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  1. The fact that Biden is within 3 in Texas is something to behold though, isn't it?
  2. I'm sort of speechless. I'm assuming "main in" voting means mail in voting and you think the SCOTUS is going to somehow rule that votes submitted by the constituents of a democracy should be thrown out based on the legal method by which they chose to vote? And you think that is funny?
  3. I really don't think Trump is going to win PA. I have never seen this level enthusiasm around Philadelphia and the suburbs in my life living here and this includes the first Obama run. Before Trump, the last Republican president that went to Pennsylvania was George Sr. in 1988. If Philly and the suburbs come out to vote in record numbers, which is what it is looking like, Trump doesn't have much of a chance here. Harrisburg looks like it is on a similar trajectory and some of the outer Philly suburbs that went for Trump in 2016 are heavily leaning Biden.
  4. See this is what is odd to me too when I read these tales about anti-maskers and @Morton Muffley story about his friends in Boston. I do not know a single person that I interact with IRL that is "anti-mask." I live in the suburbs of Philly and we were hit hard early - there is rarely a person without a mask when we go out and about and usually it is someone who has a mask that temporarily took it off and forgot to put it back on. But here's the thing also..... 3 out of 4 of our parents who live in other areas are pretty Trumpian and usually fall for a lot of the conspiracy stuff that is pushed by the right wing. And they are TERRIFIED by COVID. My mom hasn't been in a public place since early March. My wife's parents refuse to come visit us even if we guarantee we will quarantine for two weeks ahead of time. They aren't that old either - late sixties. My Republican friends in the Philly area are taking this as seriously as anyone. Hell, my Trump loving aunts/uncles-in-law who all live in the south now (South Carolina, Tennessee) are more careful than we are. So these stories about a huge movement to ignore science and that the pandemic is a hoax is just something I have never witnessed IRL and it is confusing to me when I read things on the internet (or the news) about this. I mean there are even a fair number of Trump supporters that post here and I can really only think of one poster who openly scoffs at the pandemic and thinks nothing can be done about it so we should all just run free. But I know it is out there I am just finding it confusing who these people are and where they live. ETA: You saying you live in a red area and most people are masked confirms everything I have first hand knowledge of as well. That was my point.
  5. I don't really remember it being highly criticized and if it was that is dumb. We really should have shut down all international travel until we could get a handle on what was already here. And if there were US citizens trying to get back home from overseas, we should have had available and rapid testing as soon as they came into the country and mandatory 2 week quarantines for those folks. I remember back in the beginning there was that cruise ship in Japan where there was an outbreak. And the State Dept overruled the CDC and put all the US citizens on a flight to get home even though there were known positive cases on the flight. I was aghast at the time at how we were handling this. People from all over the world were flooding into the country and we had little to no safety protocols or testing available. So yea.... Trump banned travel from China for Chinese citizens. That obviously didn't do much since we are sitting at over 8 million positive cases since then.
  6. I am so confused. Was there something supposedly illegal about this business deal before it went through? I really literally have no idea what the scandal is. And I see a lot of posts in here about how huge this is like people are walking off in cuffs tomorrow, but there aren't really any links and I don't understand what the accusations even are.
  7. Now Joe Biden is money laundering? Do you have a credible link for this because the progression of this narrative is baffling.
  8. There is no logical explanation to this story other than Hunter Biden's emails were hacked by hopefully a foreign adversary (I say hopefully because if it was domestic that is layers of awful I don't want to admit exists) and this whole "laptop" story is a way to get the info out to the public since Wikileaks isn't an option anymore. And there may be some intentional forged documents/communications/images in the mix of the trove of things that Giuliani claims to have. Luckily for all of us, Hunter Biden isn't running for any office so this shouldn't matter. Also lucky that if the people that are behind this stuff have been going to such lengths to discredit JOE Biden that they can't actually find ANYTHING substantial on him and are resorting to smears against his son. That tells me Joe is the good guy that I thought he was for the past couple of decades.
  9. It seems like it would be incredibly difficult to search through 10s of 1000s of emails using text to speech software not even knowing what you are looking for.
  10. I'll add another wrinkle.... if the store owner is blind, how did he even read the emails in the first place?
  11. The laptop was supposedly dropped off in April 2019 which is at the height of all the Ukraine/Biden stuff and the infamous phone call that got Trump impeached. Additionally this has Rudy written all over it in the sense that they didn't even bother to check where Hunter lives. That part is actually hilarious to me. Stupid Watergate at its finest.
  12. Is anyone discussing the fact that Hunter Biden doesn't live in Delaware anymore and why he would have flown there to drop off a broken laptop to get repaired with a blind computer repair guy who can't say for sure whether or not it was Hunter that came into the shop? And then in the midst of an impeachment scandal wholly surrounding Hunter's business dealings decided to leave it there and never pick it up when it apparently had incriminating evidence against him and his father and gave credence to the Trump defense during the impeachment? And this narrative (and the supposed laptop) is solely coming from Rudy Giuliani who was also implicated in the impeachment scandal for trying to dig up (make up) dirt on the Bidens? This seems plausible to people?
  13. That seems like it would be illegal in times when anything mattered anymore.