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  1. Cook was robbed there
  2. 10, she's in my top 3
  3. A 4th is not much to give up and apparently the Giants wanted Floyd
  4. Unless it has a return receipt(green card) because then he'll still have to sign that as well
  5. I'm a mailman so millions can do my job
  6. Unfortunately I have not been that lucky. I know many people that want Trump and quiet a few of them are my in-laws. I personally would never vote Trump no matter who he was running against.
  7. I'm from deep east Texas and I have to agree with you.
  8. don't agree with often but this is a great post
  9. While watching this episode I thought it was easily the worst Always Sunny ever and was fully expecting people to be complaining. After reading y'alls posts I might have to watch it again.
  10. not a fan of either team, but I would not be upset with Burfict getting hurt
  11. Burfict is going to do something even dumber than usual
  12. based on this year Murray leaving is probably a blessing, Allen stung a little OU had the choice of either and took Murray. Makes you wonder, and drink. I wasn't impressed with Murray but he has the most upside of the two and OU could turn him into the star he's supposed to be