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  1. I am not into politics when I read NFL or FF stuff, but when the NFL comments on it and it is a huge part of life I am ok with it in a small mention type email. As long as the opinions arent too for or against to create divisions.
  2. Someone was really hoping he fell to them and deleted the thread to hide the hype LOL
  3. I think you wont regret that long term.
  4. I have to say I think that was bad luck and poor choices. That was a great WR year and even at the time, not a good RB year. In most my leagues it is always easier to get a good WR and so hard to get a RB. Doesn't matter if it is by draft or trade either. Everyone over covets their RBs. I envy some of the league that let RBs get traded at a more reasonable rate. I think you picked a poor year to judge on.
  5. Can 23 and me or other genetic testers be used to get the advantages?
  6. I dont know if your league is like most of mine where RBs are much harder to get. I would take Akers at 1.5 then Lamb or Jeudy at 1.7
  7. nothing is set in stone until the virus ends...not even that there is a season.
  8. Just took it twice on line, got a 32 and 36 fwiw, but always been a great test taker.
  9. Play the season on Madden 2020 and use that order, LOL
  10. Pats Fans know him well, very happy too. Wish he didnt get hurt.
  11. I totally understand and expect in my league for the top 4 rbs to come off 1-4
  12. FWIW I wouldnt have accepted either of those deals and I love trades.