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  1. Well it proves one thing Mr. Hooper. It proves that you wealthy college boys don't have the education enough to admit when you're wrong.
  2. and how quick he gets off the floor even after an offensive rebound. Got springs in his shoes. Vertical test, sorta 1:12.. that's a lot of weight to get up that high.
  3. I forgot about the knots advantage. Good call. The others still in the game will likely watch them do a challenge just prior to the merge. I'd guess maybe the top two finishers will be back in the game. Maybe just one.
  4. Unreal athletic ability. The most surprising thing for me is how quick he is for a guy his size. Dunks and post moves are great but the passing and amount of steals he gets are amazing. Would be a fantastic TE, imo. With his hands and hops, talk about 50/50 balls in the end zone. I bet his 40 would also surprise everyone. ~4.4 imo.
  5. Yeah, she's bizarre and would turn on a dime on any alliance at any random moment and then not realize why people would be mad at her.
  6. So the merge next week and the castaways are allowed back in... just like that? Has to be something more to it than what they've shown us. Maybe they get one shot to earn their way back and into the merge with some type of challenge or something. Does Aubrey get to keep her idol and her extra vote? Can she pass the extra vote advantage, at least, to someone else? Or are they both out of play now? Reem.. I bet she's an absolute joy in every day life. Such a sweet disposition. Yes, you basically gave the advantage to Keith by pointing it out and asking him "what is that?" How about pointing in the other direction and say that and when he walks out of the way, you walk over and grab the box. So bitter. Watching Dave and wardog in challenges is excruciating. Wardog is the anti-Joe. Really liking Victoria now. She played Aubrey like a fiddle and was a good actress the whole time. Such a cutie too. Wish she and Lauren would make the finals. The two hour season finale swimsuit spectacular.
  7. Wendy is the happiest person I remember ever seeing getting her torch snuffed out after TC.
  8. There are a lot of people that do not plan for, say, retirement in their 20/30s. They may believe the job they have will always be there. They live for the day. Some realize in their 40s that they need to start saving. Many parents/family do not provide life coaching to teens in terms of planning a future. I'm early 50s. In my case financial freedom isn't an issue as I am fortunate to have, at least, a monthly pension coming in for the rest of my days. I have brothers and some friends that feel like they'll have to work well into their 70s. My issue, without going into details, is with finding happiness in the second half of life. I was much happier in the first half. Hope to find more before I am finished.
  9. So far, yes. Second half could be amazing if you set things up right. Other life factors can, or course, get in the way (e.g. health, being with the wrong woman)
  10. Great win by Rory. Who else could win the Players on St. Patrick's day? Would like to see him do well at the Masters. Can't wait!
  11. Guessing the Whisperers will going into next season. The scene at the end, the two whisperers in the woods... do they see the wagon going into Alexandria or was that the kingdom? Leaning towards the latter but not sure. it will bring the kingdom into the fight with the other communities against the whisperers. IIRC, Carol and Ezekiel do not know yet about the whisperers.
  12. They did show Daryl moving his hands while strung up as if he was working himself free of the tape (or rope?). He freed himself then got her down, I suppose.
  13. I dunno. Not the episode itself but the last scenes were close to some of the earlier episodes imo. I agree about the branded X on them. That was just silly how that happened. But I like Judith's character and her interactions with Negan and Michonne. I thought the child scene with Michonne and both time frames were well done. Especially compared to the garbage we've been getting the last couple of seasons.
  14. The beginning of the episode was slow but I will say that the Michonne vs kids scene was pretty well done. They couldn't/wouldn't show her mowing down kids so they splice it with both time jumps with her being pregnant and her mowing down walkers trying to get to Judith in present day time. It was up there (close) with some of the other really good scenes in the show's run (e.g. The Grove, which is one of my favorite episodes). Both scenes were about her trying to get to and save Judith. The time jumps were annoying at first but in the end I think it worked out well. I thought the episode was the best in quite a while. The scars being brands was sorta meh (thought someone took their kidneys and was looking forward to why and when). Don't know why they had to brand them like cattle, other than the crazy woman trying to get the kids to equate outsiders with animals. They learned to hunt and skin deer, rabbits, etc. The woman (Michonne's friend) didn't make much sense at all except that, I guess, they were showing that it's hard to trust anyone without vetting. At least the episode explains why Michonne changed and isolated Alexandria from other communities and she trusted no one and let no one in the gates. But I like how Judith made her see that you are supposed to protect those you love, which includes Daryl, Carol, Maggie, etc. Good episode, imo.