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  1. I could see him having some big games, but consistency might be an issue. I think his real football value to the team will be greater than his fantasy value.
  2. Really? He is wrong a LOT and seems to just make stuff up a fair amount of the time.
  3. I hope we do not see Giacomini or Vadal starting at RT week 1. I do not think either of these guys are a starting caliber tackle. I don't think we know enough about Ware or Sharpe to make that determination yet. I think Miller is going to get a shot at being the starting RT. I believe Gruden said something to the effect of - he's at LT now but that may not be where ends up this year - in regards to Miller playing LT at rookie camp.
  4. I like to have a Raider to root for as well, but I don't think I'd keep Carr. Some other good options to choose from and there are a lot of good QBs. As others have pointed out you can probably get Carr as the 15th-20th QB off the board.
  5. What are your other options?
  6. Washington is a more powerful runner and I like his receiving skills. As others have pointed out he's no lock to do anything, I would just like to see what he could do with a role in Gruden's offense.
  7. I thought Washington could thrive in the Garner role and I'm still optimistic he will get a shot at a meaningful role.
  8. Did Doris Burke really just try to spin Tatum's mother not paying bills so he could play basketball into a positive for her character???
  9. As far as keeping his job, if she decided she wants to talk about it and sounds credible he's done in this day and age. And someone is going to find the other witnesses that were to be called if they are still alive. I think there is a real chance he doesn't make it to week 1.
  10. Jon Gruden - C - Raiders According to Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman, coach Jon Gruden has "effectively replaced" Reggie McKenzie as the Raiders' general manager. It's been pretty clear to see when looking at the Raiders' offseason; the team has taken on far more risky players than McKenzie ever did in his time calling the shots, and Gruden is going all out in adding a ton of veterans. Per Freeman, Gruden has "quietly consolidated power to the point where he's effectively the head coach, general manager, CEO and just about everything else." No other coach outside of maybe Bill Belichick has this much say in an organization, and we're not sure what Gruden has done to earn it. If he wins in Oakland it won't matter, but things could get ugly in a hurry if the Raiders don't turn this around immediately. That 10-year, $100 million contract -- the largest in NFL coaching history -- may prove to be a colossal mistake.
  11. This draft had a very Al feel to it. And I don't mean that in a bad way.
  12. A few names I will be looking for tonight that I hope will be under consideration: Maurice Hurst Lorenzo Carter Harold Landry
  13. Can't say I'm happy with this pick.
  14. Wingo has no idea what the hell is going on. He thought Raiders had the 13 and the Skins traded up to get in that spot.
  15. OK James or Edmunds has to be there now. Please take one of them.