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  1. 12 team PPR with 3 RBs 3 WRs I'm playing one of the higher scoring teams in the league, and with Kamara out i'm worried I might need to change my strategy a bit. Which 2 RBs would you start? Collins and Burkhead are hot, but worried that Howard might have a higher ceiling and go off against Cincy for a game changer. Thoughts? FYI i'm not banking on my WRs for much help. Lineup as of now: Alvin Kamara Alex Collins Rex Burkhead Bench: Jordan Howard Duke Johnson Jay Ajayi
  2. I have the 15th pick so OBJ works out great late in the round. I agree that getting a RB that late is great, just heard so much negativity around Fox's Committee approach. Risk may be worth it to pick up a late RB3 that has a chance to start. No trades unfortunately.
  3. Start 1 QB, 3 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX - PPR League Keep 3 players valued at round they were drafted in previous season. My options are the following: *** denotes who I am thinking of keeping: Rd 1 - Odell Beckham*** Rd 2 - Keenan Allen Rd 5 - Danny Woodhead Rd 5 - Drew Brees Rd 10 - Matt Jones Round 20 - Dion Lewis*** Round 22 - Jeremy Langford Round 25 - Jordan Reed*** RBs are the prize in this 16 tm league, so initial reaction was to keep one of the sophomore RBs (Jones/Langford), but reports and rankings have me passing and holding on to Reed who has high risk/high reward at a 25th round value. Lewis is a no brainer at 20 I would think. Thoughts? Thanks for all replies.