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  1. There goes my cave exploration trip this summer in Cuba. ####
  2. I've lost interest as I've gotten older. I used to love watching college hoops and NBA, back when I used to play a lot. Now that my sneakers are dusty, I couldn't care less about either. I enjoy the tournament and the NBA finals, depending who is playing. Other than that, MLB sucks to high heaven. If the Braves are contending, I regain a little interest. College baseball sucks too. All this talk about soccer and hockey. I watch a few World Cup games.. I try at least. I tried to get into hockey. Went to a few minor league games. Couldn't wait for it to end. Just can't get into it. For me: 1. College football, easily. 2. NFL. Distant second to CFB. 3. PGA Tour. Again, age thing. When I was 20ish, I loved the NBA because I liked to play hoops. Now that I'm 50ish, I play golf. So I'm interested in watching it too. Summer Olympics fits somewhere near the top when it's on. Winter Olympics maybe just before golf when it's on. Except curling... i'm fascinated with curling.
  3. Yeah, I noticed that too. Whatever his intentions, he just seems to come off like a dbag trying to capitalize in some way.
  4. North Korea will probably beat us to the punch, drag it to the peninsula and mine it to bolster their weapons program. Iron shields for every soldier! Probably won't help them build a long range missile, but it will help Kimju will have the largest, bestest pron collection in the galaxy.
  5. Yeah, it could be a platform for someone to drone on and on. But I liked how Probst tied the discussion into the three survivor categories.
  6. Don't know if it has been mentioned, but I like the new final TC format with the open forum. Refreshing change from butt hurt jury members just standing up and throwing sour comments at the final three.
  7. I'm glad they're bringing in fresh contestants for next season. Give viewers a break from returning players and a chance to see new favorites. I've seen enough of Ozzie and Cirie. Way too much of Sandra and Debbie. Don't need to see Aubrey or Sierra again. Can't remember her name but the first person on the jury... she's cute and all but is not a good player in this game. No more Troysan or Tony.
  8. I understood the tie breaker to be the third person not in the tie would stand up and announce the winner (effectively on live tv) there at the final reveal. Troysan seemed just as surprised as everyone that he would be the tie breaker if it came to that. Or maybe they go to commercial and take Troysan off stage and allow him to think a moment and vote. Edit to add: bryhamm is right, they wouldn't let the tie breaker be at the reunion show. Agree with him and rick6668 that the show would have the final three cast a "just in case vote" after the final TC.
  9. Not to mention how Zeke campaigned for Sarah to everyone. Doubt he goes to bat like that for Tai.
  10. I agree asking people at the reunion how they'd vote isn't the same as on the island. But I'm convinced that if Brad had kept Tai and Troysan he would have won the game. Tai would have gotten a couple of votes but I believe some of them who voted for Sarah would have voted for Brad and not Tai out there. I actually think Sarah talked a couple of people into changing their votes to her during her final speech. When she mentioned how she did the Michaela advantage thing and how she was acting "under cover" like in her job, I think a couple or three switched to her. When she mentioned the advantage was under Michaela's feet, one or two of them turned and had a look of "huh, what???" And then how Micheala acknowledged the great move by Sarah in how she used her own advantage to be booted out, but wasn't bitter about it. Tai would not have changed any minds like that through dialog. I think Brad wins if he keeps Tai and puts Sarah on the jury... hand's down.
  11. Yes. Troysan didn't know what was going on and Tai got too emotional in the final 5. Brad is the one who wasn't smart enough to recognize Sarah had a really good resume to win. He just thought winning immunity challenges would propel him. Aubrey was just in survive voting mode the whole time.
  12. Sarah also said all the right things at the last TC. Responding to Ozzie and Broomhilda who believe the physical challenges were most important. She reminded that Brad was a pro athlete and strong in physical challenges, so she had to rely on the tools she had to win the game. And pointing out how she capitalized on Michaela's emotion when Michaela pouted instead of looking for opportunities at that challenge when Sarah found Michaela's advantage right under her feet. Cirie played with the tools she had as well, which were a lot more limited than Sarah's.
  13. Good for Sarah. Deserving win. Smart to vote off Aubrey and then Tai, just after mending the bridge with him. Good for Troysan. He said the right things at final TC knowing he wasn't in the running. No whining or delusions of deserving the win. Idiot move by Brad playing with his heart and with no thought. His pride wanted Tai out not realizing he just put the guy he bullied on the jury. So that was one vote he wasn't going to get in the last vote. Critically stupid move in an otherwise deserving season for him. As soon as he voted Tai and not Sarah, we said he just lost $1M. I bet Brad cringed all night watching the final TC back knowing how he screwed up. Michaela looked better on the island than on stage last night. Aubrey is a cutie. Good season. Looking forward to next time, on Survivor!
  14. Everybody is always kung fu fighting. And some of those cats are fast as lightning. Actually a little frightening... if you ask me.