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  1. Well obviously the play worked for them (decoy and all that stuff) so while I don't expect John Harbaugh to cater to my fantasy scoring needs it is still annoying as s***
  2. I was up 11 points with my opponent having Dion Lewis and Gostkowski. In the end I only lost by 9 points. The fact that the Pats just crapped the bed pisses me off even more. If Collins had gotten one of those 2 TD's that effin Javorious Allen got or had Alex Smith connected on one of the several doable passes to Kelce I would have won.
  3. For Dion Lewis + Gostkowski not to score over 11 pts combined
  4. My team really could have used one of those 2 TDs.
  5. I hate Antonio Brown Over and out
  6. Well #######it. That was mediocre.
  7. Standard scoring DST GB @ Cleveland or LAC vs Washington
  8. My opponent has Brees and was happy that he didn't go wild, but then I noticed that he plugged in Sanu at the last minute.
  9. Actually I just saw the Chargers were dropped. Their schedule doesn't look as easy as Detroit's but they are playing better. Plus it'd be a waiver pick vs FA. Decisions, decisions.
  10. I'm waiting to see if Peyton Barber doesn't have to share with Doug Martin and I may go for him instead of Collins.
  11. Indeed. Then they grade you on your coaching moves based on their bad info.
  12. Well I'm not saying that it's a trap game as far as the outcome of the game. And the Chiefs did lose last week didn't they? They could lose out the season as far as I'm concerned as long as Alex Smith scores points. I meant more from the standpoint of Alex Smith ####ting the bed after the monster game he had last week. Again, I'm paranoid. But like you, I have no other real option. Basically I just wanted a message like yours to walk me off the ledge a bit.
  13. We can only hope. I'm just paranoid.
  14. Good news: made the playoff and have very favorable match-ups and points projected this week (in fact 2nd most projected for the league) However my opponent has the most projected points. Then again Yahoo has been #### as far as projections this year so...
  15. Did the same thing but fortunately it didn't cost me my playoff spot. This game vs OAK has "trap" written all over it but I'm still going with him. Stafford is banged up and I only had Keenum for the 1 week, had to drop him to make room for some playoff depth.