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  1. You could know if you broadened the sources you use to get your information. Reforming the Prosecutor General's office in Ukraine was the official US foreign policy position in 2016, not some whim Biden cooked up. That was also aligned with the policies of the IMF and EU. In February 2016 the IMF also threatened Ukraine that Ukraine would lose billions in aid unless they cleaned up their act. There are plenty of real time articles out there from 2016 that lay this out pretty clearly. There's no reason to guess or assume. Here's another one:
  2. And Congress. This was a letter that the Senate Ukraine Caucus sent to Ukraine President Poroshenko in February 2016. From Senator Rob Portman's (R) website --> Link @Stealthycat
  3. I don't think the testimony is so important as the document requests from OMB, State, and the White House. They should tell a better story than testimony. Those subpoenas are not being withdrawn and will also be listed in the articles of impeachment as they were in the HPSCI report.
  4. I know this gets lost in the tsunami of information these days, but Carter Page wasn't even working on the Trump campaign anymore when the first FISA warrant was issued.
  5. July 28 Dan Coats resigns as DNI August 9 Dan Coats interrupts meeting to tell Sue Gordon to resign
  6. I think you should add both Dan Coats and Sue Gordon resigning on 7/29/19. It may be a coincidence, but the timing does seem a bit suspect in hindsight.
  7. It's like a frozen turnip puree. I have no freaking idea where they come from and I've never seen that in a store, but admittedly have never been looking. It's like frozen mashed turnips. She sprinkles some dried parsley on top though to make it her own. And yes grape nuts. On top of canned sweet potatoes. Put in a casserole dish and cooked in the oven. Possibly with some brown sugar or something but I don't know because I won't touch it. And cranberry sauce in my mom's house only comes in can shapes. No concept of actually making something from real food ingredients. My wife made a spinach gratin and crab dip that we are going to bring tomorrow. My mom will probably be pissed that we brought our own food but my wife's rationale was that we could put the spinach gratin on top of the turkey to give it some moisture and maybe make it edible.
  8. I see your fishy cheese glob and raise you canned sweet potatoes with grape nuts on top of them with a side of frozen turnips put in the microwave to "cook". 😪
  9. I'm all for the war. Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday. My mom insists we go there every year and she is a terrible cook. Atrocious. It makes me sad to see posts here and in the FFA with people celebrating the anticipation of fabulous meals and I look forward to turkey that has been over-cooked by about two hours to the point that it is sawdust and an array of canned/frozen vegetables as sides . And there is no TV in the vicinity of the eating table so I usually can't even watch football. And we have a two hour commute both ways. I will join this war to make this whole holiday go away. Unless someone can convince my mother to come to my house instead and we will make an appropriate meal.
  10. I'm an hour in and it is definitely not living up to my expectations based on they hype. It's very slow and not incredibly interesting. I can deal with slow if the journey is worth it but I wasn't really expecting a documentary-like dive into Hoffa.
  11. Where are Sondland's cell phone records? That should clear it up.
  12. 4. Rudy is arrested and a whole new laundry list of crimes is unearthed that make extorting Ukraine for political favors look like child's play. Outcome TBD.
  13. Nah. Definitely not smokers. And one of the walls in question was a new wall from an addition they put on the house about 10 years ago so it isn't tobacco muck from 20 years ago or anything. I'm pretty sure it was the paint oozing some kind of chemical out of it.
  14. I don't think that Bolton was technically subpoenaed. He retained a lawyer who was challenging an existing subpoena for a different admin official (Kupperman?) so they didn't bother issuing one. I don't think the House is going to pursue this further. They will ship it off to the Senate where Schiff will very likely request subpoenas for some of our missing witnesses and, as others way smarter than me have pointed out, Chief Justice Roberts will rule on it then and there.