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  1. And I'm not entirely convinced the 1.5x multiplier is worth much. I can frequently book the same travel far cheaper directly with the hotel or car rental than I can through the UR portal, even with the 1.5x multiplier.
  2. I am in this same scenario. Have a 3 week trip booked for Hawaii in December. If that happens I can use them easily. Going to be interesting to see what we do with that trip. Even if it's open as it is now I'm not sure I want to do the trip and I'm not sure I want to do it and stay in their "resort bubble". I'm more of a wanderer.
  3. You could do this very easily with Simplisafe and I'm sure Scout and some of the other wireless options. Even the camera based systems like Wyze or Blink.
  4. You are the guy who lives in Paris, correct? If so, you might actually be able to buy some very good bourbons that are hard to get in the US or aren't sold here. Blanton's in particular has some variations they sell overseas but not in the US. I know they are sold in the UK and I've seen them in Italy as well. No idea about France. Look for Blanton's Gold or Straight from the Barrel as two excellent Blanton's variations. I'd love to learn what you can find easily there.
  5. Smart guy. That way he can spray it before he even hangs it. Shark move.
  6. ...don't let me catch you in Kendale, with a bucket of wealthy man's paint.
  7. I would check in on some of the RAM owner forums to get their take on the 1/2 ton diesel. With a 1/2 ton I think the decision is based simply on fuel cost/economy and engine longevity. The 1/2 ton frame is still limited for towing. The small diesels are very different from their larger Cummins counterparts and I'm not sure offer the same potential longevity.
  8. No shame in Maker's at all. I keep it in stock at all times and frankly their cask strength and Private Selections are always competitive sippers.
  9. For what it's worth, I think there is a huge opportunity for a secular financial coach in the Dave Ramsey style to do a lot of good in this country.
  10. Maybe try reaching out directly to the factory? I see they are in Northern Italy which was hit more hard with Covid in the spring but I can tell you I am getting regular shipments of other products out of Central Italy by air just about weekly.