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  1. This isn't always the case. Patients can't express themselves when they have some pain. Urinary tract infections are common because, frankly, hygiene declines and things happen that would never happen years ago. When my MIL gets irritated/angry at someone the first thing we ask them is does she have a UTI? Happens often and she can't tell someone she's in pain, she doesn't know how to express it. So she's irritable.
  2. My MIL has Alzheimer's. Diagnosed 5 years ago. She's now in memory care at a facility (85 yrs old). It is a devastatingly horrible disease. She broke her hip last year so now in a wheel chair so her body is broken down now. But for the previous 4 years she was as strong as a bear but her mind went quickly. She began to slide hard when her husband died. He was the opposite, body was broken down but he was sharp as a tack in mind. Oh the stories as we witnessed her decline over the years. Tragic. I've been married for 36 years and have known her since I was 16 and dating her daughter. She is like a mother to me and I love her dearly. We had planned for her to live with us after her husband died but it didn't work out. Turns out we had to move her into a facility sooner than we thought because of her decline. We simply could not have managed her at our house. It's a difficult situation.
  3. Well, alright. I always wanted to see a bridge too far.
  4. #conspiracytheory It will all come out in the book after TB retires.
  5. I really think if Jason Reynolds had another minute or so, he could have beaten Aleister Black there.
  6. But in my defense, Darnold did say his offense was unstoppable. You can't stop them from turning the ball over.
  7. I don't think that was Gamma at the end. It was a whisperer to show viewers that Carol wasn't just seeing things (at least not about seeing whisperers). It opened its eyes when it turned into a real walker. I think she shot him in the chest or stomach and turned well after they all left. When it/they don't report back to alpha (or one of them may see it walking around and realize it has one of their masks on) she'll start attacks like next episode at Hilltop. My guess.
  8. Thought the Aaron and Negan scenes were okay. Little tension there for a moment and it seemed like Negan thought about whacking Aaron there. He did leave Aaron with the walkers right at his back, though he did warn him. Guess he had second thoughts and stuck around in the shack. Maybe he figured he had no where else to go and no supplies. Daryl's story about his dad was a dead giveaway that she was hallucinating. Not that the story was hard to believe but (1) Daryl being able to diagnose someone and get them to believe it by telling them a story and (2) he spread out a blanket (or shirt or something) before he sat on the floor. Daryl is known for not wanting to get dirty after all.
  9. He'd offer Riley more if he feels he's the guy. Riley may also think about the challenge with the recent success of offensive (especially QB) coaches now in the NFL. He may not take the job this off season or next. Maybe if he wins a title at OU. But I think he'll certainly be tempted by Jones.
  10. All it confirms is that the Patriots will be in the superbowl again.
  11. Yep. They are always vindictive sooner or later. But, Missy did say they'd still have the girls majority even if they vote off a girl.