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  1. smbkrypt24

    Stephen A might be a bit off.

    I was describing this video to my brother and that is the exact comment I made. Nice clarification on thinking of V. Green and his huuuuuuge impact with the Chargers.
  2. smbkrypt24

    Stephen A might be a bit off.

    That is pretty incredible. I loved Bruschi's face after the Hunter Henry and Derrick Johnson mentions.
  3. I can only go on what is most likely to have occurred. I was surprised people were saying that it wouldn't have happened because the people in the stands would police that. However, this helped corroborate what most likely happened: From @Patriot_Jones @MikeOrganWriter @Jaguars @Titans @Tennessean This is 100% a lie. I was next to the fan in Sec 112 row A. I heard everything he said. He heckled him about LSU and the score. This is a lie created by LF to try to avoid league punishment. Mike, you can message me if you want to report the truth. @JohnReid64 This is 100% a lie. I was right next to the guy. He literally made the following statements “this ain’t LSU” and a sarcastic “welcome to Nashville”. Fournette came over and asked “how old are you” and fan said “I’m 30-9, that’s how old I am” @tnsports @MikeOrganWriter This is 100% not true. I literally was right next to the guy. He nor anyone else used a racial slur. LF was upset that he and the team were not playing well. Someone in the fans made those LSU comments and got LF with a zinger when LF responded. Then LF asked him to come down because everyone knows LF would apply a nice beat down on most fans in that stadium. While this is what most likely transpired IMO I also don't think its that bad on LF's part (not suspendible). Fans get the mob mentality going and think they are invincible. The problem is that LF is getting paid millions and he should be smarter about yelling to a guy that if he did come down and LF walloped, he would be facing suspension. There was no possible positive outcome for LF once he started yelling at this fan.
  4. smbkrypt24

    FanDuel Week 14

    Not a good week. 55 in 20 out in cash. won 1 4.44 ticket. On the bright side the 250 contest is this week.
  5. smbkrypt24

    Dynasty Kareem Hunt Kansas City

    Nice point. I better watch my back now as being part of that list could really hurt my social work career.
  6. smbkrypt24

    FanDuel Week 14

    QB seems to have a lot of good matchups and same with WR. The hard part for me is deciding to pay up for Kamara after some down weeks. Not sure he is worth it anymore. I also feel like high priced WRs burn me more than help me so not sure if I want to go cheap at RB and expensive at WR.
  7. smbkrypt24

    FanDuel Week 14

    I am bored so I mise well do my early look. QB: Rivers, Ben, Brees, Rodgers, Winston, Brady, L. Jackson RB: McCaffrey, Kamara, J. Jackson (I don't like his total carries though and snap count worries me), A. Jones, Ekeler, Ingram WR: K. Allen, D. Adams, M. Thomas, Evans, AB, JuJu, Conley (If Watkins sits), cheap GB WRs TE: not sure who I like here have J James now to get share of Pitt passing attack DEF: initial look had me with Arizona at home against Detroit.
  8. I watched the TMZ video and think he assaulted the lady. I don't care about all the downplay of the incident or that the lady should not have been there. He was responsible for his actions and chose to assault the lady instead of walk away. I watched his interview video and saw a remorseful man. I would have liked for him to personally apologize to the victim, but I was reading comments by the lady who conducted the interview and her reflection of the interview said she thought he was nervous. I thought he was remorseful and I think he deserves a second chance maybe next year or the year after.
  9. smbkrypt24

    FanDuel Week 13

    Total for this week: $99 cash in $101 cash out plus tickets. (8) 2.50 super satellite. (1) 4.44 nba (1) $44 nba (2) $250 wffc
  10. smbkrypt24

    FanDuel Week 13

    Nice job! My brother won 9 last week and I have been jealous, but I think I got 3 of them this week. All thanks to you and the strategy you posted about with overlay numbers. ETA: it was only 2 not 3
  11. smbkrypt24

    FanDuel Week 13

    I ended a 3-4 week losing streak. Will post numbers later when they transpire, but good week. Mahommes, Mcaffrey, conley, kelce, giants.
  12. smbkrypt24

    Return of the Mack...Marlon Mack, RB, Indy

    I am pretty sure I already saw that he was out this week against Jags.
  13. smbkrypt24

    Dynasty & Redraft: Tre’Quan Smith, WR NO

    Of course everyone cares. I was just curious if you saw something different in him then me. I thought for a rookie that was a pretty decent season.
  14. smbkrypt24

    Dynasty & Redraft: Tre’Quan Smith, WR NO

    disastrous for T. Smith or you?
  15. smbkrypt24

    2018-2019 NBA DFS

    same boat here.