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  1. They kill children.So do the fries at In N Out.Im just saying that ex cop could have thought the guy threw a bag of peanuts thus endangering the entire theater.
  2. Im still waiting for a show about zombie pirates vs vampire housewives
  3. Pulp Fiction I always thought the guy hiding in the bathroom that shot at Jules and Vincent was Jerry Seinfeld. I recently found out it was actually the tranny keyboard player from The Wedding Singer
  4. Never seen this before. I b watched half the pilot on netflix. Was enjoying it wnd will watch more later I popped wood at the cartoon butts
  5. I was attacked by a skinny man on meth in tampa.I threw him through a window
  6. Show me one person who has near death experience and says stuff like this who isn't already super religious. There were a few who were athiests according to the videos and they certainly aren't atheist any longer.I dont think the existence of some sort of life energy or spirit means there is a god. There is a lot of evidence for psychic abilities I am an atheist in the sense I dont believe in an omnipotent god with a plan. I do belive in energies and abilities beyond our current scientific understandings I have experimented and tested myself and it appears I have some psychic ability beyond most, but not anything major I believe the universe is governed by forces that appear to be a beings conscious will but not neccessarily so. I think all reality works within certain cycles and balances
  7. Schools feel that it is their duty to punish students for all sorts of stuff that takes away from school grounds. I've never understood why this flies. This happens a lot? Its not illegal?
  8. What rule did the 18 yo student break that they thought it would be legal to suspend him?
  9. Im a smug atheistLinks please? Youtube is blocked at my work so i cant shoot you links. Just type in "near death experiences" or "heaven and hell" and you will get plenty interesting videos..Im assuming these are testimonies. I have heard people describe people seeing many different things while dead
  10. It is not possible to dehumidify the clouds What they can do is add chemicals that supress condensation for a time
  11. For the record I dont know where zed is going with this cloud unseeding thing. Ive never heard of it so I dont subscribe to it
  12. Zed. Ive not engaged in any antics besides not being ashamed to tell the truth The conspiracy these guys buy in to is thst they think everyone on here is playing a character. Thats what they are paranoid about yet trust their government
  13. look up in the sky. That's it? That's the best you got?I've asked this of alien believers too and they usually have nothing either. Visual evidenceThe planes spraying are not tracked by the FAA Contamination of soil and groundwater from heavy metals not caused by normal plane exhaust or in areas with no industrial output Government patents of the technology Chemtrails only appearing in certain areas of the globe where weather patterns are going crazy Give me just one. The best you got.You are obviously not serious if you are pretend to be that stubborn I am open and willing to be convinced.I just provided you with facts. Im not doing your research for you or holding your hand through this. I have no reason to make things up and you are a big boy and can perform an internet search So give me your ONE best proof of this conspiracy.I gave you 4. This game is over jam