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  1. Not afraid to rip on O'brien when he deserves it, so will give him credit on this one. The play calling down the stretch was pretty good. Didn't get conservative, but they still ran time off the clock and kept the chains moving, etc.
  2. Close to being out of bounds before the catch. Not definitive enough though.
  3. I feel like the biggest problem is that the Texans cannot handle the blitz. I don't know where the problem lies in what amounts. Watson is calling the protection. Is he not seeing the blitz? Is he calling the wrong protection then? Is the line not picking them up? Is the receiver not adjusting to give him an outlet? Is he not using the outlet? Some of each but in what amounts? It has felt to me like Watson just expects the blitzes to be picked up the vast majority of the time. Very few times do you see a receiver run a route in behind the blitzer into the space created by his departure which is where you can look to exploit them blitzing. Instead Watson just drops back and surveys the field and the extra pressure gets to him too frequently. I was talking about this at the game with the guy beside me. I brought it up before the game and then kept pointing out how they made no adjustment to take advantage of the blitz most of the time. There was one play he did hit a receiver right behind the blitzing player that I pointed to as what I'd expected we should see a lot more of. Granted sometimes you try to pick up the blitz, and sometimes you give up that advantage but then you have to adjust and hit that quick on. But if we're not picking up the blitz right, is it the execution or the protection he called or just holding it too long? Some of it is definitely Watson holding the ball too long. Though beyond that I don't know how much of it is the other issues. Anyway, if I'm the DC I'm going to blitz the hell out of us. We might get a long one from time to time, but most of the time we end up far enough behind on down and distance it kills the drive. I'll take the gamble they miss the long throw.
  4. My mom's a teacher, so she was real strict with me and my sister. She was like, 'Look, don't drink and don't do drugs and don't sleep around.' And then, one day it was like she changed her mind about everything. She said, 'You're going to college.'
  5. At a southern university, students in the psychology program attend their first class on emotional extremes. "Just to establish some parameters," says the professor to a student from Arkansas, "what is the opposite of joy?" "Sadness," says the student. "And the opposite of depression?" he asks a young lady from Oklahoma. "Elation," she says. "And you, sir," he asks a young man from Texas, "what about the opposite of woe?" The Texan replies, "Sir, I believe that would be 'giddy up.'"
  6. I'm afraid of negative numbers. I'll stop at nothing to avoid them.
  7. A mathematician comes in at 3 am to find a very perturbed wife. "You're late!" she yells. "You said you'd be home by 11:45!" "Actually," he replies coolly, "I said I'd be home by a quarter of twelve."
  8. Didn't see a thread when I searched.
  9. Should have thrown a challenge flag for pass interference on that 3rd down throw in the end zone. Guy shoved him in the back before the ball got there.
  10. I really hate opera singer National Anthem renditions. Though, that dude did have some pipes.
  11. I honestly think it's hard to say at this point. Fuller and Stills are both under contract through 2020. Say hypothetically that Fuller gets hurt again and Stills stays healthy and is able to fill the stretch the field role adequately. Which of the two would you consider extending longer term going into their final seasons? I'm sure being insurance is part of it, but I think he could bring a bit more to it than just that.