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  1. Cooks was full participant and no injury designation on final practice report.
  2. Drew Peacocks thanks for coming in and telling your side of the story. It helps to clear the air on this topic. I wish this would happen more, oftentimes this board hears one side of a story and people jump to conclusions. My comment in the old thread was that I thought the team with 3 roster spots didn't know what he was doing. I also said given the facts is appeared strange on paper, but that dropping Ryan for Gallman was just adding the pickup for that week. I didn't say it in that thread, but I don't view Ryan as some world beater. I think Gallman in a one QB league was more valuable short term. Those that overreacted are probably feeling some regret right now.
  3. my response could also be used in the future....Target TEs against Cardinals and Colts
  4. I appreciate your in-depth response. I want to add the Colts dont seem to guard the TE as well. That would make Waller a good choice this week.
  5. . updates above were more updated
  6. never mind, he just sent an email that he won't play since they took his guarantees away. --Jeff Darlington
  7. This is exactly what I took from his quote. I think that someone didn't understand what AB was saying and took it as he requests a release.
  8. How many player draft? Those are usually just 1 week drafts. The smaller player drafts taking a QB earlier isn't so bad.
  9. 12 team PPR. Dynasty. Pick 6. QB: R. Wilson RB: M. Mack WR: T. Hill, OBJ, M. Evans TE: K. Rudolph 12 team PPR. Redraft. Pick 10. QB: Wentz RB: Gurley, Mack WR: Hopkins, Cooks TE: Ebron
  10. 9 slot. QB: A. Rodgers (8.4), A. Luck (9.9) RB: J. Conner (2.4), M. Mack (3.9), T. Cohen (7.9), D. Harris (11.9), K. Hunt (12.4), J. McKinnon (17.9) WR: J. Jones (1.9), K. Allen (4.4), C. Kupp (5.9), A. Green (6.4), T. Willams (10.4), G. Tate (13.9), Z. Jones (18.4) TE: D. Goedert (14.4), T. Eifert (15.9), G. Everett (16.4)
  11. 3 slot. QB: B. Roethlisberger (11.3), A. Dalton (16.10) RB: S. Barkley (1.3), D. Williams (2.10), M. Ingram (4.10), D. Henderson (9.3), D. Harris (12.10), M. Davis (17.3), A. Morris (18.10) WR: C. Kupp (5.3), W. Fuller (6.10), S. Watkins (7.3), M. Jones (8.10), T. Williams (10.10), G. Tate (13.3), M. Brown (15.3) TE: G. Kittle (3.3), T. Eifert (14.10) I like my QB position. RBs are very solid. WRs are pretty thin starting 3. I would normally like Kupp as WR2 or WR3. Fuller seems like good best ball player, but not consistent. Watkins can't be trusted, but maybe he gives me a couple solid weeks. The rest of the players are all solid WRs that I love drafting late. TE position is solid 2 slot. QB: A. Luck (8.11), L. Jackson (10.11) RB: S. Barkley (1.2), S. Michel (4.11), D. Guice (7.2), K. Hunt (11.2), A. Mattison (13.2), M. Brown (17.2), J. Williams (18.11) WR: A. Brown (2.11), A. Theilen (3.2), C. Kupp (5.2), T. Williams (9.2), G. Tate (12.10), K. Stills (14.2), M. Goodwin (16.11) TE: E. Engram (6.11), J. Doyle (14.11) QBs I went earlier than I normal go, but with Luck's calf I wanted another high upside QB RBs I like my first 3 pretty well and after that it will take an injury to see any major producers in Hunt/Mattison/Brown/Williams WRs very nice group here. My first 3 are studs. The rest are players I love taking in those rounds (Williams/Tate/Stills/Goodwin) TE: Engram fell too far so I scooped him up and wanted a solid backup with Doyle.
  12. Sony/Curtis/Kyler side all day. Really not close for me.
  13. Thank you for your opinion. I really have a ranking list and try to take who falls to me. Guice I must have earlier than 50% of the rest of the people so I am happy taking him where I do. QB I have never been concerned with, but sometimes QBs fall to far in my rankings.