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  1. It’s dynasty... you take it and say thank you.
  2. He’s had three bombs go through his hands. He’s not very good at catching the ball.
  3. McCoy was responsible for Mahomes getting injured. Completely missed the blitz pick up. And this after apparently being criticized this past week for pass protection issues.
  4. The situation will require a little patience... don’t you just love fantasy football?? Haha
  5. It’s not in Reids history to not have a fantasy quality RB. This situation will play itself out over the next couple of weeks.
  6. Anyone whose been watching objectively can see that Darrel is the best RB on the team right now.
  7. Wow, these a-holes benching Drake in a game they can win... tank-City. Trade Drake tomorrow please, you f’n clowns.
  8. Looked great the first couple of weeks and has been fairly disappointing the past few weeks, while dealing with injuries. No explosive plays. Olsen shredded the Bucs already this season. Just went on a hunch really while ignoring the rankings 🙂
  9. Nugent getting dropped and then I’m avoiding that situation the rest of the year. That holder is garbage.
  10. I dropped Tate for Chase yesterday. For your reference.
  11. He just went for $32 (out of 200) in my league while another team dropped Olsen. So, I picked up Olsen for $1. I think I got better value.