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  1. I'm gonna say it. I've been a Browns fan for my entire life. The Steelers brought this style of football to the AFC North. This is just James Harrison against the Browns in 2010 and 2011. Sharpen your teeth or lay flat. Garrett deserves a multi-game suspension, but save the crocodile tears.
  2. One of the pages you linked to is a twitter account demonizes those with mental illnesses (ExposeClusterBs). A common abuse tactic is to make the other person appear crazy or discredit them, when trauma is one of the main drivers of mental problems in the first place. It is exceedingly gross to watch this play out, no matter what happens to Tyreek Hill.
  3. 14 team superflex best ball, no waivers in season. PPR tiered .5/1/2. Start 10 (1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Superflex, 2 Flex) (My picks in bold) 1.1. Kyler Murray 1.2. Josh Jacobs 1.3. Noah Fant 1.4. Dwayne Haskins 1.5. N'Keal Harry 1.6. TJ Hockenson 1.7. Miles Sanders 1.8. David Montgomery 1.9. Marquise Brown 1.10. DK Metcalf 1.11. AJ Brown 1.12. Daniel Jones 1.13. Drew Lock 1.14. Parris Campbell 2.1 Deebo Samuel 2.2 Darrell Henderson 2.3 JJ-Arcega Whiteside 2.4 Mecole Hardman 2.5 Andy Isabella 2.6 Hakeem Butler 2.7 Irv Smith Jr. 2.8 Terry McLaurin 2.9 Jace Sternberger 2.10 Diontae Johnson 2.11 Damien Harris 2.12 Devin Singletary 2.13 Justice Hill 2.14 Alexander Mattison 3.1 Kahale Warring 3.2 Miles Boykin 3.3 Josh Oliver 3.4 Bryce Love 3.5 Kelvin Harmon 3.6 Jalen Hurd 3.7 Will Grier 3.8 Rodney Anderson 3.9 Riley Ridley 3.10 Benny Snell 3.11 Ryquell Armstead 3.12 Darwin Thompson 3.13 Mike Weber 3.14 Dawson Knox
  4. The scoring sounds very interesting. I'm free tonight. Would be my first auction of the season, but I've been meaning to find one that is properly challenging. Will be interested in seeing how it plays out regardless.
  5. If anyone has a way to hear the constitutionally guaranteed appeal of the dead man and avoid a mistrial, I would be very happy to hear it. I could dig for some precedent, but I was only able to find this one at a glance:
  6. The original verdict is not vacated. If Hernandez had not appealed the case before he killed himself, this result doesn't happen. The state has nothing to gain from pursuing a case against a dead man who's sentence has already ended. Not to mention the pitfalls and dangers of pursuing such a case, such as how to try someone who does not have the ability to speak on their own behalf, which could easily result in a mistrial, along with the emotional trauma that another trial that the family of the victim will be compelled to be involved with. If that was truly the line, Hernandez killed himself for what, a 5%-10% chance that his wife and daughter keep some money that is not eaten up by all the associate court costs? If that was his foremost concern, he could have done this before the first verdict against him came down and saved all of that energy and humiliation. That's why I call this a corner case. How many prisoners are eating a death sentence for no judgment rendered in their case? Not many, I would think. And the harm done to the family by the suicide is almost completely mitigated by the likely ruling of a civil court that has been expedited extremely now that the criminal phase of the proceedings have passed. (Which will likely mean they see more of Hernandez's money intact than they would otherwise.)
  7. The state took no action. The state is much more interested in control and order than concepts like justice. And if you can't see that designing laws around corner cases like millionaires committing murders then killing themselves is not in the public good, then we should probably stop here.
  8. I literally said in the vast majority of cases. Like the cost of a single day of court is more than most people even have to their name, when you take into account the lawyers, judge, jury, stenographers, etc. (and those court cost would come back on either uninvolved family or tax payers.) That's why the law would default to letting it go. And it's not like the family of Lloyd has no recourse in this. They just have to sue Hernandez's estate and prove the murder and would not have to meet the same stringent "beyond a reasonable doubt" burden of proof, but rather the judge deciding which story is more plausible. While I understand anger at the actions taken, I don't think this is the place to talk about what role justice plays in our correctional system.
  9. This is part of the English common law that is the basis for jurisprudence in the US. Unless a state has specifically passed a law saying otherwise, convictions being appealed at the time of death will be overturned, in the vast majority of the cases saving court and government resources from a meaningless trial. So yeah, high minded for sure.
  10. Even if they consider marijuana to be harmless enough, testing for the other controlled substances can be a nightmare. Marijuana will be in a person's system longer than cocaine, PEDs, opiates, amphetamines, or hallucinogens, for a urine screen. It's probably a tool to get players into the system where they can be tested more regularly. A messed up, inefficient, unfair way to do so, but seemingly effective.
  11. I don't hate this one. I think Julio is probably worth more but I do think it is a good time to buy Evans and this deal is closer than current values suggest for me julio all day. it's a good time to sell high on evans as people still believe he's a stud in the making and overlook that he can't catch. That was my thinking as the former Evans owner. I have a massive glut of young bordering on elite guys (watkins, allen robinson, keenan allen, kelvin benjamin, le'veon bell) and Evans had the value to sell off and get an elite return. Was a nice surprise to find in my inbox one afternoon. Opens my window next year and it shouldn't close anytime soon.
  12. 12 ppr 1/2/3/1/2 (flex) Julio Jones for Mike Evans and Breshad Perriman.
  13. There was a retweet of last year's DUI and from what I can tell he hasn't done a thing. Fingers crossed though.
  14. In all likelihood he was smoking to cause this, but at that low of a ppb threshold there are other possibilities. It's the same threshold every other player has to follow. Given his history no one is going to buy the poppy seed argument. It's a figleaf that gives the league cover to be more lenient. It's been a pretty bad year for the league in PR and they'd be savvy to come down with a lighter hand here given Johnny Manziel is the hottest thing in the football media right now. This news is definitely better than, Josh Gordon shows up at testing blunted/uses fake urine/"misses test to dilute urine". This continues to be the most mundane flameout I've ever witnessed.