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  1. same with my: gave Evans for Swift Got a little beat up on most saying I sold an elite asset for a hopeful great Rb.
  2. I am struggling with this as well in a league i desperately need a WR
  3. There are 3 really good QB prospects in draft (Lawrence, Fields, Lance). I would be excited about any of them. I also would love Dak in FA. Probably some more options, but thats off the top of my head.
  4. draft or FA. anyone is better than who would start this year.
  5. Curious why you are down on Mclauin. For the rest of this year I don't like Mclaurin at all since Kyle Allen hurts all fantasy options on his team. After, this year if they get a QB I like Mclaurin.
  6. I like Evans. He has been injured for weeks though so I wonder if he will deal with this the whole season. If so he would be TD dependent to start. If he gets over his injury he could be in line for a big rest of season.
  7. Other WRs are T. Hill, Juju, OBJ, Marquise Brown, KJ Hamler.
  8. good time to sell Lindsay. Gordon will take back over the majority of rushes in that backfield, IMO.
  9. That someone might be me. He was taken at 1.3 and has performed well even though he isn't getting the rushing attempts you would hope for. I have a plethora of WRs which also contributed, but I wasn't trying to lose big on value for that reason.
  10. 12 team ppr. Team A gave: M. Evans Team B gave: D. Swift
  11. This wouldn’t be close if I owned Dak in SF. Drake has not looked good this year so for me it’s Golladay for Dak. Dak was putting up stud numbers and I would expect the same when he returns next year.
  12. I had someone interested in my league as part of a package and I asked to sell individually and he never followed up.
  13. I added him in Dynasty to backup Dak. I used about 40% of my blind bidding dollars to get him. He looked really poised against KC and that spoke volumes to me as he is a rookie thrust into that start.