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  1. Hey Sig, I need to choose between J. Allen and R. Tannehill. This league does give double points for qb rushing tds but looking fo safest option with the weather in buffalo Thanks!
  2. I'm an underdog this week and already have J. Jackson and K. Allen going. Should I play Rivers or Josh Allen as a hail Mary?
  3. Hey Sig, Full point ppr, with D. Cook on a pitch count I need to decide between D. Lewis, Murray or I. Smith Thanks
  4. D. Lewis or C. Thompson in a full point ppr that gives double points for receiving tds by backs
  5. can't believe the show was cancelled over something so minor
  6. Well terrible match but I'm always happy to see Roman lose
  7. A league that has been together for over 25 years. We have always had a scoring system that gives bonuses for TD length, 0-9 yds = 6points, 10-39yds = 9points, 40+yds = 12 points and those points double if a RB catches the TD or a QB or WR runs it. Also added half point per rush attempt this year to boost the importance of the RB position.