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  1. So, Hurney huh... Huh. Guess he is the safest bet, since they're selling the team. Huh.
  2. Define spanked. Did he put her over his knee or a quick smack on the butt? Not okay, either way, but one of them is funner to visualize.
  3. Be careful, though. Apparently I've made the wrong side of the list and now unable to frequent most of the passenger lounges at our local regional airport.
  4. Bless her heart. Millennials, amirite?
  5. I agree with those that say the Colts came out better in the long run with this news. Denver fans may remember his short time there didn't produce a lot of top ten franchise moments. The comparison to Lane Kiffin might be spot on.
  6. Just seeing this today. So sorry to hear this, NRJ. Warmest thoughts and prayers to you and your children. I lost my mother when I was 16 and it was tough. Now that my children are older and have their own children, I find I miss her very much still, wishing she could see her grandchildren and great grands grow.
  7. Gronk headed to the WWE a la Ronda Rousey.
  8. I agree. I'm glad they let them play. This one just seemed so unnecessary and isolated out in the open. Not like he was making a play on the ball or anything. I think he's lucky they didn't flag him. I'm glad they didn't.
  9. That's true. They could call holding on practically every offensive snap. Third video down Apparently the Pat fan section of the Internet isn't happy with the non-call.
  10. I don't disagree and I'm glad they let them play and I'm definitely glad of the outcome. I'm just saying, should have been a flag. I'm glad they don't call PI in those hail marys because everyone is pushing/fighting for the ball. This one was out of nowhere and he got away with it.
  11. The refs let the last hail mary play go like they normally do, but they missed an obvious illegal contact penalty on Philly well down field when the defender inexplicably knocks out Hogan at the 35 yard line. Should have been 5 yards and another shot for NE from mid field.
  12. Congrats, Eagles fans. Foles was fantastic as well as the offensive line. Great game plan and some balsy play calls. Lots to be proud of in Philly. Thanks for giving Brady another SB loss!
  13. I would be fine with getting a couple more shares as well.