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  1. He won't play this week or next. Tough break but it's what we're living with right now. Hope he gets well soon.
  2. Same. He claimed he had a 403 (carry distance) drive on the range earlier this week. 211 mph ball speed. hang time 8.2 seconds. He hits it high and far and will be interesting to see how he tries to go over pine trees to cut corners like on 2. Also interested to see him play 10, 13, and 15. They may need to install some ponds or a creek down near some of those greens to take driver out of his hands. Not really.
  3. 6 games is correct but this will likely change to 2 or 3 games depending on what's happening with Ohio State. Wiggle room is baked in for certain unforeseen situations. Unfortunately, Wisconsin does not qualify for the reduced game rule.
  4. Was flipping around and caught most of this segment. It was fantastic!
  5. What do they mean by this? Do they mean stop the trial because too many deaths in the placebo group... in the LL group? or both? Do they mean some other safety issue? The lack of clarification is troubling. What was there reasoning for including this sentence in the list of recommendations? And since it is number 1 does that mean it is their first recommendation? I expect a boat load of spin in the webcast.
  6. The Covid-19 phase 2 slide shows the placebo percentage highlighted in green and LL in yellow. It should be the other way around, imo. I see green and think that's better than yellow or red. Yellow/red in a spreadsheet or slide tends to mean caution at first glance. Just my opinion.
  7. I liked the opening episode of FTWD. Morgan turning a new leaf. New twist with Morgan being half-dead, or at least smelling like it, and being able to walk right by walkers. It'll all change when they feature some of the other members of the group in episodes, I'm sure. They should have kept the bounty hunter around a few more episodes, though. He had potential.
  8. Another strong performance. Really like the direction the new coaching staff is taking the team.
  9. He had 329 and 3 TDs vs Virginia Saturday. I don't think Trevor would spurn any team that drafted him. Doesn't seem to be his nature. That said, I hope he doesn't go to the Jets. If they like Darnold, could see them trying to trade out to get picks. Jets need help elsewhere.
  10. Doubt we'll be in a position to draft Trevor, at least not without a trade up. Other teams are way worse than the Panthers this season. Jets and Giants to name a couple. I could definitely see the Jets taking a QB at #1. They'll have a new coaching staff next season too.
  11. Good advice, thanks. I appreciate your time and help.
  12. Thanks, Ned. For various reasons I can't paste the code, but it's long and in-depth. The family symbol is important as many parts of the code rely on that variable in all of the reports. All of the corresponding data are associated with the family and dozens of columns/rows are created in the sheet. We typically just work one family per sheet, so Family is a required dropdown. But it doesn't have to be in this case. Right now, it's set that if Family dropdown is left blank, it exits the sub and stops there. I changed the UserForm to remove the Family list. So they only pick the system. This works and it grabs all families but lots of other data is missing so I need to dig deeper. The variable "Family" is littered throughout the code and is needed to process info. It's tailored for one family at a time. Could I create a table containing the required families as one object, and then have the dropdown selection to point to that table (instead of just text in the list) so that every instance in the code of "Family" it will be associated with all entries of the table? That would seem to work if all instances of "Family" meant families X, Y and Z... instead of just Y. Or instead of pointing to drop down list just have the UserForm entry already say "Red", for instance. So when the userform pops up they select the system and "Red" is already in the other box... where "Red" is tied to the table of families I need. And then replace "Family" with "Red" throughout the code. Would something like that work?
  13. That was a complete win. Good plan and execution. Mike Davis has been great filling in for CMC. I see them giving Davis more of a role after the return. Nothing wrong with giving CMC more of a break in games. Brady's play calling has been refreshing. These rookie defenders are playing great. Brown had some nice disruptive run stops. Love watching Chinn flying around.