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  1. If you never try a drug, you cant be an addict. So there is a choice.
  2. I would take the Mahomes side, but I tend to like young QBs even in 1 Qb leagues more than most value them.
  3. Over rated for me last year were Baldwin, Ingram, Rodgers off the top of my head
  4. If I need RBs, I keep KJ as I like him better than any in this draft. If it was next year, I would make that in a second because I like the 2020 RBs more than KJ.
  5. Dan, you do remember AP hit that son in the genitals with that switch right? that is pretty close to me.
  6. I think we might get him for a 3rd and future 5th, Rosen that is.
  7. He has shown poor hands and is prone to dropping catchable passes in my assessment.
  8. Qb with a 3rd rd comp pick this year, then get our future starter next year or the year after in an actual good QB class
  9. I agree with that thinking and that is why I loved the pick.
  10. As a Pats fan, hated to see him go. Loved him as a player and still do.
  11. I agree, we have been blessed with a crazy amount of divisional breaks, I can see this as one more.