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  1. Bad defense or not, maybe this will convince Zim that a balanced attack is best.
  2. 33 pts from Bell and Mayfield. Only 3pts per TD pass
  3. JFK assassination is earliest vivid memory, but I seem to remember a big earthquake in South America sometime earlier.
  4. At this point in the season, probably only 1 in 12 "nerds" would get angered by a suspension, the other 11 are probably hoping for it, and hoping it occurs the week they are facing Fournette.
  5. Heard someone in the stands yell, "Let's trade Stafford for Keenum"
  6. not all of us, but enough of us to know that he won't be there at the 2/3 turn.
  7. our draft is on the 26th and I expect him to go by 18 in a 12 team league .