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  1. I agree with doing this exercise by removing those reaches. The one I think of is Dorsett. As a Colt fan this came out of nowhere and feel he was overdrafted. I think the issue would be that doing this exercise would assume the fantasy community knows better than NFL teams.
  2. the exact same source quoted taylor 1 month apart in the 4.3s and 4.4s. I would say that source is officially throwing **** at the wall. Did this source obtain a 40 yard time 1 mont after writing that article or do they just write to appease an audience?
  3. I think you are mistaken. A couple sources have him running in the 4.40s, 8 months ago.
  4. I honestly don't know which side is not even. I love Mack though and devalue QB's so my guess would be that people are upset that Mahommes was a steal?
  5. I noticed this last year with the voting. I agree there shouldn't be so much variance in non TE positions, really not sure why it continues to be that way.
  6. I think its only right since he actually is in the game. For the record I voted Mahommes, but it was close between him and Jackson.
  7. Don't take my argument as an insult. I am a Colts fan and would be bothered by the pick. No one knows what many of the picks will be, but I love the time and effort you put into this thread! It is easy for me to nitpick your draft apart, it is much harder to put a draft together. Thanks again!
  8. I hope the Colts don't take Love that high. With Ballard at the helm I doubt that is the pick. He seems to maximize value and I would think that is a reach for Love. Maybe it is too early and Love will rise, but for me that would be a bad pick.
  9. I think I know where you are going with this. Peyton sat out a lot at end of each season after wrapping up division/#1 seed/playoff birth while CMC's team doesn't seem to make playoffs much. For fantasy the answer is CMC. He is a stud. Peyton was very good for lots of years, but there would be that fear he wouldn't play at end of year.
  10. I see you ignored the other part of my question but here is the quote as to why he was there: Saying it was against building policy, a Mercedes-Benz Superdome police officer was telling LSU football players to extinguish their victory cigars Monday night in the jubilant locker room minutes after winning the national championship when he felt LSU alum and NFL pro Odell Beckham Jr. slap him on the backside.
  11. This whole comment is off base. It doesn't matter if he is a police officer. OBJ slapped him on the butt (I am not for filing assault charges for the record, that is way extreme). There can be speculation as to why he was in the locker room, but my guess would be that he came in to stop the players from smoking since that is not allowed. As to the bolded why does that have anything to do with this. Can 70 year old 5 foot people not be security guards or police officers? Are 70 year old and 5 foot people asking to be slapped on the butt? What are you getting at with the last part?
  12. Thanks for the rankings Zyphros. I hadn't see Higgins up as high as you had him so I went back and took a look. From the game film I watched he seemed to move very fluid as WR, good footwork, excellent body control and catch point. I really didn't like his speed and noticed a lot of times when he was burning corners it was against inferior comp so I wonder if that will translate to NFL. Shenault seems to have amazing balance and good vision. I never usually note this for WR, but he makes cuts and gets the most out of screens and catches. I have a hard time evaluating smaller school prospects so for that I defer a lot to the experts/drop a player some to account for this. Any rebuttal to defend? I only say this because he is in God tier which as you put it is Saquon tier.