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  1. Enjoyed the movie. It was middle of the road for Marvel movies for me, which is still high praise. Love Hannah John Kamen from her role in Killjoys so was great seeing her in it.
  2. My poker viewing has dropped off over the last few years. This has been the most enjoyable WSOP for me in years.
  3. What are the exact rules / etiquette on a player getting a count on someone else's stack that hasn't been pushed in? Does the other player have to give them a count? Will the dealer count if the player doesn't? What if the player gives them an inaccurate count? Just curious.
  4. Cool article I came across while working up some more trivia game posts: Brain Scans Reveal What Dogs Really Think Of Us
  5. Day off. Heading out to buy a buddy a birthday steak and then will catch Antman and Wasp.
  6. But it just got crazy louder.
  7. My experience working at large corporations who also have Gajillions of dollars has taught me that amount of money matters little when human beings still have to make the decisions. People are still frequently not very smart about how they do things. People rarely want to change things from how they have always been done. I think that's the 90% of why it is the way it is.
  8. Google: a coolant like ethyl chloride or dimethyl ether.
  9. Where does Mrodic (or however you spell it) play? The Croat with the headband?