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  1. I still think McCaffrey will be fine. He has nowhere to run right now but he's had several touches that resulted in first downs and a nice catch for first down. Having said that, I still say we should have drafted D. Cook. And we wasted a second round pick on Curtis Samuel. Should've went DB or OL there.
  2. He gets a first down and still gets up and trots 7 yards down the field and does his BS first down gesture. Meanwhile the play clock has started and of course he has to call a TO with 1 second. Told the wife that was coming and I hope we don't need that TO later in the half.
  3. Ugly win. Huge loss with Olsen. Defense: A- Offense: D- Pass protection looked like last year's team. Matt Kalil, yeesh. Cam air-mailing everybody.
  4. PPR Jacquizz, Tarik Cohen or Diggs?
  5. Good win. Defense looked strong, especially up front. OLine did well protecting Cam. He wasn't running for his life and didn't get that pressured in the pocket. Nice to see. Hope that continues. He was a little rusty with some over-throws but had some good throws later in the game.
  6. Tabak Especial Dulce (Robusto and Toro) has been my favorite cigar the last couple of years. I like most all cigars from Drew Estate. Java is another excellent stick (Maduro). I like all of the Acid line. For a mild smoke I highly recommend the Acid Blondie (Belicoso, not the tiny ones). I always try to have some on hand for golf buddies who don't like a full/med bodied cigar. Wives like them too. Very tasty and mild. I like the Ave Maria Immaculata as well. Also recommend Gurkha Beauty (and Beast).
  7. Yeah, I'll rethink that in the next couple of days when the track forecast is more clearly defined. Nasty storm, this one.
  8. In SC about an 1.5 hours away from Charleston (in-land). My daughter and grandson are in Hilton Head and they're coming up here tomorrow. Depending on the path forecast on Friday/Saturday morning, they are going to head upstate to Greenville to my MIL's house (5+ hours away from the coast). I'm staying if at all possible. My house almost flooded two years ago during a storm and would have had I not been here to unclog street drains and get the water moving. Will try to avoid a repeat of that if at all possible.
  9. Surprised they waived Webb. I guess Palardy was the cheaper option at punter, but Andy Lee was great at pinning teams inside the 15. Glad they kept Armah. That guy is a truck coming out of the backfield.
  10. And the quick check down to CMAC from Cam was a sight for sore eyes. It's something we've been wanting Cam to do for years. It should help him stay upright in the pocket more this year, which is nice.
  11. Great opening drive. Hope the line can continue to block well for the running game. Defense played solid. Impressive pass rush too. Although Worley was beaten a few times. D. Anderson just hasn't played well this preseason. Not sure what's going on there. CAP looks really good. The local Panthers commentator (Mixon?) was talking about how CAP would end up on a roster somewhere, if not the Panthers roster. I don't see a scenario where they wouldn't keep him on the roster. I'm worried about Samuel. I hope I'm wrong, but I just feel like he's going to be a bust. Wish we'd went elsewhere with our second round pick. I like how Moton is progressing. Think he's going to be a solid starter at some point. Nice game last night by Zack Sanchez. That pick was sick. Bradberry is going to be a star.
  12. Always a fan of Coke Zero and I finally tried the Zero Sugar this week. Have to say I think it tastes better than Coke Zero. But either is fine with me.
  13. You live here with tha...with the sandwiches?
  14. I was typing when you posted but we essentially say the same thing. I agree. If the line can protect and he can continue to read coverages/blitzes, I think he's going to be very successful and develop into a very good QB.