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  1. One of the original NOLA classics. With "debris". Sort of like a chunky, meaty, more flavorful au jus. Basically what's left on the bottom of the pan after roasting beef.
  2. And Dow makes the fish grow bigger! Nice African Pompano. That's an unusual catch int he Gulf, no? Did you get him on a rig?
  3. They can have a lot of different toppings, even in NOLA. But they gotta have the crusty french roll as bread.
  4. Fat cap up for me but it largely depends on your heat source. If its from the bottom like most vertical smokers I would go fat down to protect the meat. I haven't found the "basting" argument to be true. I do it because that's where the convection is on my smoker. Wood Chips - Don't soak. That just leads to nasty white smoldering smoke and a trash fire taste. Maybe look at one of those smokinator thingies and use pellets? If I'm being totally honest I doubt you're getting much smoke flavor in the meat after a couple hours and with a propane smoker you might as well just throw it in the oven where you have automatic temp control.
  5. There's a Bob Ross studio where I live. My wife loves to go up there and drink and paint. I think its run by his son but I can't confirm that. There is a pretty solid rumor that there are a lot of Bob Ross paintings "in the wild" from a time before he had the show...they are painted on old pans of all things. The word is he did them while he was in the military and sold a ton of them.
  6. BS. It doesn't work with Alexa or other 3rd party apps because Chamberlain wants to negotiate subscription fees like they've done with IFTTT and Google Home. Alexa is no different than you closing the garage door with their app from inside your house while your kid is under the door.
  7. Any suggestions on liquor stores in Nashville where I might find some decent bourbon. I don't really have time on this trip to drive to KY but I'm still trying to work it in. In particular I'm looking for: Weller Full Proof EH Taylor Amaranth 1792 12 year Old Ezra 107 Am I kidding myself that these might be available in Nashville? FL is dry on all counts thanks to ABC.
  8. I fly on 737's weekly. Only the MAX variant is grounded. And some airlines are consolidating flights because of the grounded MAX's but I suspect that is mostly SW as they had the most MAX planes in service (maybe 30'ish?). So don't fret about it. But word of advice, United is a flaming disaster of an airline. I refuse to fly them.
  9. Vaping. Smells like smurf farts and I hate the whole dragon inhale thing.
  10. I love Trigger. One of my favorite fish. We catch the Gray Triggers here but the skin and meat are very similar.