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  1. Pats fan here. They wont go undefeated. OL is too hurt right now, Wrs are beat up. D is making this team tho.
  2. Same boat here and no one in my league wants him even for almost nothing
  3. I think we share TEs, HUnter, Eifert, Njoku are mine, but I added and maybe cursed Hock this year by taking him.
  4. I like him long term and read nothing but good thing this preseason.
  5. In a 10 teamer traded 1.4 and a 2020 3rd rd pick for 2.7 and a 2020 1st rd pick (playoff team for sure, outside chance to win it all)
  6. Counterbalance is he gets more points on less touches, so less hits than the other top couple RBs
  7. He is my RB#1 this year, just slightly edging out CMC
  8. TB12 took a bit after his knee injury too, looked like he didnt want to step into throws etc. He will be fine.
  9. so glad I got 4.1 this year and the 2020 2nd rd pick from the team with the 1.1 this year for him.
  10. I too would take that and run. Was never a huge Cooper fan, but like what I saw with him and Dak late in the year. His youth would easily make my decision as well as ABs mental illnesses.
  11. Still love and own Guice here. I am taking the long view and see his talent rising as the team tried to improve. Do I expect a ton this year? No, but I got him later last year with the long range in mind.