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  1. There's no argument this is somewhat odd but is it cruel as claimed by hog expert and alleged comedienne, Whitney Cummings? Hog Baying Article
  2. PSA - Weller Full Proof coming to a liquor store near you in June.
  3. I like Screencastify. Stupid cheap*, or free, and 100% browser-based so nothing to install. * I think we pay something like $120 a year for up to 5 concurrent users on our domain.
  4. I tried this once. For the Houston Rockets back in the early 'aughts. Everyone (including myself) thought I would be great at it. I did great in the early rounds and made the finals. I proceeded to get up on stage and was instantly hit by a full blown panic attack for the first and only time in my life. Cotton-mouth from Hell...couldn't even open my jaw. I just stood there staring with wide open terrified eyes at the audience. I went full Kaufman. Don't do that. Good luck and go get 'em!
  5. Despite Iron Sheik's assertion, Buc-ee's is not a truck stop. In fact, they allow no trucks. And Wawa is disappointing in the South. It's like a Laredo Taco Co. with no Tacos. Let me repeat that again. No Tacos. WTF?
  6. This is really cool. Can't believe I never noticed this thread before. Do you do the 24 Hour of Lemons at Barber in Birmingham? I saw an ad for that while touring their museum and thought it sounded like a blast.
  7. I agree with Kutta, that seems miserable. Speaking as a guy who has been doing a lot of short turn miserable trips lately I'd advise the same, try and extend it at least a day or two. I don't know the dynamics of the work relationship you have with the Koreans but it is possible you will be expected to do a lot of after-hours socializing which can make it even worse. My first trip to Italy was about the same as your schedule and the supplier insisted on long dinners, etc. that are culturally impossible to say no to. I fell asleep standing up in the Rome Airport security line leaving Italy. The Carabinieri were not amused.
  8. Waze has now decided MCO is my "work" address. Neat.