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  1. During call #1 my wife would have said the tire is flat. Come and fix it. End call. Problem is now mine to solve.
  2. We had are first child at 20 so we aren't ancient... yet. Getting there, though.
  3. My 4 year old grandson likes to sing kid songs/nursery rhymes into a fake microphone while I play along with the guitar. Few weeks ago he comes in singing parts of Old Town Road. He says "play Old Town Road, Papa. I want to sing it." I say "do what now?" He keeps repeating "cheated on my baby, you can go and ask her" in a broken up 4 year old voice. I ask my daughter what are you letting these children listen to? I'd never heard it before. Billy Ray Cyrus? Acky Breaky Heart guy. So I youtube and give it a listen or two. Very simple 4 chord progression so now when he comes to the house we have added Old Town Road to the list including Mary Had a Little Lamb, Wheels on the Bus, Old McDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABC song, How much is That Doggie in the Window, etc. Who knows what will be requested by his 1 yr old brother when he's old enough and gets the urge to perform.
  4. So why wouldn't Seth just invoke his rematch with Brock? Why put on this silly battle royal where everyone knew he was going to win anyway? The battle royal could have been to see who would be the next jobber for RR. Natalia vs Becky at SS? Is Charlotte on vacation?
  5. What an awesome match. Roger had lots of unforced errors all through the match, many at critical times. Joker just doesn't give many pts away. You have to earn a victory against him. Roger also learned he couldn't just trade baseline shots with him. The guy is a machine. Roger's best success came when he was able to get to the net. I like Djokovic but was pulling for Roger. He certainly had his chances to win being up two match points in his serve in the 5th. And he was serving well all day. Huge kudos to Novak for digging deep there. I think we're fortunate to be in an era where we're able to watch the three greatest tennis players in history continue to battle each other. Nadal's dominance at the French is just crazy (12 of the last 15 French open titles). Neither Novak nor Roger sweats during matches but Rafa sweats enough for both of them.
  6. Yeah. He looked like a whole lot of talk except when it was women he could start slapping.
  7. Looked like a whole lot of slap fighting from the big guy. Odd how he turned on his own girl after he thought she hit his mom. Wonder if she's still with him. Just a whole lot of sad all around.