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  1. I've been on the same league for 15 years. I have had the most top placements (either winning the regular season or making it to the championship) by a healthy margin but I'm actually the only one in the league to have never won the whole thing. I made it to the last game again, and My team this year was not perfect but was feeling good. Then I lost Cook, Ridley to injury, Carson got hurt mid game, Anthony Miller laid a turd. Everything went wrong. Happy holidays to all. See you next season
  2. It looks like neither Cook nor Mattison will play. Who would be the best backup, Singletary or Montgomery? It's 0.5 PPR, 2 point bonus after 100 and 150 yards
  3. Both Cook and Mattison held out of practice today. The problem is that it is a MNF game so I don't think I can take the chance to wait. Devin Singletary must come through! It'll be a combined Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa / Festivus miracle.
  4. Welp, since Cook is out and I didn't get Boone, unless Mattison shows any signs of playing, I'm rolling him out as an RB2. Somebody please tell me it'll be ok
  5. I may stick with Badgely precisely because of matchup and weather, even though he didn't do much last week
  6. I'm up by 24 and my opponent has Paschal. I SHOULD be ok but stranger things have happened. Could have had a very comfortable lead had I stuck with my original lineup instead of swapping Miller for Kirk last minute
  7. Hello Bloom, what is my Best WR2 option out of these 3? Half PPR, 2 point bonus after 100 and 150 yards Kirk, John Brown, Amendola, Anthony Miller. Flex either Montgomery or Singletary. Thank you!
  8. Debating between Gould, Badgley or Crosby (currently have Crosby). Leaning Badgley because of the weather but i'm worried that Chargers may fall behind and not even attempt any FGs.
  9. FWIW I got rid of Maher...don't want to be caught with him as my K if this becomes a bad case of the yips. Picked up Crosby for this week but out of the 3 you quoted Gould would be my pick.
  10. Tannenhill's issue may be that the Titans are relying on Derrick Henry so he's not being asked to do too much vs his good match-ups. I think he may be throwing a lot more on weeks 15 and 16. Having said that as a Tannenhill owner I'm grabbing Fitzmagic from week 15 and 16 although I'm sticking with Tannenhill for this week. I do have to drop Matt Ryan for Fitz which may sound nuts's been that kind of season.
  11. Darnolded out of winning the regular season and 30% of the pot. That pile of puke
  12. I'm scanning all the playoff teams in my league and I don't see Ryan really being anybody's need but this exactly was what was holding me back.
  13. I'm on the same boat and going to try and get both Darnold and Tannenhill this week and drop Ryan altogether.
  14. Montgomery or Singletary? 0.5 PPR, 1 pt per 10 yards Thanks for your help as always!
  15. Debating between Panthers and Ravens... can only hold on to one. Baltimore's been trending up and have the better playoff schedule. Their next 2 games are HOU and @LAR which are not so daunting. But Carolina has the easier next two weeks (ATL, WAS)