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  1. Yeah, I went back and unliked your post.
  2. Collins is a College Football Hall of Famer!
  3. Forbath looks like the guy that Jack Black subbed for in School of Rock.
  4. I'm a Penn State fan, so I'm a big fan of Allen Robinson and Paul Posluszny. I've always sort of liked Blake Bortles since he was at UCF and played well against PSU....thought he's gotten a bit of a bad rap. I've found myself rooting for them the past couple of years. To all of the fans: Congrats on the win! Good luck next week!
  5. In all honestly though, that era of baseball was no pic-a-nic.
  6. Does the site have a General Discussion forum? How do you handle likes? Are they unlimited or can you only hand out five per day?
  7. Jesus is hanging on the cross at his crucifixion. He looks out to the gathered crowd and calls out to Peter, "Peter, my disciple, come to me. Come to your lord in his hour of need." Peter faithfully approaches Jesus on the cross, but is beaten back by the Roman guards. No matter how hard Peter fights, it is no use. As Peter crawls back to the crown of gathered onlookers, Jesus again calls out to him, "Peter, my rock, in my darkest hour, I now need you more than ever. Please, come to me and hear my dying words." Peter, without hesitation, again tries to approach Jesus. This time, he is beaten more savagely than the first time. Peter has no choice but to crawl back into the crowd. A third time, Jesus calls to Peter, "Peter, the hour is almost upon me. I need you to join me and to hear my words." Peter, ever faithful, begins to approach, never once hesitating. One of the Roman guards looks at the other and says, "Perhaps a man with such faith and devotion should not be turned away. As beaten as he is, he continues to approach when asked. Let us let him go." The guards part and Peter, mustering all of his remaining strength, climbs to the cross and embraces Jesus, "I am here, my lord. I have made it to your side. Tell me what it is that you have been yearning to tell me." Jesus stares off into the distance, raises his chin slowly and states, "I can totally see your house from here."
  8. You could do worse than referencing your own likes-to-post ratio. Just sayin'.
  9. Seeing how she's built and assuming that he's built in proportion to his tiny hands, he'd have gotten lost if they can I put this...mammarial intercourse.
  10. Two weeks in and we already have the word of 2018. That's a record. No one has ever coined the word of the year faster. Not as fast as me. I set the record. Believe me.
  11. I'm pretty sharp.
  12. Comparing the president to a whining child does seem appropriate....I'll give you that.
  13. They're all a bunch of god#### cowards.
  14. A trip to the bank? Maybe a road trip? More like a bro-ad trip!