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  1. Totally agree with this. And try espousing a middle ground view on one of the more polarizing problems in our country (take your pick abortion or gun control) I've been called a left wing loonie or a right wing nut on both of theses issues depending on who I am talking to. My viewpoint on issues most always fall into the middle grey area. I think most moderates or middle area people don't want to expend the energy arguing with extremists from either side.
  2. Sorry I couldn't really pick a favorite. Biggest hit for sure was BOTW. Let' say my least favorite on this group is probably Cecelia. There were many good songs that missed the cut. how about : Leaves That Are Green; Baby Driver; April Come She Will; El Cóndor Pasa (If I Could); and just a fun song A Simple Desultory Philippic (Or How I Was Robert McNamara'd into Submission). How about I leave it at that, and leave you with this set list from Aug 1966. -Anji CBS Holland -Richard Cory -Homeward Bound -Leaves That Are Green -I Am A Rock -A Most Peculiar Man -A Poem On The Under­ground Wall -He Was My Brother -The Sound Of Silence -Anji
  3. Even if we had to (God forbid) resort to cannibalism, we'd still need TP. 😁
  4. I think, the NFL needs to conduct an exhaustive and thorough investigation, just like and immediately after the AB investigation. Maybe combine them, AB was a Patriot and might know something. 😀
  5. Bad defense or not, maybe this will convince Zim that a balanced attack is best.
  6. Does AB know this thread has dropped off the 1st page?
  7. 33 pts from Bell and Mayfield. Only 3pts per TD pass
  8. JFK assassination is earliest vivid memory, but I seem to remember a big earthquake in South America sometime earlier.
  9. At this point in the season, probably only 1 in 12 "nerds" would get angered by a suspension, the other 11 are probably hoping for it, and hoping it occurs the week they are facing Fournette.
  10. Heard someone in the stands yell, "Let's trade Stafford for Keenum"