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  1. That's how I'm approaching it. But, I also see monster potential down the stretch as the Steelers start to realize the inefficiencies of leaning on Johnson in the passing game. 30 targets to not even hit 170 yards is bad (DJ and JuJu).
  2. Great article...
  3. I pretty much agree with this. The only WR that I want to see moving teams is Julio, because I feel like another QB would feed him red zone targets.
  4. How about that one crazy year where you could literally start Thomas, Decker, and Welker every week? Oh... and Thomas at TE.
  5. Hopefully you're out of contention this year, otherwise I fear you're throwing in the towel for the season.
  6. I have both Adams and Fuller in re-draft, and I don't think I would like Fuller going to Green Bay. But, I WOULD like to see Cobb get traded from the Texans.
  7. Fantasy Sharks jumped the... shark... a long time ago. At least for their rankings and projections. They also change wildly week to week.
  8. Why is no one talking about that with nearly 30 targets, DJ and JuJu still couldn't crack 200 yards? And, on the year DJ has been incredibly inefficient as a receiver? Now, imagine the numbers Claypool would pile up on 15 targets... Oh, and also... Claypool has the highest QBR in the league when targeted.
  10. Hmmmm, I'll admit to not watching the entire game, but I watched his highlight video and he was popping up after every tackle, and looked good running routes. He also led the WR group in snaps.