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  1. That was great. Piper was awesome. I miss Gorilla Monsoon too.
  2. Total bummer. Loved Night Court and Harry on Cheers. RIP.
  3. Thought the episode was okay, but had low expectations anyway. Good to see Eugene essentially end the war by backstabbing negan. I didn't view the last scene as Maggie and Daryl turning on Rick. They're going to take out negan when they get the chance. How I saw it at least. I liked the first episode of FTWD. In the first ten minutes I realized I like the new characters better than all of the other characters on that show. Was probably good because Madison wasn't on it.
  4. My wife has cut my hair since the early 90s. My only cost was hearing her sometimes complain when the time came. Back then it was about every two weeks, but for the last ten years I go a month or so between cuts. If/when she decides to quit, I'll do it myself as I know the routine. Ton of money saved over the years.
  5. Yeah, Chris thought he had an 11 person alliance. I'm amazed that he didn't play his idol, especially since everyone at TC was talking about the vote being between him and Dom. I also wanted Jeff to read the no vote parchment and show the others' reaction. Des said it was personal and she wanted Libby gone. I think she knows Libby is a good player and can charm others into alliances. Guess she wanted to boot her before she could form any now that they've merged.
  6. Total nozzle, Chris. Glad he's gone, other than the fact that him being there kept Dom on edge. Agree with those that said the girls should have tried to rally a couple more votes to Libby. Keep Dom, Chris and Wendell guessing and all the attention on their feud while other people are picked off. Previews now showing Wendell telling others he has an idol. Nice move Wendell, that always works out for the canary. People just can't keep that a secret. I'm pulling for Michael. He doesn't spout off about having an idol, but I wish he'd work himself into some type of alliance. He's fresh out of peeps.
  7. What are they doing with KO and Zayne? That match gathered steam and the crowd got into it and they promptly killed it. A double count out when both guys are in the ring? Kurt talking about one open roster spot and the winner can have it. Then they say next week they're swapping things up between RAW and SD anyway. Does anyone believe these guys (at least KO) won't end up on one of the shows?
  8. Elias is great. He was like "WOW"... but too bad I have offend them and call them scumbags. They love the guy.
  9. Steven Ogg (as Simon) would be a fine choice to play Nicholson's role in a remake of the Shining. "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeres Johnny"
  10. If the stories of them being blackballed by Reed and his in-laws are true, I feel for them.. If it is true that they were never allowed to meet their two grand children, yes, I feel for them. I don't know if the articles are true or not. I was just commenting as a grand parent how tough it would be to be alienated from your grandkids. That said, we don't know the other side of the story, just what the articles are saying. Maybe the parents are as Reed and his wife describe. I'd like to hear his side of the story.
  11. Easy there. I'm not assuming anything and I appreciate you not putting words in my mouth. I'm simply saying that I couldn't imagine not being able to meet my grandkids or be allowed to attend my sons event... If the stories are true, that is a sad part... IF the stories are true. We don't know. I never said they were true and I never said Reed was a ######## like some others in here.. And who said all parents are awesome? And you accuse me of drawing to conclusions?
  12. My son is Reed's age and I'll say that as a father, and grandfather of two little boys, it breaks my heart that the family didn't get to share the celebration green-side or there after. One of the worst parts of the story is the fact (if the story is true) that his parents have not been able to meet their own grand children. I can't imagine how tough that would be. We're expecting our second grandson one week from today. Just inexplicable.
  13. I really like Rory and I'm sure he's going to win a Masters title at some point, but I found myself pulling for Reed yesterday when it seemed like everyone else was pulling for him to choke. His performance at the Ryder Cup is the primary reason. Like him or not, his performance at the RC was historic and I didn't want the headlines this morning to be "Rory's redemption for Hazeltine" or something like that. Reed showed extraordinary mental toughness yesterday when it seemed everyone on the course wanted him to fail except his caddie. He's far from my favorite player, but in a match-up with Rory, who tried to get into Reed's head before hand with the comments "all the pressure is on Patrick" and "he's trying for his first major and I'm trying for... well, something else"... I'm glad Rory eventually got into his own head and faded away. I'll certainly be cheering for Rory in the future, but not yesterday.
  14. Two top Korean LPGA players playing best ball (definitely if you're talking captain's choice) would annihilate the PGA player, imo.
  15. Finau is unreal. They mentioned how he changed his swing slightly to accommodate for having to keep most of his weight on his right foot during swings. Tied for 10th including shooting 66 on Sunday.