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  1. Hi Bloom, please help me choose an RB2 and flex from this bunch David Montgomery Frank Gore David Singletary John Brown Calvin Ridley 0.5 PPR, 1 pt per 10 yards. 2 pt bonus after 100 and 150 yards
  2. Welp, Ramsey goes to the Rams. I'm holding onto the Jags for this week but have picked up the Jets for ROS (couldn't snag the Bills off waivers)
  3. The Gurley owner just dropped him last week so was able to snag Malcolm Brown last night. But I had to drop Mattison and I own Cook.
  4. Hard to say but in that offense and kicking in a dome he's in a good situation.
  5. Is Ramsey ever coming back? I stuck with Jax but debating about keeping them or picking Denver instead. Jacksonville has a pretty good schedule for the next few weeks and my options are not great other than Denver and only for this week
  6. This happens a lot in FFL. I still remember the Christine Michael threads Personally I picked him up as an FA and got two good weeks out of him so I can't complain. I'm holding onto him because I have the roster space and can afford to wait it out for a bit.
  7. Dan Bailey into double digits back to back weeks and bye is on week 12. Vikings offense is stable and has friendly schedule.
  8. Count me amongst the many that suffered the McCaffrey / Aaron Jones combo (+ a side of Chark), and I actually had my highest score of the season this week.fml
  9. Hello once again: I have a couple of questions this week: 1) Need a flex from the following: Frank Gore DeMarcus Robinson Calvin Ridley 2) Was also contemplating dropping Darrell Williams and picking up Gallup, Diontae Johnson, or Aiden Tate to get a bit of depth at WR Scoring 0.5 PPR, 1 point per 10 yards, 2 point bonus after 100 and 150 yards Thanks in advance!
  10. I may drop him due to byes plus i'm struggling a bit in terms of roster space (have Mattison as a handcuff to Cook and rostering both Gore and Singletary). But otherwise I agree with this.
  11. Who out of this group is the best WR3 for this week and ROS? AJ Brown, Dionte Johnson, Auden Tate, Demarcus Robinson, Michael Gallup (I currently have Robinson) My league scoring format: 1 point per 10 yards, 2 point bonus after 100 and 150 yards, 0.5 PPR. Thanks!
  12. Ditto. Finally dropped Fairbarn which means he'll score 20+ points this week. But I don't wanna worry about gd kickers.