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  1. This is the BTAC William Larue Weller Cask Strength. I think it's only .75. I didn't look closely at the Weller 12, 107 or others than commonly come in 1.75.
  2. Well, I think this message board must have been infiltrated by ABC spies. 👀 Just got an email from Guest Services responding to me and confirming that my order was not cancelled and I will hear from my local store when my WL Weller arrives for pickup. 🤞
  3. Well, Urquidy then. And that sucks. I really liked Miley. Too bad.
  4. Keep in mind they are "ABC" in name only. It's a clever ploy to trick the tourists into thinking they are the only liquor option like "back home". Their logo even looks similar to a lot of State run stores.
  5. Our local Manager is part of the problem. She takes great pleasure in being a Hall Monitor type. What I typed above was only my recent experience with the Vault program. I've had a ton of negative local experiences over the last 2-3 years directly with my store. And yet somehow I'm dumb enough to buy a #### ton of booze from them.
  6. This is the worst part. Their exclusivity with BT for anything with the "Weller" name in the label. I'm pretty well convinced they must be funneling it elsewhere. There's just no way that they can have enough "Gold Key" members to buy all the Weller variants, Blantons, etc. when they limit it to 1 bottle per person and maybe only open the vault once per year?
  7. Yeah. I was excited. Then disappointed when I saw the bottles on the invite graphic. Then ECSTATIC when I saw the Pappy 20 in the Vault. Then disappointed when I couldn't check out. Then cautiously optimistic when the WL Weller successfully check out. Then disappointed when I got the cancellation. Now RAGING angry that they refuse to communicate with me. You know, the typical ABC experience. Proof
  8. 3 will be Greinke. He can hit as well. 4 might be Urquidy. Maybe Miley. Or Cole on 3 days if they can sweep?
  9. Yep. I'm Gold Key. Been hearing the Vault story for close to a year. Lots of negative history prior to that trying to get decent Bourbon out of ABC. I'm fine with the Vault program for the really high end stuff but it doesn't make sense for the more common items like 12 year and 107 especially sine ABC has the exclusive on that in FL. Anyway, I finally got a Vault Key last Thursday. Was thrilled to find Pappy 20 there and put it in my cart and began checkout process immediately. "Check Out Button" never completed action/loaded new page. No Pop up blocker but decided to try and open it to a new tab. That worked. Entered CC info. Error. Product not available. Damn. Clear cart, go back to vault. Pappy 20 still there. Rinse and repeat, can't checkout. Try calling support. Goes to voicemail with full mailbox and no one answers on other menu options. Give up on Pappy 20. See that they have WL Weller, Pappy 15, and Stagg. Add WL Weller to cart and successfully check out. Get confirmation email. Yay. Not happy about missing the Pappy 20 but I love WL Weller so all good. Ooops, 5 minutes later get an email that says it came from my local store cancelling my order for WL Weller because either they already sold it to someone else or my CC was declined. Call store. No idea what I'm talking about. Call CC company. No decline. No attempted charge. Try to get back into Vault but I've got my 1 bottle so no can do. Try calling Guest Services again. Still no answer, still no vm option. Email them and explain what's happened and ask them if the Weller sold out, please save me a Pappy 15 or Stagg. Crickets. I leave it alone until yesterday. Yesterday I check my order status on with the original order number and it doesn't find the order at all. Another email to Guest Services. Crickets. I've placed quite a few orders on their website in the past for local pickup and it's usually an adventure with lots of goofy inventory and processing issues that just aggravate the Hell out of me because I'm used to shopping on sites like Amazon where that just doesn't happen. But, I'm also not normally shopping allocated Bourbon where their mistakes screw me. And then they have the nerve to ignore me. So, yeah, Gold Key and the Vault really haven't worked out well for me at all. BTW, while I was in the vault I noticed that they even have Buffalo Trace in there!!! Who on earth is going to waste their one bottle a year on Buffalo Trace???
  10. Yeah, don't get me wrong, I would not have had all of them but should have had one of them starting with the Pappy 20.
  11. Yeah, just got ####ed out of Pappy 20, WL Weller, Pappy 15, and George Stagg by ABC here in FL. No exaggeration and I'm fuming mad. I'll tell the whole story when I have more time.
  12. I agree that Calphalon is pretty good. I own a bunch of it. But Misen, Made In, and All Clad are on another level. I find the difference most striking in the even heating, speed of heating, and ease of cleanup.
  13. I love Misen. I've also heard good things about Made In. All Clad is also solid of course.
  14. Hey, hey ...look who it is. Tell us a story, EG72.