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  1. Another interesting piece is that while Dak has similar numbers, only one of his drops were on 3rd down so it doesn't seem to have as large of an impact. The 4 drops on 3rd down for Wentz equate to a lot more. Surprising data though! Yes, I'm an Eagles homer.
  2. Howard looked really good, and definitely needs to get more touches. Every time he was out there he was bowling people over. He should be in line for a HUGE stat line next week, just look at what Cook did to ATL. Excited for the season now that we got that first half out of the way, no more slow starts! Let's get back to putting Carson on the bench after the 3rd quarter again.
  3. After the game last night, still pretty good. He's gonna be starved for targets in this offense, definitely going to underperform. The Brady / Edelman love trumps all.
  4. I feel like I stole from my league mate, traded AB for Diggs and Demariyus Thomas yesterday.
  5. I'm curious if the O-Line got significantly worse from last year. Chubb was excellent on the back half, and now he has ODB to take some heat off the box. I'm very happy with Chubb, and will be naming my team "Big Fat Chubby" this year in his honor.
  6. You forgot to mention Giants vs. Jets, which would be a same state (NJ) and even same home stadium (as would the LAC vs LAR once that monstrosity is built).
  7. Does anyone know what the Saints record in the playoffs is at home when Brees is playing QB and Payton is coaching?
  8. It's gotta be exhausting being a cowboys fan and always having to defend yourself?
  9. That might be the most brutal injury I've personally seen in real time ... ouch.
  10. My team seriously ####ed up. I thought I was coasting in for a win after Saturday having Hopkins score 50 points and opponent's K. Allen score 0, but then the Atlanta Falcons do me dirty and score 43 points, Damien Williams scores 29 and Josh Samuels scores 22, while Rodgers, JuJu and Jared Cook all put up stinkers. Now I'm sitting at 142.5 vs 114.5 with only Curtis Samuel left and about to get booted out of the playoffs, ####. Insult to injury is I had Hunt and Ware, who I carried all year, but didn't pick up Williams because he was JAG.
  11. Oh please let this be a dud. Going against Rivers, Allen, Williams and Kelce all on the same team.