going forward.