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  1. It was a great show overall. Very compelling and kept me coming back. Dinklage was amazing. The writing and acting made me connect with and care for or hate the characters. But, I'm with the majority when it came to the last season. There was so much potential, but it seemed rushed to wrap up the storylines. I think the undead should have been the big bad at the end. They should have overtaken the north. Dani, Jon, and the rest should have been forced South and and the final battle should have Ben at King's Landing. Alliances should have been tested more. Jon's lineage should have been discussed/debated more in the end. I didn't like the choice for king. I didn't think he was a strong enough presence throughout the series. I wish they had written Tyrian accepting the crown. Would have been a nice ironic twist to keep the Lannister family on the throne....or what's left of it.
  2. Okay, I'm done binge watching the entire series. Feel free to talk about it now.
  3. Thank you all once again for the advice. They wanted me to start earlier than would allow me to collect my PTO. I explained my situation to them, but also emphasized that their position was my top priority. They said that they understood my situation and had they been in my position, would certainly not want to give up their PTO payout. We agreed on a date that worked for both of us.
  4. I'm leaning towards asking in the most respectful way possible. If they tell me no then the answer is no and that's that. Thanks for all of the advice so far.
  5. At my current job, I need to give three weeks notice. In order to receive my PTO payout, I need to work all three of those weeks. I have close to 3 weeks of PTO. I have vacation the week of July 22nd. I was just offered a new job today. Would it be appropriate for me to ask the new company to wait until July 29th for me to put in my 3 weeks notice at my current company? I can't give up the vacation week, unfortunately. What is the right play here? Do I give up my PTO payout without asking the new company? If I ask and they refuse to do it, I wouldn't fight them one minute on that. I'm just not sure if even asking is not form when accepting a new job.
  6. He had to get his animals out! His three guinea pigs, his two dogs, his wife....and stuff... In all sincerity, take care everyone that is out there.
  7. From complications of multiple health issues. Maybe the most underrated sports nickname. RIP to the Pillsbury Throwboy.
  8. Before you go for good, know that you made me smile on lots of occasions. You achieved your goal. One of my favorite posters. Good luck to you in your endeavors. You're a good man.
  9. Arnold Schwarzenegger Carl Weathers Chuck Connors Um. No thanks. Unless they've been pushing too many pencils.
  10. Donald A. Burkhart Jr., 49, of Middletown, was convicted of two counts of terroristic threats and acquitted of a third after authorities say he threatened to bring a biker gang to a hospital, prompting a lockdown. (Lancaster County District Attorney's Office). Prosecutors argued a Middletown man caused a hospital to go on lockdown after he threatened to bring a biker gang there. These threats were made while 49-year-old Donald A. Burkhart Jr.’s wife was in labor at the UPMC Lititz, and he demanded that his wife be permitted to smoke and that he be allowed to bring his pit bull into the hospital, according to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office. A jury on Friday found Burkhart guilty of two counts of terroristic threats and not guilty of a third count, court records show. He will be sentenced at a later date on the felony and misdemeanor counts related to the Nov. 20 incident. Assistant District Attorney Amara Riley argued during the two-day trial that Burkhart told nurses and a doctor he was president of a biker gang and “things got ugly” at a previous hospital incident. He told them he cannot control his temper and the gang “will descend on this hospital and have their way,” according to the district attorney’s office. Staff members testified they feared for their safety, leading an overnight hospital lockdown