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  1. Ask CBS... probably the best answer
  2. I'd be interested at seeing the league page, activity and chat etc... I prefer the deep roster size (30) and I already have a pre-NFL drafting league and I love it! Is this on MFL? I can give more info about my experience and I also commish a few leagues too.
  3. I sent a PM regarding the No Remorse League...if its' still open, let me know ASAP - Thanks
  4. I'm the fact it's a league with experienced owners and the league has been around a long time. The team is in decent shape since most orphans have been stripped down and picks traded away etc...making the first year even harder on a new owner. I see activity and chat among the owners which is great sign as well. I commish a league for 8 years and my 'alpha' dyno league has been around for 10 years as well. BTW - I loved Bill Walsh! I'm a hug Steelers fan and Niners were my 'NFC' team (hate Dallas). I'm a huge NFL Draft guy and watching Walsh draft/trade etc was a thing of beauty. Any info you need or questions about me as an owner, I'm happy to answer...Thanks
  5. Most important in your search for a new league is to find a good commish. Sounds like this guy has his ##### together...
  6. Peeked my curiosity...I am an experienced owner in 8-9 leagues. I commished 2 leagues on CBS until last year and then switched to MFL. I'm not an active poster on FBG but I am an avid reader of the content, particularly Bloom and Waldman. I've spent most of my Dynasty time on 2 private boards and DLF. I have some references if you need and I can send links to some of my leagues so you get an idea of what 'type' of leagues I participate in. But, before all that...a few questions? The League Rules? WRs - Is that Julio Jones, Allen Robinson? What is trade activity like? 5-10 during regular season? Decent trade activity during draft/trade deadline? Like I said, peeked my interest because you have an experienced group...the lack of his own draft picks in round 1 in this year and next plus his awful RB and even worse, TE's are a tough pill to swallow. The first 2 years ($30 and $60) are a donation of sorts!