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  1. Seinfeld The Office Andy Griffith Cheers
  2. Good question. Seems the NCAA is still trying to figure out how they're going to play hoops this season.
  3. I get what you're saying and don't disagree with much of it. I don't believe Dabo is saying that FSU is ducking them during a pandemic or any way otherwise. He is not upset with FSU players/coaches/team officials. He complimented the coach and players and believed they wanted to play the game as they spent the week fully preparing too. He's upset with the FSU medical officials that decided to ignore the league's protocols in place and determine that the game would not be played. He feels they changed the rules at the last moment without league input. He's upset that they spent lots of money and did all they had to do to play the game, within established rules which FSU agreed upon back in the summer, and feels the rug was pulled out from under the team. That said, at the end of the day it's just a game. And his choice of words was in poor taste. To say Covid as an excuse not to play is, well, a pretty dumb thing to say. As for the Jesus schtick, it's far from that in his case. He truly is a believer and that guy will share his faith with any and everyone. He's genuine in that regard. Doesn't prevent him from being a doofus, though.
  4. Covid protocols likely had something to do with the higher costs. Aircraft and multiple buses, hotel and meals for over 100 people. Meals may have been catered in due hotel covid restrictions. They said they had a huge tent set up in the hotel parking lot they used to separate people during meals, etc. Guess it all adds up.
  5. It's a Jesus freak thing, gotcha. The guy wasn't sick and didn't practice all week. If every guy with a runny nose, and tested negative for Covid, was told he can't play a game that weekend because of that runny nose, there would be a lot more canceled games than we already have. He traveled because he tested negative multiple times during the week. In hindsight, yes, he probably shouldn't have traveled. Swinney was asked why he allowed the guy to travel if he might be coming down with a cold. "If a guy has a runny nose all week and he tests negative, and you say well, we won't take you on the trip... what does that say to the guy and others who the testing said they didn't have the virus... you either trust the tests or you don't and the rules are what they are." Guys who played on Saturday would test positive on Monday morning. It's a virus and tests are tests. They won't go back and contact trace every single tackle or block that was made. Everyone tests during the week. If protocols weren't in place, we wouldn't have a football season. These protocols set up by the league were met and FSU decided they didn't want to play. Call Swinney what you want but they've handled the pandemic just fine. People thought he'd try to force Lawrence into the ND game. He didn't, he followed the ACC protocols and Trevor sat. He did the same for this backup offensive lineman. FSU decided they didn't want to play.
  6. I would hope that Payton will recognize the importance of Alvin and wants to make sure he stays involved.
  7. You're a Gamecock fan so it isn't surprising that you hate Swinney and everything Clemson. Totally get that. But in this case, Swinney isn't wrong. To say "Covid was just an excuse" was certanly not the best thing he could have said but he isn't wrong to be upset over what happened this weekend. They did everything within the Covid rules/protocols that the ACC had set up for this season. The backup lineman had mild symptoms and didn't practice early in the week. He tested negative and practiced on Wednesday, tested negative and practiced on Thursday and was set to travel. Tested Friday and got the results while in FSU. The Friday test is put in place to have that one last test prior to game day. If a player is positive, they are isolated immediately (This player was sent back to Clemson so he didn't stay with the team). Everyone else tested negative, so no reason for them to quarantine. The ACC set up guidelines that allowed teams to expand the roster to travel from 72 to 80 for just this purpose. The SEC has the 53 man roster allowance where a team to elect not to play if they choose. ACC doesn't have that protocol. The only roster number that comes into play is you have to have at least 7 linemen. They had plenty and is why they still met the protocol after sending the OLineman home. If a guy tests positive on Friday, he is isolated and one of the extra 8 players suits up. Prep during the week and spent 300k+ to travel and set up and followed every protocol set up by the ACC (not Clemson or FSU). And the FSU medical staff/admin decided it was too risky. They offered to retest everyone on Saturday (The one player was already gone) and play on Sunday. Test on Sunday and play on Monday. FSU wanted no part of it. They said they were worried about other offensive guys being infected. Everyone else tested negative. "Well it could take a few days." Well, yeah, but if that is what you are worried about then your school shouldn't be playing this season. The league got together and came up with rules and protocols for play. Those were all met. Some people have said "they let him practice all week and travel knowing he had the virus." Just not true. He was negative all week and didn't find out until he was already in Florida. Trevor Lawrence also practiced all week and his Wednesday test came back positive on Thursday. He isolated and all protocols were met. Boston College didn't cry foul and want to cancel the game because he "may have exposed other players." No, everyone else subsequently tested negative. What makes this one different? They expanded the roster just in case there are Friday positives. And Clemson offered to retest on Saturday and Sunday to ease FSU's concerns. FSU said no, even though the protocol allowed for a positive Friday test. If FSU was 7-1 or 8-0, would they have called that game? We'll never know.
  8. Hyperbole much? Kamara will be great, just don't expect him to get those 6 or 7 catches for 100+ yards. And don't count on him getting as many goal line carries as he would with Brees under center.
  9. Terrible thing to say when you don't even know the guy. And the link provided selected that single line with no additional context. Swinney said he believed the FSU players and coaches truly wanted to play this game and he felt bad for them as well as his own players and staff. It was the FSU administration that he blames for the game not being played, not the FSU coaches or players. They did everything by the rules the league set forth regarding Covid protocols and testing. If Clemson was 5-4 or 3-6 we wouldn't be having this discussion in the thread. I get it. Everyone wants them to fail and go away. I feel similar with some other teams in the NCAA but I hope I wouldn't call one of the coaches a scumbag.
  10. Hill at QB is bad news for those with Kamara. This TD vulture has no interest in throwing the ball to Kamara. Zero receptions on 1 target with Hill. Hill had 10 carries to Kamara's 13. Winston would be the better QB for Kamara. Lots of dump offs. Hill likes calling his own number too much. Not with T. Hill at QB.
  11. That is this?