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  1. You forgot to mention Giants vs. Jets, which would be a same state (NJ) and even same home stadium (as would the LAC vs LAR once that monstrosity is built).
  2. Does anyone know what the Saints record in the playoffs is at home when Brees is playing QB and Payton is coaching?
  3. It's gotta be exhausting being a cowboys fan and always having to defend yourself?
  4. That might be the most brutal injury I've personally seen in real time ... ouch.
  5. My team seriously ####ed up. I thought I was coasting in for a win after Saturday having Hopkins score 50 points and opponent's K. Allen score 0, but then the Atlanta Falcons do me dirty and score 43 points, Damien Williams scores 29 and Josh Samuels scores 22, while Rodgers, JuJu and Jared Cook all put up stinkers. Now I'm sitting at 142.5 vs 114.5 with only Curtis Samuel left and about to get booted out of the playoffs, ####. Insult to injury is I had Hunt and Ware, who I carried all year, but didn't pick up Williams because he was JAG.
  6. Oh please let this be a dud. Going against Rivers, Allen, Williams and Kelce all on the same team.
  7. Half the fun for me is the emotional rollercoaster of watching your score build up vs. theirs. If I didn't do that, I doubt I'd enjoy fantasy football as much. But I do ONLY watch the Eagles when they're on, so I have an actual team to root for.
  8. I play in a full point PPR league, and any player drafted after the 3rd round is eligible to be kept indefinitely without using a pick. Starting lineup is QB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLEX/K/D I was pretty set on keeping Kareem Hunt for next year, but having second thoughts because I also have Michael Thomas. Hunt picked up a ton of steam last year to end it, but Ware is going to be back this year and I don't really trust Reid. Michael Thomas is a sure fire WR1, but that offense is so potent that he might become lost. Who would you keep: Kareem Hunt or Michael Thomas?
  9. It's an inscription on the inside of the ring. Link Also, it's said that the 127 diamonds is representative of the Philly Special, not sure what that means?
  10. I don't mind the rule itself, but the NFL owners were completely idiotic to not involve the Player's Association in this decision. Now, this will drag on as the owners passing down what the players need to do, rather than collaborating with the people that put the product on the field.
  11. Yes to all. Can't discount the ref smiling and cheering with the pats after a TD and patting old Tommy boy on the back after the game.