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  1. Can you do Amazon Fresh and have it directly sent to their house? Or have one of those online shopping with pick up options (like Wegmans)? Not sure where you live.
  2. Are there even enough tests to give to those places?
  3. So, they are saying on CNN that he included cargo in the travel ban from Europe? And somehow UK is excepted from this? Is he just trying to screw over the EU? Apologies, I didn't watch but this is not making sense to me.
  4. I recently came to find out that my 4 year old is keenly aware of our dislike for Trump. We probably talk about it in front of her not realizing she is absorbing what we are saying. I'm really not into indoctrinating children and want her to form her own beliefs as she grows up. Back during the impeachment trials though, it was on the television while I was doing things around the house and she just sat there for quite a while watching it (without me realizing). She then proceeded to take our bar stools and line them up in the kitchen and sit on one of them with her hand in the air talking about "Donald Trump" and "we have to have a Constitution." I asked her what she was doing and she told me she was having a constitution for Donald Trump. We are trying to be much more cautious about what we talk about in front of her because she is way too young to understand this stuff. I'd like to think this would be the same philosophy as she gets older but wonder if we would be inclined to tell her how we really feel, so to speak.
  5. So I just got an e-mail from the company I am working for and they are banning all travel. The company is located in Delaware. We have a few huge projects going on with consultants traveling in from all over the country and I just got an e-mail telling them all to stay home and work remotely until further notice. They also told people that have any signs of sickness to work from home for at least two weeks after their symptoms are gone. Has anyone else seen something like this yet? I don't think it is a bad idea but I was wondering if this was gaining traction. This company is extremely focused on security and safety but I was still a bit shocked that they were going to such extreme measures.
  6. Does this mean we can't make fun of Boomers on social media? That sucks. **doesn't even have a twitter or facebook account**
  7. I'm not sure what is so hard about this. There is no "but Trump" in this discussion. If the Democratic party wants to be the adults in the room and have a leg to stand on pointing out what is so unacceptable about Trumpian discourse, they cannot sink to his level. If we truly believe that Trump's rhetoric is dangerous then that means similar rhetoric from our side is equally as dangerous and cannot occur. I don't think that Schumer was physically threatening the USSC justices, but when you say directly to the judges that they will "pay the price" there is really no positive spin you can apply to that. If not physical intimidation, the only other option to go after them would be impeachment which just feeds into the right wing narrative that the Democrats just impeach people they don't like. It's awful. I've had a lot of problems with Schumer recently and this sort of takes the cake for me and I think we need a new leader in the Senate. It's not like he's getting #### done and had a momentary lapse of reason.
  8. It doesn't flipping matter what Trump does or says. We know who he is and should be going nowhere near his level of discourse. In the words of the honorable late Elijah Cummings, "we are better than this." I think Schumer should step down as minority leader. Sorry if this sounds emotional, but I just saw this thread and hadn't heard about it (busy day) and I'm pretty PO'ed. Threatening USSC justices is out of bounds. Full stop.
  9. I don't even get it. It's not like those comments can even be construed as saying there are political consequences. These are lifetime appointments. And why single out Kavanaugh and Gorsuch only? Ugh. Dangerous discourse is infecting our nation and the "good people" need to stop this instead of shrugging it off. This was so why I wanted Buttigieg to win the D nomination because I think he was serious about unity.
  10. Wow. That was really bad and I am sort of shocked that Schumer would talk like that about SC justices. Definitely not OK.
  11. I'm a bit confused because the NYT Texas primary tracker has Biden at a 54% chance to win.
  12. I really can't believe that Joe won MN even with the Klobuchar boost. This is fascinating for a politics nerd like me for sure.
  13. You speak about the people of the country/party as if they have no agency. This is democracy at work tonight and the people look like they are choosing Joe over Bernie. Joe has been painted as "dead" in the media, has little funding to speak of, pathetic ground games in most of these states, and he is winning. That says something, no?