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  1. Make sure to set aside some time for the colonoscopy.
  2. And that has more to do with him hiding behind Sandra than anything he's said or done this season.
  3. I thought Jeff might be gay during his last season, but didn't know for sure. The comment was along those lines since everyone knows Zeke is gay. I don't dislike Jeff. He's just not a favorite of mine this season.
  4. Was just messin' with you.
  5. I hope they shake the tribes up again. I'd like to see JT get back with some of his originals, and I'd like to see Sandra, for once, on the outside looking in with a new tribe. Let's see how good she is when she isn't in the majority.
  6. Ahh. That makes the most sense. I mean, who wouldn't?
  7. Debbie voted with her group, but in the previews for next week, she is livid with Brad and goes after him. Wonder what that's all about. Anyone know?
  8. Varner is more Zeke than Zeke.
  9. Of course she is smart. She has to be to pull of the con job she does in every season she's in. This time she'll play the "no one will vote for a 2 time winner at final TC" card and try to convince whoever to take her to the end (if her current game plan starts to crack, which so far it hasn't). Then at final TC, she'll lay out a great speech about how she controlled everything. She is very smart. Which is why someone needs to see it and end her time there. I don't even want her on the jury.
  10. It was a good TC, but honestly, I thought it was dumb for Tai to share his idol. It's early. He wasn't the target. Losing Sierra wouldn't have impacted him that much and he'll need the idol later for himself. He'll hold no points for doing that for his tribe. These are veteran players who'll use whatever they can to survive. Brad will vote him off tomorrow if it'll help his game. And there's still 3 tribes. He played last night like his group of 4 are staying together and they have numbers to reach final 4 There may be another switch before the merge. JT wanted Tai, but the beast in charge knows what she's doing. She wanted Sierra out because she knows when a few strong minded women get together, they are dangerous. It's why she'll oust Michaela just as soon as she can. She (Sandra) wants women like Aubrey, Sarah Lacina, and Jeff Varner surrounding her.
  11. In the end, it was a great move by Brad to get rid of a physical player in Malcolm. He (they) doesn't consider Sandra a threat (same as her two winning seasons!). JT was made the fool last night. Who in the room didn't know it would be Sandra to sit out of the challenge? Told the wife "Sandra" as soon as Jeff asked who would sit out. Sandra raised her hand. She does NOTHING. She does NOTHING around camp. NOTHING at challenges. Yet she plays people like puppets. Absolutely baffles me. She's like that fat brain worm on Starship Troopers that stays hidden and fed, but is the brains of the outfit.
  12. Yeah I think JT voted Sierra with the rest of his tribe so that he can tell them he went with them after they got back to camp. He told Brad they were voting Sierra, which is why she ended up with Tai's idol. He wanted Brad and them to vote Sandra as a return favor for telling them Sierra was the target. Brad's group, probably at the behest of Hali, voted for Malcom instead. Wild TC but I don't know if I like the two tribes having the option of whispering in everyone's ears like that.
  13. One in a million, doc... one in a million.