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  1. About 21 below the current cut line, but have some good pieces to go still. T Hill, Moss, C Kirk, k Murray, Butker can all add to my total
  2. Godwin and Lamb, unless u hear more on the Hammy
  3. I would probably do that, probably more if Dynasty
  4. I think you are giving too much up
  5. Start 1 qb league and I am hoping to grab this guy, just love him. 6pt TD league
  6. I am almost in the same boat, lost Dak, have Brady, Dalton and Tua to choose from.
  7. My good Rbs are either on bye or injured, so I am only left with Swift, Dobbins, and Harris, which two do I go with? It is PPR and I must start two of them
  8. Pats fan and own Harris, would take Akers for him in a heartbeat.