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  1. One of the newscasts in a flashback mentioned that the wife of Walter White was found dead in a gang shootout. Not sure if they said wife or family...
  2. a buddy that lives around the corner from Toup's Meatery. And I have business locations in Luling and Baton Rouge so I get out there from time to time.
  3. Oh, I never said it was a nice part of town. But next time you're there ask the guy that owns it (Wert Bellue I think) to show you his toys. Crazy, crazy stuff. An entire kitchen of massively sized and unique equipment that he has made himself over the years. Its like a cajun ingenuity steampunk wonderland. You would never know it was a kitchen by looking at it.
  4. If anyone would be kind enough to share a great etouffee recipe, I would be forever in their debt. I believe they start with a roux, and I prefer a light to medium roux for etouffee but between that and the trinity I have no idea where to go. For reference, my idea of etouffee perfection is served at Bellue's over by Exxon in Baton Rouge.
  5. James Purefoy's attempt at an East Texas accent in Hap & Leonard is as egregious as accent crimes can get.
  6. Go "stros. Made the trip to Minute Maid. Not a Ray's fan in sight.
  7. A few highlights and lowlights from the trip: San Diego - A little restaurant called The Lion's Share. Spectacular food and cool atmosphere. Camel Tacos, Elk Loin, and Bison Sausage stole the show. Wound up with an almost brand new BMW 4 series hardtop convertible for the drive. Not a car I would buy, but perfect for the PCH drive. Venice Beach - should have skipped this. The whole place smelled like piss and skunk weed. Very dirty...not my scene. Seal Beach - Stopped here for lunch. Looks to be a nice quaint little town near LA on the water. Would visit again. Santa Barbara - Loved it. Nice relaxing spot with a bunch of good food options. Enjoyed Institution Ale brewery. East Beach Tacos was solid. Loved the courthouse. Just beautiful. One of my favorite public buildings in the US. Cambria - I forgot about the brewery owned by a member here but we did get to Boni's Tacos. Little hole in the wall and great tacos. Monterrey - The squid man, the squid. Best calamari I've ever had in my life by a very wide margin at Sandbar grill and followed it up the next morning with a squid steak and eggs at Lulu's Griddle in the Middle. Monterrey to Big Sur was by far the best part of the drive. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Hearst Castle and the Elephant seals were cool but that drive, wow. Davenport - Cemitas 1 Tacos was highly rated but just meh for me. Too hipstery. The Beaufort Winery nearby up Bonny Doon road was cool and a nice drive. The tasting room is in an old Hell's Angels clubhouse. The wife liked the wine. San Francisco - I'm not a big city guy but I did enjoy San Francisco. Felt like it had a bit of a a ruffian vibe. Those hills are too much for this fat flatlander though. Enjoyed Chinatown. Had too many Irish coffee's at Buena Vista. Ate sourdough. Napa - Took wine trolley around to 4 wineries. Pestoni was cool and I liked the wine. Andretti's felt like a big family place so it was nice. Didn't care for the others. Ate at Bouchon in Yountville. Meh. I expected to be blown away and wasn't. Dinner the next night at CIA Copa was much better. Best gnocchi I've ever had. I'm probably forgetting plenty, and I think I just wrote all about food...but I enjoyed it and that's kinda how I travel. One long bar hop. Met some cool people along the way and have a whole new appreciation for CA. Will for sure get back and spend more time in the North.
  8. You're already wearing skinny pants. Just go ahead and put them in your purse.
  9. Keep it simple. Dry brine with some kosher salt a couple hours before cooking. Just salt them about the same as you would if seasoning them to eat and then let them sit in fridge. Grill over medium high heat turning occasionally until they crisp and char to your liking. Coat in sauce and enjoy. Any complex marinades won't do much and may interfere with the flavor of your sauce. Chicken wings are very fatty and are almost impossible to overcook.
  10. Well, call me a convert. No discernable difference in flavor from oak sticks to the pellets. But actual wood smoke flavor, not like cooking over charcoal and adding wood chips or chunks. Better consistency in the pork ribs...probably from the rock solid temp control. The beef ribs were as good if not better than the best I've had. Spectacular bark. I'm sure the wagyu played a role here. But this smoker is way less work while turning out equal or better product. I worked today, went out to watch the Astros game, went fishing, had a couple drinks with family, and then we ate. If I had cooked this on the stick burner that's pretty much all I could have done. There are times when tending a fire with a beer is great, and I'll keep the Lang for when I have a hankering to do that but I know I'll do it a lot less now and I'll smoke way more. Let's Eat!
  11. Beef coming along nicely. Time to add some pork to the mix. St. Louis ribs dry brined and Memphis Dusted. Hello, Porky.
  12. I haven't had it long but my initial impressions are overall very positive. This is also my first experience with pellets. Really nice so far today not being tied to tending a stick burner.
  13. Not a great pic, but my first long smoke on The Bull. 7.5 pound 3 bone wagyu beef ribs from SRF. Will be adding a rack of pork spare ribs and some ABT's as the day progresses. Beefy
  14. Sounds more like a Santaria bloodletting ceremony. You probably just sat in the wrong chair.
  15. Thanks for the timely and poignant reminder.
  16. We use Slack in a service based blue collar environment and it has been an absolute game changer with ridiculously high adoption, even from our known Luddites. Set up a #general or #offtopic channel for fun stuff for them as well. Great teambuilder for dispersed teams as well.
  17. I tried it, but not on purpose. Bed of nails illusion attempt gone horribly wrong.