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  1. I don't have a crystal ball, of course, but I wouldn't be banking on much in the way of ppr -- in year one, anyway I think Gordon is now being massively under valued. It's become trendy to rank him behind Cooper and White. Has everyone forgotten how scarce fantasy RBs actually are in most leagues???
  2. Who cares? Could even be a good thing as they clearly know each other
  3. Love the pick! I didn't think Brown would drop to the Pats and fills a need. And BB didn't trade down!!!
  4. Manuel trade market, good one.Haha. Yeah I'm not sure they could get a 6th round pick for him at this point
  5. I hope he goes to NEI hope he goes to my fantasy roster.I have the 1.1 so he will be on mine. Now who do I pick with 1.2??? Haha
  6. This is exactly right. I think too a lot of people forget how much of a team sport football is. Give Michael Irvin a quarteback like Blaine Gabbart his entire career and me might be thinking about him differently today. WRs especially need someone to throw them the ball. This makes them dependent on having at least a decent QB. Last season I watched Kyle Orton miss Sammy Watkins by 10 yards on some throws. Give Watkins Eli Manning even and maybe he's ODB...
  7. Are you drunk right now??? I am saying that valuing height over everything else is not smart. Would you rather have Limas Sweed or Antonio Brown? It's a rhetorical question designed to make a point. Saying that being taller is better is not what anyone is even arguing. Height is like speed - more is better. I mean of course. What I am saying is that all these people who every year argue that WRs won't be good because they are under 6'2" are missing some really good players... Antionio Brown, Sammy Watkings, Odell Beckham, Edelman, Welker, Troy Brown, Isaac Bruce. And that is just off the top of my head. You're right, idk how anyone could have misconstrued this: as an implication that DGB does not possess the traits of a receiver outside of his size. Hes a pretty fantastic receiver, on top of that he has the exact frame you would want him to have. Not to put words in Sabertooth's mouth but that's actually what I'm about to do. He's saying that being tall alone is not enough to be a good WR. He is not saying that height does not matter at all.
  8. 4.34 Is this correct? If so that is terrific.