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  1. Hurney. Yeesh. What the hell is going on up there? Maybe the big cat is preparing Brenton Bersin to take over as GM.
  2. Unsettling news, especially with the timing. Got to be more to it than a looming Olsen holdout. Outside of recending Norman's franchise tag, I think DG did a good job. Who's next.. and will the new GM be afraid to make a tough decision?
  3. Two days ago I was easing up to a red light. I was about the 5th car in line at the light and I let this woman pull out of a shopping center lot in front of me. No worries, she gave me hand wave thank you. So the light turns green and everyone moves along except for the woman. She just sat there, probably texting/looking at her phone. I give a quick horn to get her attention. She just sits there. I hit the horn again. She speeds off and flips me the bird. First time I've ever went from getting a thank you hand wave to a FU hand gesture from the same person.
  4. Thought along the same lines as what Dentist said. Then thought it might be one of the Hasidic Jewish moms of 10 children in his community.
  5. Initial thought was dang millennials, what will they turn to next... clubbing with blindfolds? But after seeing how it works it actually seems pretty cool. If you want to talk to someone just take off the headset. And while you'll still hear a bunch of off key goobers singing loudly, you won't hear blaring music during your conversation.
  6. Finally started watching DVR'd episodes last night. So far this season is maybe the best one to date. Didn't like them offing Travis and I still hate Madison. But the new characters are ok for the most part. Best episode by far is the one on Daniel. Ruben Blades is very good. The survivalist video commercial of west coast Virgil was funny. When the #### hits the fan, what will you do? "Buy a bucket of crap from me and protect what's yours.. at least for a little while." I'll keep watching because there is absolutely nothing else on summer tv. Celebrity game shows, doo doo, all of them. Battle of the network stars? holy moly how bad is that. Football can't get here soon enough.
  7. They created companies... that made $1.8 million in one year... companies that do what? A couple with 7 kids living in a tight community of super orthodox Jews. What is the export, product, service? baby sitting?
  8. I would only watch this if Steve Harvey is the host. He doesn't seem to be getting enough tv gigs these days.
  9. Ah ####.. really?
  10. Should have said her name was Eileen.
  11. Look at it.. LOOK AT IT!
  12. I didn't mean to compare him to TIS, in the sense that he should draw that same level of heat or he's a failure. Just as a sort of measure against a historically hated wrestler. I'd like to see him get the heat he's looking for in arenas.
  13. Appreciate the push with Mahal and he does a nice job, but man he just doesn't get the heat I think they/he were expecting. Last couple of times I've seen him come out with the belt to :crickets: At least Roman gets the Cena treatment with mixed chants. That is miles better than coming out to silence. He looks the part with the scowl on his face and all but doubt he'll reach the heat generating status of someone like The Iron Shiek.