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  1. I'm with Brett. I have no problem with them passing something like this.
  2. Yes, picking up the envelope and going through them was always fun. Thinking, oh yeah, I remember this moment. I have a new grandson and trying to snap a shot of him with the perfect look on his face is a challenge, so with the digital phone camera you just snap a dozen or so quickly, then sort out/delete the bad ones and keep the one or two you're looking for. Of course, never let the wife see all the photos because she'll insist you keep all of them! And she complains when her iphone gives her the "full" message.
  3. Cameras with film rolls. Before digital cameras became mainstream, we took our young kids to Disney World and stayed on site. Took the bus to Animal Kingdom and took pics on a roll of film, then headed over to Magic Kingdom or maybe Epcot. I realized the film wasn't on the tracks properly in the camera and didn't advance (with the thumb lever) after each pic. I was so upset about it, we took the bus back to Animal Kingdom and retraced our steps and took as many of the pics that I could remember. Took quite awhile. Felt like the Griswalds. I realized later that night that my camera (Minolta something) was broken internally and the track to advance the film was loose, not keeping the film securely on it, so the shot would take but the film would not advance. So every picture taken that day was of nothing. The wife and kids still give me grief over that trip. The digital camera was a great invention.
  4. We had Dynamite Shack. Had to put the sticks inside the shack with big plastic thumbs before it blew up. What's not to like about that? There was a thread a few months ago where we reminisced about games in the 70/80s.
  5. Oh yes. Another favorite of mine. Hurricane Hank and Tricky Nicki were my favs. Always seemed to lose when I had Dizzy Dan. Hated that guy.
  6. Yup. We played with bottle rockets in the street. 3 or 4 guys on one end, 3 or 4 on the other. Held the bottle rocket in hand, lit it, waited for the fuse to get to a certain point as to ignite and take off as we toss it up and towards the enemy side. Timed it so it would fly through the night as it starts to descend from its peak as hell-fire from abovetm on the transgressors. Tommy started to regain some of his eyesight towards the end of summer. I honestly thought my mother coined the phrase "it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye" because of us. Great summer, though.
  7. Awesome. I had a lot of those items as a child. I picked pages at random and landed on this. I remember that vividly and actually still have it. Was my favorite blanket as a kid. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
  8. We used to play snake. Colored/twisted hose-pipe (with clothes hanger inside) tied to fishing line. Pull it across the road at night when a car came by. Really dumb, yeah, but fun for a bunch of kids. I threw an egg at a moving car once.... once. It slowly cruised our neighborhood looking for the creep who did it but I figured I hid well enough. But dad found out.
  9. Can't like a post more than once.. too bad.
  10. Yeah, and I thought the thread was about A listers. Is Hardwick an A-lister? A weekly late night talk show [host] that has its fate tied to the success of a couple of cable shows.
  11. No DVR or even VCR to record shows from childhood. If you weren't front and center at 8 pm EST, you missed Happy Days, Welcome Back Kotter, Mork&Mindy, etc. No rewinding or pausing when the phone rang loud. We had it rough.
  12. I like to catch some of the old count downs on long trips with XM radio. Like to try and guess which is the top 3 songs from any given week from 76'-83'.
  13. And the A-Team fired 900 rounds of bullets every week and no one was ever hit. Sort of like some episodes of The Walking Dead the last couple of seasons.
  14. Love those Liv Morgan pics on that link. ^