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  1. Gomez from Breaking Bad is a player on the Mexican team in Beer fest.
  2. Unlike.
  3. Ah. Thanks.
  4. I don't get it. What did I miss?
  5. Thanks, gb.
  6. Thanks man. And you're my favorite lambskin.
  7. Reporting now that the bomber is dead. Blew himself up as police moved in. That seems to be all the details right now.
  8. 20 could be more accurate.
  9. If by "last night" you mean fifteen years ago...
  10. "By gawd! That's a $3000 chair he just hit him with!"
  11. Chants of "Lock her up!" will be replaced with "Pardon the hardon!"
  12. My father turns 70 next month. He just told me the other day, "You'll be so much better off when my generation is all dead and gone."
  13. Holy ####.
  14. Are we sure she's in a hurry to speak to him?
  15. I used to watch this show and think, "I can't believe it's already half over!" Now I watch it and think, "How it it only 9:30?"