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  1. In case anyone missed it, there was also a shopping place violence attack in St Paul, MN today at a mall where 8 people were stabbed. Fortunately an off duty officer carrying a weapon was able to send the disgruntled shopper to meet his 72 virgins.
  2. She holds the keys to his new $600k summer home. He will be able to move in once she is elected, assuming he plays ball and orders his supporters to vote for her. Unfortunately for Hillary, only a small percentage of his supporters are dumb enough to vote for her. Another small percentage will vote Trump. Most will go third party or stay home. It is impossible for someone who truly believed in what Bernie preached to vote for Hillary.
  3. I dig it. Those cartoon characters look awfully pro-Nazi though, better hope Hillary doesn't stumble upon this guy's work.
  4. Excellent review of the 7.
  5. Ballin'. I'm trying to decide between the jet black 7+ and the Pixel XL/Marlin, hopefully they release the official specs soon because my current screen looks like a spider web and I need to make a purchase. I've been a Nexus guy since day one but considering switching over to iPhone because college chicks and foreign girls get wet when they see an iPhone.
  6. Nice. Google tells me my nearest dispensary is 390 miles away, I can be there by sunrise.
  7. I was at a Super Bowl party in Scottsdale to watch the Cardinals-Steelers game and was so drunk/excited that I stood up and put my hand over my heart for "America the Beautiful". I didn't realize it wasn't the national anthem until about 30 seconds in, I also noticed I was the only one standing. In my defense, that was the first year they instituted the America the Beautiful>National Anthem combo.
  8. By week 4 it is going to be considered racist to stand during the national anthem.
  9. For those in states where it is legal or those of you with cards, how does the price compare to buying it from your buddy who has a connection? Going rates around here have hovered around $100-$120 a quarter ($14-$17/gram) on the street for years (legal for medicinal, illegal for recreation state). When a state legalizes for recreational use you would think it would drive prices down, but at the same time I imagine production costs go up (retail space, marketing, taxes, licenses, etc). What is the going rate for a gram of the good stuff at a dispensary?
  10. Season 5 Trailer: Release date: September 23 I don't have high expectations but find the characters and setting appealing so I'll tune in. Katee Sackhoff is my type of hot and she seems like a fun girl to hang out with in real life. She also is a cancer survivor, beat thyroid cancer at age 27.
  11. Bri always bring great in depth analyses on the Titans. And updates in the game threads. I've been admiring your work for years.
  12. Good lord. I thought the FFA was a dumpster fire. Now I see all of the SJWs are ruining the SP as well. ...To get back on topic, I think Kap is just an attention whore trying to get some action from his girlfriend. He knows/cares as much about the black struggle as 99% of the posters here (zero). If he was a starting caliber QB he would be too busy throwing TDs and swatting away Insta hoes to be concerned about fake Soros funded political movements. "Black" Screech has lost his mind.
  13. You may want to order some of this: GOLD35 got me 35% of on Monday, the code is probably expired but they give 15% off for new orders. ETA: And thanks Jessup for MFFAGA! ETA2: This isn't my website or a referral link, I have just been a happy customer for several years.
  14. Coming to a campus near you this fall! It is amazing that a gay white man who talks openly about his sexual relations with black men triggers so many middle aged white men into calling him a racist and a bigot.