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  1. GregR

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Thanks for the Quinjet info. And good call on Inhumans. I still have to watch the last half of LC2 and watch DD3. Though in the last couple of days have watched Antman and the Wasp, Civil War, Spiderman Homecoming, and Thor: Ragnarok. Debating if I should start Infinity War tonight or wait until tomorrow.
  2. GregR

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Quick question. Quinjets. Who/what is/was "Quin"?
  3. GregR

    Help with Tie Breaker please

    Not saying that this is a bad system. I like the thought behind it, actually. HOWEVER. Realize that this can create a situation the final week of the season where a team eliminates himself from the playoffs by winning, and gets a playoff spot by losing. I.e. If Team A beats Team B, then because of records Team C gets in the playoffs over B... but B has a dominant total points lead on A for the total points wildcard spot. If instead A loses to B, then B is in on record, and A has a dominant total points over C for the final wildcard. Which puts A in a position that tanking his final game is the best way to ensure he gets in the playoffs at all. Which can lead to strife in the league. So, it's worth at least discussing that this scenario can happen and have the league decide what's kosher behavior by an owner. And as an aside, the NFL rules would have the two teams from one division do their own tiebreak first. The winner would then face the non-division team in a new tiebreak. Also, if there is a 3-team tiebreak (which would mean they are all from different divisions), the only way that head-to-head applies is if one team has a full sweep of all the other teams. Which is the case for your situation. I just mention in case anyone tries to argue your result isn't how the NFL would do it. They would go about it differently but it would still be the same result as you got to.
  4. Yeah, have 2 of the serial killer pieces, and I figured out on my own where they lead to. But after spending a long time trying to find a way in, I googled and you can't go further until you get a third piece which is somewhere I can't travel to yet.
  5. I mentioned, the Challenges (bandit, gambling, master hunter, weapon expert, etc) are how you fill in the missing 1/4 of your health, stamina, and dead eye meters and get them up to max value. Speaking of... if anyone wants a tip for easy Bandit 10 completion (rob 5 trains without dying/getting arrested)
  6. Oof, golden opportunity missed today. Offense didn't play too well. If you'd offered me the defense holding the Colts to 24 before the game I'd have taken it, so can't blame them too much. Need two wins still. Better yet, win all three and hope the Steelers can beat New England and get us a bye.
  7. GregR

    Marvel's Avengers: Endgame

    For 90% of people who will see End Games, what they get out of that part of the trailer is, "Oh, Hawkeye has a new suit". Which honestly is all I'd have gotten out of it too were not for people in here upping the spoiler factor. at you there, @shadyridr Which is ok, I have no clue who the character is beyond what is implied by the name. And I'm fine with that.
  8. GregR

    Marvel's Avengers: Endgame

    That Ant-man and Hawkeye are going to be in the movie? That was pretty much an assumption going in, wasn't it? But it didn't reveal much of anything about the actual plot.
  9. Someone would have told you Sooner but there weren't any Volunteers.
  10. GregR

    Marvel's Avengers: Endgame

    To me it was the perfect trailer. Didn't spoil anything, yet was still interesting.
  11. GregR

    Marvel's Avengers: Endgame

    Tony was on Titan (or whatever they had as Thanos’s home planet) with Strange, Spider-Man, Star Lord, and Mantis. All the others got dusted, so he was alone. I’m guessing that he rebuilt a ship and has been trying to get back home. Drax was on Titan too. But you could easily have missed that as Drax has mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still that he becomes invisible to the eye.
  12. I doubt it. If it is an NFL player under contract, it would be much more damaging to teams trusting that he'd play hard while under contract to them too. Since the college player isn't getting paid at nearly the same level, I think most people would give more leeway for the activity. We've seen too many players never make it to the pros because of late injuries. It's more understandable to want to insure yourself there.
  13. Have only seen two Navy possessions so far... but I don't think the right side of their line has been in a legal formation on any play yet. One play, the center was the only player who should have qualified as being on the line of scrimmage. Even the WRs were too far back. Refs not gonna nitpick Army-Navy though.