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  1. Perfectly said. Happy Easter everyone!
  2. Jonathan Schoop homered off of Chris Davis last night. I really don't know how to follow up that statement.
  3. Feeling cute and in complete agreement. Might like this post...idk.
  4. Here's what I wonder.....When my mother passed away from cancer, it had metastasized to her brain. For the last few days before she passed, she was mentally gone. Barely any motor skills, barely any speech, no way to communicate. Does this moment in your mind before you pass access something deep? Somewhere where you have clarity for a moment before you pass? Or does your brain live on in it's current state? That's what I would be interested in knowing.
  5. Get inside the head of your competition. Volunteer to go first. Spit on the microphone a lot.
  6. To this point, I haven't had a reaction to this story, neither from a religious or historical perspective. But reading about this priest and his actions to risk his life to save what he believes in, coupled with his actions during the concert attack.....that did it.
  7. If he is really ill, there's a little yellow pill.
  8. What the hell, man?? Go vape blueberries in your crossover!
  9. Myself, my wife, and our 5 and 8 year olds had it at the same time last month. Our living room looked like Jonestown for a few days. Best of luck to you both. It's no damn fun.
  10. Agree with the first sentence. You're probably right on the second. As for the third....He's still a terrible president. This doesn't change that.
  11. I thought he wouldn't have time to g......You know what? Screw it. Keeping track of every lie is getting tiresome.