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  1. Good point. I love my Aftco. Also fantastic at mincing garlic.
  2. I use the cloth bags with moisture control soil. I water with a high flow drip system every morning.
  3. Basil is weird. It either thrives or it doesn't. I've had various basil plants in the same garden position over the last few years and sometimes they go nuts and develop into almost perennial bushes and other times they wither and give up the ghost in the first two weeks.
  4. They for sure ripen quicker in warm weather. Mine grow year round but the ones that grow in the winter take forever and in a lot of cases I just bring them inside.
  5. In the United States, more blunt force trauma injuries resulting from domestic assaults are attributed to blows from a fireplace poker than any other weapon. Just sayin'. Go with what works.
  6. Yep. I drunk bought a plant a couple years ago and it is starting to produce in quantity. Pretty cool thing.
  7. I'm shocked it hasn't spike with all the jackassery I've witnessed over the last couple of weeks.
  8. If anyone wants serrano's, datil's, green onions, poblano's, jalapeno's, or miracle fruit I can fax you some. Totally overrun.
  9. What a difference climates make. My cucumber plants are already dead from the heat, all my peppers and tomatoes are in full production mode, and my corn is tasseled and done. I'm on my 2nd generation of roma tomatoes this calendar year. Cilantro bolts in two weeks and my basil is struggling from the humidity.
  10. I ate seven healthy meals today. What do I win? Other than a lifetime of obesity, high blood pressure, and regret?
  11. Once the pay is fair I agree, the next step is to screen out the nut jobs, zealots, bigots, and racists. Then train them regularly on interpersonal and leadership skills. Then we just have to figure out fear and the lizard brain response.
  12. Tough one. Most cops don't make enough to be on the hook for financial responsibility. I was shocked to see that our town hires cops at 35k per year. I hire truck drivers at 75-100k per year and struggle to hire "good people". That blows my mind. Why would anyone put themselves into the situations a cop gets into for 35k? I think it's kind of like President. Those that are gung-ho and want the job are exactly the ones we don't want to have it. So maybe it starts by making it a desirable job for people who don't want to carry a gun and handcuffs and we go from there?
  13. Chill the clothes real good in the freezer before drying them to offset the additional heat.
  14. I've had a few boats and a few Waverunners. Currently have a 22' saltwater bay boat (outboard) and a couple waverunners. I love the concept of the Yamaha jetboats, but don't assume they are good for shallow water. Just like Waverunners, they will run in shallow water but if they get too close to silt/sand the water intake on the bottom of the boat sucks it up like a vacuum cleaner. If the water were just used for propulsion, no big deal, but the Yamaha's also use that water for cooling the engine and it is not uncommon for the cooling orifices to get clogged and overheat the engine from running in shallow water for too long. Also, as you have noticed the boat industry is in a major boom mode right now. It is a feast or famine industry and boat values swing wildly. Now is not the time to buy new or used. But, I am reasonably confident we are about to hit a major bust. So be patient, watch the market over the next few months and prepare to be rewarded.