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  1. So you've been pregnant or caring for a baby for the last 22+ years. wow.
  2. And who is that?
  3. A nice cup of coffee in the AM and a nice Sunday afternoon nap in your favorite chair.
  4. I saw a couple of mocks that had Allen fall to 8. I'd rather have Jamal Adams if Getts goes defense (if both are there of course). I think Adams would have a bigger impact on this defense. Like having another Shaq Thompson back there, but at safety. I'd love to see the blitz packages with Adams coming off the edge.
  5. As a teen I always thought I could whip Fonzie's ###. He was no dren, like Potsie.
  6. Yep, I do remember the awful shots I hit. Who can forget that duck hook into the pond.
  7. Club fitting.. that's the one thing I've never had done, but would like to soon. I'm happy with my irons but would like to get fitted for driver and 3 wood. I've always had to adjust to get drivers to work. I have a different swing with my G30 driver than what I had with the G5 (had it for many years). G30 is much lighter, imo. I want to hit a bunch of drivers (with different shafts, etc.) with a pro fitter and get a real recommendation on what I should be hitting. Same with 3 wood.
  8. I have memorable holes where I remember each shot (though not exact distances, that's freaky) and can think back to shots on my holes played during a round, but not to the level of what you've shown above.
  9. This is interesting. I recently changed my swing a little too. I would really love to hit a power fade, I just can't get it right. No matter how much I open my stance to the target. The part I changed was on my downswing, I work to flatten it out just a little bit and have a little more lag to get my hands more out in front to get a nice de-loft with the club. The result is I'm having trouble getting the club head through squarely at impact, so I'm slightly pushing the driver, and then it fades more right. After a few swings, I can fix it once I get my right hand down and through. At that point I can really hit nice straight drives. I just have to concentrate on staying down (keeping posture) and driving through with my right hand to square the face. So the first couple of holes I've been missing right, then straighten it out going forward (don't always have time to hit a few balls on the range before a round). Like I said, I would really like to learn to hit a nice penetrating fade. I'm not sure if I could keep my right hand from gripping the club though. I'll have to try that. The biggest impact I've had lately on my game, though, is I've gotten a lot better around the green. I bought a couple of wedges, 58 and 60, and have really learned to chip a lot better with them. I used to try and bump a 9 iron from off the fringe, but most of the time had no touch. I practiced with the new wedges and I'm really hitting them well. I've used the 60 out of the sand and have yet to miss a bunker shot. I chip mostly with the 58 unless I have to lob over a bunker or something. Been really accurate lately. Just the improvement in chipping and putting has shaved several strokes off my normal game. I've been 80-83 golfer for several years, lately I've been 76-79 with an occasional 73-75. Those wedges (Ping Glide) have really helped me improve my short game. If I were a better putter I could be a low handicapper.
  10. Week at the beach with my wife, daughter and grandson. Times when my wife visits her mother/family so I can have the house to myself for a few days of peace and quiet. Taking some afternoons off of work to go play golf. Love the serenity of a late afternoon when I have the course to myself along with a nice drink and cigars. Football season (college and NFL). More grandchildren!
  11. Scout Greg Gabriel tweet from yesterday. Told yesterday that McCaffrey doesn't get past Carolina Not sure who told him and/or how he or they know this. Would this happen if Fournette is gone or is CMac the pick according to this guy? What if both Fournette and CMAc are there at 8? Or probably this is all a smoke screen to fish other teams to make moves. Wish Thursday would hurry up and get here.
  12. I never liked Fournette much and wouldn't mind if he's gone before we have to make that decision. As strong as he can run, I'm just afraid he will be oft-injured with that ankle But, like NCC, if he is the pick I hope he's the next ADP or LT. I like Thomas or Adams if either are there at #8. A hard hitting safety who can fill up 8 or 10 years would be great. I would be cautiously optimistic if we were to get McCaffrey at #8. The idea of having a play maker in the backfield, slot, and kick return game is exciting. I'd rather have Barnett than Howard, Hooker, or Lattimore... or Allen.
  13. Don't tell them about Tektonics apologetics and JP Holding. He is perhaps the supreme ####### for Jesus. At least he used to be, it's been awhile.
  14. Similar timing for me. Crisis leads to hunting for answers that satisfy points of view. Before long you realize how silly the rabbit hole can be. You find yourself saying "well now you're just making stuff up."
  15. I was speaking in terms of how the Christian apologist defends the Bible as being the holy word of God. They think every word is God-breathed. Obviously I'm no Christian apologist. I agree that if an all powerful God wanted a book published that accurately depicted his will, he would make it so.