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  1. Watch Brady shock us all, take a $10 mil a year contract to squeeze those two in and make it work.
  2. Last year I traded 1.4 for a future first and ironically got 1.4 this year with the pick
  3. I think it will take longer than 10 years for Mahomes to even have a chance to be in the discussion.
  4. I have him in Dyno and really have no idea what it would take to pry him away
  5. Tell that to almost ever single contractor, handyman, home improvement guy. I bet less than 1 out of 100 factually and accurately reports their taxes
  6. I think we share a team, only I also have Hockenson.
  7. I would do it for Mahomes. While Saquon is THE RB of this decade, next decade when there is a new RB of the decade, Mahomes will still be playing.