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  1. I see it as an above average year coming, very much above average if everyone declares and performs as expected all year.
  2. Over balky ankle Fournette, I would agree, but I would still take Gurley's ceiling over him.
  3. I will translate, he was 15 when it originally aired. Today he is watching it with his now 15 yr old step son.
  4. A. Hernandez wasn't a great blocker, so I disagree. Yes they prefer a Gronk like guy, but those are so very rare.
  5. Because teams are like women in one's life, you cant help who you fall in love with.
  6. I mostly agree, but will also say Treavor Lawrence in 2 years might be my 1.1 I like him that much so far.
  7. Montgomery here. Liked him better as a prospect. I play in PPR and like his hands. Dont like the hands and fumbles of Sanders as much. Also prefer the Bears O and how I envision them using him in their scheme.
  8. Didnt Frank Gore have several and then go on for a never ending career?
  9. I see the Patriots in play for him. Would make sense.