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  1. Knowing what you know now, if you were to do this again, would you still buy an existing restaurant or start from scratch?
  2. Simple Life Hack - Uncap and light for easy patio bunsen burner heater.
  3. In humid climates the feel like you're sweating in the rain. Ugh.
  4. I assume "country backs" are country style ribs, and "spencers" are ribeyes, but what on earth are "long shorts"?
  5. I saw a MAK at the local grill shop the other day. Looked well-built but one ugly sum#####. The Yoder is built like a tank but $$$.
  6. So a young bull and an old bull are standing on a hill looking down on a pasture of beers. The young bull says, "I'm going to run down there as fast as I can and chug one of those beers". The old bull says, "Naaah, I'm going to take my time and saunter down there and drink them all". Or something like that.
  7. I'm good with a couple weeks under the correct circumstances. The lawn fertilizer people in FL have it good...state law requires notice signs of they all put up little advertisements each time they spray. I pull those sooner.
  8. If its visible work, they do a good job, and ask permission I am totally fine with it. Even had a contractor painting my house last year who did a bang up job that I suggested it to.
  9. Probably right. I've only used it in smokers. Didn't think about the searing aspect.
  10. Buy some expanded stainless steel mesh and cut it to fit. It'll last forever.
  11. Thanks for sending me down the silencer rabbit hole. That's 3 hours and $700 I'll never get back.
  12. Bob Hawke Multi-Term Aussie PM and legendary beer drinker. I'll hoist one in your honor tonight, Mr. Hawke! Maybe not in 11 seconds, though.
  13. Around here it's the "drunkcycles". 49cc mopeds or bike conversion kits that don't require a license or registration.
  14. Fair. I love West TX but most of my experiences are South of Big Spring. Iraan and San Angelo are about as far North as I ever spent much time.
  15. What a great article. Thanks for sharing. I bet Big Spring was a great place to grow up.
  16. And little things like how it impacts our roads and bridges. 300,000 pounds would have to span such a long distance and have so many axles to spread the weight out it would be ridiculous. I'll put it this way, a set of tandem axles is Federally limited to a maximum of 34,000 pounds to avoid concentrating too much weight on a small space like on a bridge. Its colloquially referred to as Federal Bridge Law. So no matter whether it could move or stop 300,000 pounds it wouldn't be allowed anywhere near a public road.