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  1. The way Rob butchered that puzzle was historic. And less than that has gotten folks voted off in past seasons. He's a huge target and now provided absolutely no help in a challenge. Yet, everyone is still a puppet standing ready to do his bidding. Incredible. I bet Ben and others are watching this back now and thinking how silly they're behaving out there. Regrets. Danni just talked her way off the show for no reason. "Let's go after... oh I don't know... Parv." She was still in their alliance and no one was thinking her until she brought up Parv's name. So dumb and lacked the ability to read the room. Tony's ladder was both ridiculous and effective. Aside from being rickety, the rungs were so far apart he couldn't get his legs up high enough to reach.
  2. It's amazing. Not sure why they are all so scared to vote that guy off. Someone should have said okay, now we have to do this at every TC, right Rob? Full transparency. Course now everyone with idols at TC will just stuff them down shirts/pants.
  3. Stanton says he would have hit 80+ HRs in 2017 if he knew what pitches were coming... or if he played with the Astros. In related news, Barry Bonds is rumored to have said he would have hit 190+ in 2001 under the same circumstances. Sosa and McGwire are skeptical of this claim.
  4. I like Jennifer Garner as much as the next guy but that dress makes her neck enormous in that ad.
  5. Cleanest joke Eddie Murphy told all night. "Just roll Charlie around, just roll him around, he'll be alright."
  6. Woodchucks, okay. Raccoons, okay. Pinocchio... why? I mean.. why?
  7. None of those bears wear underwear or any clothes in the commercial. Why would there be a pair of underwear on the floor? So they wear clothes when they are off camera?
  8. Looks like they've reached out to Bienemy. I'm sure he'll consider but wonder if he'll want to leave the NFL when he's still on the short list for a HC spot, perhaps next season. Interesting to see if he'll leave for college.
  9. It's almost as if CBS has a script of how the show should play out. Rob acts upset that they voted off Amber but it helps him that she's out there. At least in the short term.
  10. Tony is frustrating. He's already said he'd like to keep Sandra (and Rob) around for post-merge shield protection. Thinking they'd be bigger targets. While that is true, he's underestimating their ability to manipulate and gather strong alliances (in Rob's case). He's also overestimating his own in-game abilities, imo. I don't think others see him as the gigantic threat that he thinks he is.
  11. The bold move would be to call his bluff. Ben was a deer in the headlights but Danni is a smart cookie. She could have said "of course I brought up your name, Rob. Why wouldn't I?" Then turn and talk to the entire tribe to remind them how Rob won his only winning season. He didn't win anymore because his approach didn't work those times. "This is what he does, he gathers soldiers to surround and insulate him... then when you realize what's going on and want to make a move, it's too late." "Do we want to allow his game to flourish like that out here... on the first day?" "He's too dangerous to help him reach the merge where he has Amber and whoever she has alliances with. I don't want to see that happen. It's $2M dollars. We have a chance to squelch any notion of that early in the game. No offense Rob, but it's a tribute to how well you play... a compliment. But it's in all our best interest to vote you out." You'd think it would give those listening something to think about. If it doesn't work and she gets voted off at least there's a safety net with Edge of Extinction.
  12. Agree. No way she and Rob didn't talk about this season while they were out there together that long. It's a season with only winners. They're both cocky so it's hard to imagine they didn't talk about it. I'd wager they spent time talking strategy in case (either) they are on the same tribe or opposite. Who can imagine a winners only season without Rob and Sandra? She's already mentioned in episode one that she'll lie, cheat and do whatever it takes to get close to $2M. Who wouldn't in a game like this? And there's people like Tony who wants to make sure she and Rob stay around post merge to be huge targets around camp to (he thinks) shield him. Sandra is a master manipulator. I'll bet she would use that to help keep herself around.
  13. Season is already shaping up to be a great ride. Looking forward to how it pans out. The fire token thing could get interesting. I imagine the network wants a Rob and Sandra fight at the finish. Sandra is already doing her thing, spreading lies and standing behind everyone. Amazing how she stays in these games for so long.
  14. I like Yul, Jeremy, Wendell, Sarah, and Ethan. I don't think Ethan has a chance in this style of game play. Amber is out of her element in this fast pace style as well. She needs some people to hide behind. Feel bad for Natalie and hope she gets back into the game somehow. I'll be pulling for one of the 4 above. I'd be okay with Nick as well. I don't remember Denise or Sophie and I don't think I've missed more than a season or two.