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  1. I sympathize with all athletes. They get asked their political opinion and when it doesn't align with the left the right says to stick to sports. When it doesn't align with the right the left tell you to stick with sports. I am sure the questions were direct and they wanted to know his opinion and he gave it willingly and due to the current status of the country the opinion seemed insensitive. I believed Brees' actions should speak for themselves and not some quote people are overreacting on.
  2. This. I sometimes ask for opinions and get this completely one sided this is the only right answer response with no analysis. It doesn't help me nor others. I may be on the wrong side of the consensus, but I like to know how you came to that opinion if you are so sure of yourself. Most of the time I just get a repeat of the same answer and that there is no analysis needed to come to that one sided conclusion.
  3. I specifically said that is what "I" would do. That is the opposite of judging someone. I am not sure why are you making that leap from me to him.
  4. I saw him post his reasoning and I took his response as being honest. I don't know him and your theory could be right as well.
  5. I am not sure what non Jesus like means to you or what you meant, but Christians realize they aren't perfect and are not trying to be Jesus. I won't get too much into religion here, but that comment seems not well informed.
  6. I saw it mentioned before so I will respond now. I agree that I am not sure why someone's opinion would disclose your location. I am only spitballing, but I think the intent of changing his handle/screename and hiding the threads was so that he could continue to post without that stalker knowing anything changed and believing Dr. Dan is no longer posting when he is posting as his new handle/screename. I am not saying he took the best route to try to rid himself of the stalker, I just think that I wouldn't care much what the rules were on the message board if I had something that serious happening in my life. I would actually probably stop posting all together if for some reason the stalker continued his harassment due to something posted on FBG.
  7. I understand why a rule would be in place not to hide threads, but this seems like a time that taking measures to protect yourself and your family measures like this are justified. If I am being stalked and its from someone on this message board I would also try to take measures to necessary to try to hide myself regardless of the fact I may inconvenience Joe Bryant and the moderators.
  8. I wish this were the case (as a FF owner of Mack), but Taylor is clearly a better athlete than Mack. Behind that OL Taylor is going to thrive. Mack was very solid behind that OL and I was disappointed as a Colts fan that they chose RB instead of other greater needs, but Taylor should replace Mack sooner rather than later. I believe Taylor will be lead back starting week 1.
  9. I would be buying. I own him in 1 league currently of 3. 1 league he is not for sale. The other league I sent an offer of 2 2nds for him and was rejected with no counter. I don't want to offer much more since eI am in rebuild currently.
  10. I was upset with the pick as a diehard Colts fan. I hope that Taylor is a stud for the next 5 or so years and the pick would be worth it. I thought they could continue to build the defense and would be better use of the pick. I hope I am wrong and he is a stud. He has a great situation to excel in.
  11. I want to say I post things so I can get outside opinions that hopefully are of value. I could very well be off and appreciate responses that are thoughtful regarding my own posts as well as players in general. I will argue my point, but am listening to all sides if some thought was put in the post. Thanks all for replies. I thought Slayton was close to value to Prescott when I initially posted and looked at some ADP and I was wrong. I think Clayton is undervalued, but that doesn't mean I need to pay the premium to get there unless I am the one seeking a player. Renfrow I also saw had a nice season, but forgot about the many receivers drafted this year by LV. That to me almost puts his value at nil until I see more.
  12. I can start up to 3, but in that league this year will be mostly 1. Clayton seemed like a great buy low. He may be WR3 now, but I see his arrow as pointing up. Renfrow I completely forgot they drafted 3 WRs so this doesn't signal much trust in their WR core. This was a great point by whoever mentioned it.
  13. His other WRs are: KA, Fountain, Desean Jackson, Renfrow, Jakobi Meyers, Slayton, Woods. I traded him KA and Woods earlier this offseason for AJB so I think those were targets of his from me. I lost value on this trade, but my starting WR is Tyreek Hill (only need to start 1 WR in this league since I can start 3 RB- Barkley, Elliott, Cook) and wanted a younger backup and feared KA would regress due to Rivers leaving. This trade was done way before the starting QB was known on Chargers so I am happy where it is now with Taylor/Hubert as best option to start the year.
  14. I just took over an orphan and basically traded Brady for Minshew in a rebuild. I liked Minshew when he started, but really didn't pay much attention since I only played QB before I took over this team. I am not trying to turn this into my team advice, I just wanted more opinions on Minshew.
  15. you think Minshew is underrated with him or just Chark?