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  1. July 20th will be the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. I can't think of another anniversary in my lifetime that I've been more excited about. I wasn't born yet at the time of the moon landing, and so grew up in a world where the moon had already been reached. But I think in the grand scheme of things it is one of the great milestones in human history, and the more I've learned about the events, the more impressed I am by what was accomplished.
  2. So I guess summary... Pats file tampering charges. Texans request through NFL for interview. NFL replies his contract doesn't allow him to talk to other teams. Pats withdraw tampering charge. Heard on radio: Q: "Why didn't Texans know about that term in his contract?" A: "Because they aren't allowed to see contracts for other team's executives." Q: "Why didn't he or his agent just tell them about that part of his contract?" A: "Because having such a conversation would have been tampering." Q: "Why'd they file tampering charges?" A: "Tampering goes on all the time. Teams usually file charges to make a point." Q: "Why'd they drop them?" A: "Either figured they wouldn't get anything from them, or didn't want to ruin relationship once they realized they wouldn't lose him."
  3. Ultimately it comes down to... I am the storyteller. I need to make the action believable to my audience. That's my responsibility. It doesn't matter whether I think people should have seen enough for it to become believable. If the bulk of them didn't, then I failed at that bit of storytelling. Not them, me. The whole point of telling the story is to get it across to the audience. (Unless you are Rian Johnson and your stated goal is to have equal amounts of people hate your story as love it.)
  4. That ending would have been epic.
  5. Now imagine Sansa running in slow motion
  6. So it can be called on lesser players for taking the ball out of the hands of the marketable stars.
  7. It only takes about 60 years for the Earth's human population to double. If we're willing to call that average for a species, then Thanos' solution was a very temporary one at best in the long term scheme of things.
  8. A lot of forecasts showing an average number of storms predicted for the year. There is a slight El Nino (-> more Atlantic wind shear -> fewer storms) forecast for now but a lot of uncertainty over whether it might strength later in the year (good), or even weaken towards a La Nina (-> less Atlantic wind shear -> more storms).
  9. As an episode I thought it was decent. Not crazy about Bran as the king but the rest of the season kind of checked me out of caring too much. The resolution of Daenerys was the big event. For me the whole season comes down to reliance on visuals at the cost of believability. A drop off in the quality of dialogue. And not enough build up for the character turns they had to where they felt believable when they happened then.
  10. This is a week old, but we signed RB Taiwan Jones.
  11. Source: Texans release TE Griffin after April arrest TE Kahale Warring has had good things said about him in the first rookie session.