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  1. I've worked from home the past 5 years and have multiple monitors for work and my personal computer. I'm fortunate to be able to keep (sort of) an eye on what's going on with my portfolio. That said, I've missed a few opportunities but have found a few here and there. I didn't have the intention of holding GNUS for a day or two. Went in thinking it would be a hold at least for awhile. Had no idea it would spike like it has the last couple of days. No idea. But glad I was ready to secure profits. I was taught to take profits when you can and if (doesn't happen often) you can get a position to double, sell half to secure the investment. I was fortunate to be able to do the same with CYDY. I don't day trade that much. I did on a couple of stocks during the lock down, but don't have the energy to keep up with that. I only have 11 stocks for long term holds and happy with all of them. And 3 others that were speculative plays to try for a quick gain. Couple of them I'm just trying to get back to even then I'm done. Dang tankers.
  2. I sold half my position this morning when it hit 100% gain (entered position yesterday morning). Now have a couple hundred shares (free) to see what happens. Days surrounding June 15 will be interesting to see how the network launch performs.
  3. I trimmed some DKNG at 40.50. Looking to add if it goes below 37.
  4. CEO comments Kids network, new cartoons with some based on people and are voiced by (Arnold Swartzeneggar, Warren Buffet, etc.). Arnold plays a superhero kindergarten teacher where the students are little superheroes. Lots of other kid shows spanning various themes including science and art. Shows and network are launching worldwide on June 15. This includes merchandising of kids toys, etc. They were going to be de-listed but regained compliance and raised $39 million through two stock offerings.
  5. Quickly approaching 90%. Just entered yesterday. crazy
  6. Let's go college football! Good news is schools are opening facilities (somewhat) to workouts. Things moving along. Bad news is the latest news cycle may end up shutting down the season if we are faced with another lock down due to another potential covid outbreak. Many protesters are seen with masks but that is a lot of people massing together across the country. Hoping this doesn't happen. Really looking forward to college football (and the NFL).
  7. I didn't know that about robinhood. Never used the app. Another good reason to uplist.
  8. In one of the protests I attended this weekend I kindly asked fellow protesters to remember to stay spaced at least 6 feet apart to remember social distancing restrictions. They kindly asked me to go and have sex with myself. I don't think they were/are too concerned with covid right now.
  9. Maybe we should sic the robinhood mob onto CYDY... they'll push that puppy to 6 bucks over night.
  10. Pfizer to invest up to $500 million in public drug developers NP seemed to hint that they've been approached by some other drug companies but wonder if one of them was Pfizer. They have the resources you mentioned above.
  11. Me too. Bought 400 shares this morning at 310 and 315. Robinhooders must be loving this one.
  12. Maybe you guys can have your warrior princesses be part of a focus group on the quality of entertainment provided by Genius Brands (GNUS). Superhero Kindergarten sounds like it may be right up their alley.
  13. So when you buy puts you don't get paid a premium, you pay the premium. You didn't notice the funds removed from your account when you opened the trade?
  14. Selling puts at 5 or 7.50 strike is much safer than doing this with a stock currently trading in the 100s or 200s or more. Lots and lots of room to fall with those. At 5, not as much a blow if it drops to $2. Hang on to the shares and you're back in business when it's back over 5 or 7.50. Guys can also roll those trades out another month if they think the extra time will allow the SP to get back up over their strike.