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  1. In case anyone missed it, there was also a shopping place violence attack in St Paul, MN today at a mall where 8 people were stabbed. Fortunately an off duty officer carrying a weapon was able to send the disgruntled shopper to meet his 72 virgins.
  2. David Brock Offers Money for New Dirt on Donald Trump I expect the same outrage over this offer of money for info? (inb4 HIPAA. HIPAA shouldn't apply to someone running for President of the USA. Americans deserve to know if their president has a degenerative neurological disorder or terminal cancer, these things could affect their ability to make decisions at critical moments ((like a terrorist attack on a US consulate or storing and transmitting classified intel)))
  3. Is it global cooling? Or global warming? Or climate change? I have a hard time keeping up as you guys move the goal posts.
  4. If they are blasting regaetton I bet there are some fine ### Puerto Ricans (I think you are in NY) or Mexicans shaking dat ###. Take and post pics.
  5. Oops. I hear that #### every damn day out here in the barrio, didn't know it was called regaetton.. In that case, I just bring a couple bud light tall boy cheladas and wear my border patrol dry fit shirt. Life of the party. Just make sure when taking shots to tap the table between the cheers and the chug.
  6. Like Saturday night? I don't know how old or antisocial you are, but if I heard loud reggae music blasting from the house behind me I'd bring over some party favors and meet the neighbors. Irie!
  7. I'm pretty sure you are trolling, but I'll lay it out again for the newcomers: 1. Announce that you have a yuuuuuuge announcement about Obama and the birther issue. 2. Get the entire media to cover you live because they think you are going to say Obama is a Muslim terrorist born in Africa 3. Make them wait an hour before you start because the media treat you like #### 4. Have veterans, Medal of Honor recipients, and Gold Star families endorse you and talk about how great you will be for vets (oh yeah, some of them were even black) 5. After 30 minutes, step up to the mic, remind everyone that it was the Hillary campaign that started the birther movement and that it was you who finished it (by getting Obama to finally reveal his birth certificate) 6. Tell the media and America that Obama was born in the United States, thank them, drop mic, exit stage left 7. Watch the MSM, social media, and political experts on message boards melt down the rest of the day 8. Praise kek 9. Pick out linens for the White House (which he probably won't need because he will be too busy MAGA'n) Bonus: Get free publicity for his new hotel that just opened next door to the White House This gif sums up the media's day:
  8. Recap of Trump's speech from Friday morning about Obama and the birther issue: It all makes sense now.
  9. For anyone still confused as to why Pepe is in the news, here is an actual presidential candidate's website attacking a cartoon frog: (I used because HRC doesn't deserve the clicks) And here is Pepe's response:
  10. Pepe visits Ivanka's office 4 years ago: Pepe inspires Trump's GQ cover 34 years ago: Pepe was once good friends with a KKK leader: Just kidding, that was Hillary:
  11. And guys, go easy on rockaction, he is good people. Let's try and keep this thread to discussing the great Pepe.
  12. A ten second google search will answer all of your questions.