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  1. QB: C. Wentz (10.6), Big Ben (11.07), L. Jackson (12.7) RB: D. Johnson (1.6), C. Carson (5.6), D. Guice (7.6), J. Samuels (9.6), A. Mattison (13.6), T. Pollard (15.6), M. Brown (17.6) WR: A. Brown (2.7), R. Woods (4.7), T. Boyd (6.07), K. Coutee (8.7), K. Stills (14.7), M. Goodwin (16.7) TE: Z. Ertz (3.6), B. Watson (18.7)
  2. I appreciate your advice/opinion in this thread so I will provide mine to hopefully help you. QB: I like the QBs a lot. I have noticed I have been targeting Jackson/Rothlisberger in the 10/11th recently. Newton that late seems solid as well. RB: I have been avoiding Bell and K. Johnson like the plague this year to I don't like this start, but this is one man's opinion and I could be totally wrong. WR: Julio and Diggs is awesome combo. I don't like Watkins/Davis/Sanders. I love M. Brown and D. Samuel that late and have been targeting them as well. TE: Solid 1-2 punch. Not sure on Thomas for Hous, but if he is getting a lot of snaps that could pay off.
  3. I have now done a lot of them so I won't post them all. I will post my favorite and some notes on why I like it. QB: P. Mahomes (4.3), M. Stafford (15.10) RB: J. Conner (2.3), D. Guice (6.3), D. Henderson (7.10), M. Sanders (8.3), D. Harris 9.10), K. Hunt (10.3), J. Hill (13.10), M. Brown (18.3) WR: D. Adams (1.10), T. Hill (3.10), C. Kupp (5.10), T. Williams (12.3), K. Stills (14.3), M. Goodwin (16.3) TE: A. Hooper (11.10), C. Brate (17.10) Analysis: QB: I got the QB1 and a bye week fill in and maybe a stud week here and there. Very happy with QB spot. RB: I may be in survival mode to start the year, although I think out of Conner, D. Harris, M. Sanders, and Guice I can get at least 2 players to score well. Henderson, Hunt, M. Brown, J. Hill are possible high upside players that if the right scenario occurs I will be really happy. WR: Definite strength of my team being able to start Adams, Hill, Kupp all year with Williams Stills, Goodwin having high upside and really low floor each week. TE: Hooper is a solid player and I think Brate is really underrated this year with everyone calling for a OJ Howard breakout.
  4. According to the news lady that broke all the information about T. Hill in April...On April 25th she tweeted that she had the audio for a couple days, she only released it when he was not charged and her "source" wanted her to.
  5. Well assuming nothing new comes out we can hopefully see if he has good information. Could be helpful in the future.
  6. How accurate has your "source" been in the past about his/her information?
  7. the one comment I was hoping they would quote in full was the he is terrified of you. You should be terrified of me too, B. This article was good in gaining clarity in the areas the first audio may have been cut short in.
  8. QB: Big Ben, Mariotta RB: McCaffrey, M. Mack, T. Cohen, J. Howard, J. Samuels, P. Barber, A. Peterson, G. Bernard WR: J. Landry, C. Ridley, T. Lockett, M. Brown, M. Goowdin, K. Stills TE: Z. Ertz, B. Watson
  9. QB: Mahommes, Murray RB: Barkley, Montgomery, Barber, D. Harris, A. Peterson, K. Hunt, J. Richard WR: Kupp, Boyd, Pettis, G. Tate, T. Williams, M. Goodwin TE: Ertz, C. Brate, I. Thomas
  10. 2nd one: QB: Wilson, Brady RB: Conner, Freeman, Jacobs, J. Samuels, P. Barber, Ballage, M. Brown WR: M. Thomas, C. Kupp, S. Watkins, Coutee, T. Williams, M. Goodwin TE: Ebron, J. Reed, RSJ
  11. Correct, I didnt know I was on the clock and Brees was autodrafted for me in the 10th (Could have had Barber or D. Harris). RB: Yeah having 3 only through 8 weeks is worrisome, but my lack of studs at WR had me keep going back WR. TE: I went early on your advice and am happy there. WR: 0 consistent scorers. only risky players. All in all. I am obviously fine at QB. Happy at TE. hopefully good at RB. Scary at WR.
  12. Got auto drafted twice, but thats my own fault: QB: Rodgers, Wentz, Brees RB: Bell (1.10), Gurley (2.03), Jacobs (3.10), Hunt WR: T. Hill, Lockett, Pettis, T. Williams, K. Stills, M. Brown, M. Goodwin, Z. Jones TE: E. Engram, Eifert, I. Thomas
  13. I made a big mistake, but am in middle of draft and will post shortly
  14. Where does coutee get taken usually? I really like him and want to get him before he usually is taken
  15. Yeah, it could be a change in offensive system, but maybe a Cowboys fan can chime in on if a new offensive scheme was put in place last year and may continue to this year.