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  1. Great game and fun to watch. Agreed that they need to let Cam be Cam. He's too good not use all his tools. Funchess is looking good in the lead WR role, but that double block by CMC on Fun's bubble screen TD was remarkable. And he made his rushing TD look easy on the cut back. Will be great getting Olsen back and the looming game in NO is going to be huge.
  2. Joe is such a tool. He can't help himself with his ego. He kept talking about how he was all "I got choo" with Desi at their first tribal, when he's done nothing but play the idol for himself. When gathering to leave tribal council, I wanted them all to collectively say "oh, and thanks for wasting an idol, Joe.. appreciate it." What a #######. I'd like to see Dr. Mike win, but the edit is looking like Chrissy, imo. Hope that is smoke/mirrors. I don't dislike Ben the marine, but his obsession with Cole just seems unhealthy.
  3. That would have made for a very fresh and athletic backfield. And there'd be room for CAP as well. Kamara (and that defense they have now) is a major reason for the Saints' success this season.
  4. Sure, but I'm not saying draft Kamara over McCaffrey. I'm just saying we could have both. Heck, I wouldn't mind having Corey Clement in the back field, and he wasn't even drafted. People can say what they want about CMC, but I love the guy. Some of the best hands this conference has seen. Edit: And that wasn't a knock on Dickson. He's done well at TE. I'm saying Funchess is the only big target on the outside since Benji is gone. Dickson is fine, but Olsen would have more opportunities across the middle.
  5. He'll take a health related leave of absence until this whole QB roller coaster issue clears itself up. Then he'll be back.
  6. It was a good win. I'm curious if we can hang with NO in the dome, though. It would be a huge lift if Olsen was back in this offense with Funchess now the only big target outside. Glad J. Jones dropped that TD pass. Don't see that often. And wouldn't mind seeing CAP on the field more to spell Stewart, who looks like he's on his last legs... and they look pretty wobbly. He's played awful the last few games. Hind sight and all that, yeah.. but we could have drafted Alvin Kamara with one of our 2 second round picks last spring.
  7. I don't have much to add (gun control debate will never die) other than how deeply this saddens me. My heart aches for victims of senseless violence like this and it goes out to the families of those affected in this tragedy. This is happening way too often. Such a sad time in America right now.
  8. Daryl is the only one with any sense right now. But how come he can fire an automatic weapon down a hallway and not hit anything, but never misses with the crossbow and hitting a guy in the head from 30 yards away with a hand gun... left handed. Oh brother.
  9. "Von, Von.. you, uh, gotta sec?" "What's up coach?" "I uh... found this... in your locker?" "Coach! I'm delicate what the hell are you doing snooping around in my locker?!"
  10. I believe it, and I think she'll clean up nicely for the after show.
  11. I was hoping they'd hint to the merge but instead be mixed again into two tribes for awhile.
  12. Krissy reminds me of the Seinfeld "two face girlfriend" episode. She can be somewhat attractive (for an older lady) at times but she was looking double rough when she was talking to Alli in camp. Holy cow
  13. so sorry to hear this. He was great for the Texans, but also for the NFL. Feel so bad for him. He'll be back. He's a champion.
  14. Hurney did the opposite of this when it came to the FG competition. He kept Gano and lost Buttkicker.