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  1. I agree with you for the most part, but think there's still time to rebound. Just a couple of thoughts. 1. Yep. Me want guns NOW. Show him up up up. Dumb Dumb Dumb. 2. Yep. Although, he was just tossed down into a pit. I thought it would have been better if he'd hurt his leg on the fall, or something to hamper his ability to fight. Then he did impale his hand on one of the spikes. That's gotta hurt. But the keyboard to the helmet was really dumb. 3. Daryl was traumatized at the Savior's compound. The way he killed Fat Joey showed he was under a little stress and hadn't been having a good week. He seemed fine to me until he heard the name Carol from Richard. Then when he was with Carol he seemed fine. I'd like to give him a pass. He is the show's most beloved character, I'd wager. And he'll be fun to watch during the war with Negan. 4. Meh.. Carol's journey has been a major story line in the show. Carol was in full-on survival mode, at any cost... until Alexandria. Because prior to Alexandria, her group was in constant danger. Then the group began to settle into some normalcy, at least for a zombie apocalypse. It was a shock to Carol's system (and to Sasha's as well) and she still didn't trust anyone until some time passed. But she softened. She even began to open up to Tobin, who was sweet on her. She talked with Morgan and had time to process the point he was trying to make about killing humans. She wrote down a list of living people that she had killed since the prison and it began to get to her. She didn't like the person she saw and decided she didn't want to kill again. But, after the Wolves and all, she realized if she stayed there she may eventually have to kill again, to protect people like Tobin. She didn't want him or anyone else to get close to her and she went into a shell. She eventually thought it best to leave. She didn't know how she'd react if anyone threatened her but she was prepared with the gun up her sleeve. She got her answer when the Saviors stopped her. She killed and then had a break down. Morgan finds her and brings her into the kingdom, another peaceful place. Like in Alexandria, she doesn't want to get close to anyone or have anyone get close to her. So she leaves the kingdom and chooses to live alone in the house. She was meek at first, then became tough when she realized it was necessary to survive and to help her group survive. But when things calmed down a little she got to reflect on what she'd become and didn't like it anymore. I think we can all agree that we like her in survival mode and want her to want vengeance on the goobers that killed Glenn and Abe. And time will probably accommodate that. But she is not a "delicate flower who can't be given bad news or it'll upset her." She's already upset. She's a damaged and confused killer. She was coping well, then she sees Daryl and those feelings came back. She thought about the group she loved and didn't want to see or think about them being harmed. Daryl recognizes that it wasn't the time to tell Carol because the only news that would give her happiness was the news that everyone is okay. IIRC, when Daryl leaves her house, he is leaving the kingdom and going back to the hilltop. He's giving up on Richard and Ezekiel and seeking help elsewhere. He'll try to destroy the Saviors himself if he has to. But he doesn't want to put Carol in danger by dragging her with him on what he might consider a suicide mission (if it comes to that). I don't have a problem with him not telling her about the deaths and what he went through. She'll get caught up on what happened from someone else. 5. Agreed on Tara keeping silent. That was annoying. But, it was at the end of the episode. I'm guessing she either tells Rick about Oceanside, or she goes back to Oceanside and tries to talk to the daughter that she befriended and ask for their help. If she doesn't get it, maybe she'll disclose everything to Rick and Michonne and they end up taking Oceanside or something. I'll give her a chance to speak up before concluding that she is a moron for keeping a secret promise at the expense of her whole group's survival.
  2. Yep. Everyone remembers, over the last several years, thinking how the hell did Ole Miss (Hugh Freeze) manage to get all these top players all of the sudden. They wanted to compete with LSU and Bama but they flew a little too close to the sun.
  3. Richard was present when Morgan got his hugs from the group. He could put two and two together and figure this was Carol's group. But he didn't know how close Daryl was to Carol. He only knew he and Daryl wanted the same thing with regard to the Saviors. I still don't know why he didn't offer to come up with a new plan since Daryl was so close to Carol. It will probably be the teenager who will die and cause Ezekiel to commit to the fight.
  4. I'd like to spend a month on an island with the 5 feet of fury that is Alexa Bliss. And I want her to make sure she packs this outfit. I think I could craft a version of the King Edward VII chair out of bamboo and banana leaves.
  5. These commercials where the guy is dancing on the walls and ceilings. He's no Turbo! And I think there's a Big Mac for that.
  6. I find him to be worse than I thought he'd be.. or at least than I hoped he would be.
  7. Enzo will be a full time manager before long, I'd imagine. Once Kass learns how to actually wrestle, maybe he can go it alone.
  8. I'm not sure you can teach that.
  9. Poor little bugger.
  10. That Harry S. Truman was a fine American.
  11. I missed the last 30 minutes, which is normally all I catch when I do watch RAW. Now I know exactly what happened. Thanks.
  12. He wouldn't have been a 1%er democrat, like the Clintons. I see him more of a socialist, at least in terms of a community helping each other through goods and services shared among the community. He was also a nationalist ("I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel."), at least from one gospel perspective. Today Jesus would probably have been labeled as a nut... a doomsday prophet claiming the sky is about to fall. May have been on the government's watch list.
  13. Okay.. this show sucks. I wanted to like it and the first two hours were fine. It's gone down hill ever since. Jimmy Smits is terrible. The girl trying to kill her boyfriend in the hospital was probably worse than the soccer field fiasco. He's on vitals monitors that go nuts when he's under duress and there are no nurses remaining in the hospital that hear it and/or come to check on him. His mother, I guess, went on to the house. The brother gang member and everyone surrounding that side story are incredibly awful. The girl thug Foxxy Cleopatra is beyond silly. The hero has a bleeding cut on his head walking into CTU and on the phone with his gangster brother. Then he meets/greets the female hero in CTU and it's a faint scar that is barely noticeable. Then the next scene is in the interrogation room and his cut is bleeding again. Could have bumped his head I guess. The young female analyst in CTU, keeping an eye on the gay analyst for the new CTU director, is probably going to be a mole.. or at least they will want us to believe that.. since she looks middle eastern. And Jimmy Smits.. "Gee, dad, I don't want to be President this way." "Talk to me, daddy.. what have you done?" Daddy? Daddy!!!!
  14. Oh good Lord, that sucks too.
  15. Guess he's just looking at numbers now. Hasn't had time to go through and vet each person to see if he/she can fight.