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  1. What was the deal with the nail and the electric socket? Did I miss something along the way?
  2. Thanks to this post, I bought this game. It's hands down one of the most fun game I've ever played.
  3. Just finished it yesterday, if you don't do any side missions, you'll be done in no time. I was shocked that it ended when it did. Way too short for such a huge game.
  4. You should pound some booze to go with those Ok, only have black sambuca though.
  5. Grabbed Saints Row 2 out of the bargain bin this week. Fantastic game, blows GTA 4 out of the water. It's like Grand Theft on crack.
  6. has a great library. I can find every episode there but the last one. I'll give the Euros some time but I'm losing patience. Wish AMC would at least replay it one night.Anyone know of a place to watch for free, I need episodes 3-8, I have the rest.I watched them all here
  7. Staying home, girlfriends in the other room, not talking to me. I'm 7 beers in, watching hockey and playing a tourney on Pstars. Life is very good!