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  1. Zyphros

    ZWK's 2019 Prospect Analysis

    Interesting to see Josh Jacobs so low. I haven't watched any of him yet so I'm saying this relatively unknown about him, but are people just trying to find something that isn't there? I see lots of hype around him right now, probably only going to grow, but I wonder if people are hyping him up just because there is no other, or if he really is that good in peoples minds. Seems like a Bishop Sankey effect.
  2. Easier to do on mobile, I haven't found a way on desktop actually. But on mobile it's still a chore to find. you have to go to a specific team, like you're viewing their roster, scroll all the way to bottom (past the draft picks) and there you'll find "commissioner tools". The other place is in the league settings then "commissioner control" but that's just for lineups and scores.
  3. Haven't really gone through the RB's yet, but 2 minutes watching him I say he's a laterally quick Jay Ajayi. Not a bad first impression I'd say.
  4. I don't even have Metcalf in the top5 right now based purely on talent. I think he's a pretty similar guy to Christine Michael. His measurables will make people drool at what could have been, but he hasn't shown really anything (partially due to the small sample like you said) on the field that I've seen to be worthy of being considered in the top5 of the WR group. Absolutely agree his ceiling is super high, but his floor is below the basement too. I don't get the argument for him being #1 at all, makes no sense. I think the position drills and interviews at the combine will tell a lot about him because that requires fast twitch muscles and quick thinking rather than just getting by with his athleticism. Love me some Harry though.
  5. I haven't really requested anything as an update, just a "how do I use this feature" type of thing for commissioner questions or that sort of thing. I know my co-commissioner asked them for that same resizing of the center panel thing, but they're more geared towards mobile, and that isn't an issue there. He also requested a "league board" of sorts that shows all rosters/picks in one place rather than clicking each team individually. If the scoring system was a little more comprehensive that actually had something to follow, I wouldn't be using any other site. I hate MFL but forced to use it because we have IDP in that league. I highly recommend it.
  6. I just moved one of my leagues over to Sleeperbot this past year, kind of used 2018 as a trial and it worked pretty much as smoothly as possible. The only thing I don't particularly like is how they list the free agent pool, it's more in a "trending" or "not trending" list than actual stats, and the stats themselves aren't very easily sorted but the site is great for everything else as long as scoring isn't something you need super customized. I haven't looked into it too much since my leagues are pretty standard, but the site is easy as all can be for a simple scoring dynasty league. They're usually really quick to help if you send in something for support as well. At least the 2x I had to do that over the course of our league year. Renewing it was easy as well. Similar to MFL in that it opens a new 2019 league page. More accessible than MFL though. I love the platform honestly I just wish they made it a little more detailed. The live scoring isn't very interactive and kind of a let down, and the stats page isn't the best either but it's worked great. It's almost easier to use as a commissioner on mobile than it is desktop.
  7. Finished my initial evals of 12 WR's: *not in any particular order* DK Metcalf, AJ Brown, Kelvin Harmon, N'Keal Harry, Preston Williams, Hakeem Butler, Deebo Samuel, Marquise Brown, Anthony Ratliff-Williams, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Parris Campbell, and Cody Thompson. Any other super important names I need to watch before I solidify a top12? I'm talking about names that could be considered a 1st round rookie pick.
  8. I don't hate Metcalf, but the amount of times he pushes off worries me. I don't know how he got away with some of those in college, and maybe he can get away with it in the pro's but a lot of his catches scream offensive PI.
  9. Zyphros

    **** CLEVELAND BROWNS THREAD **** I've watched this clip about 50x since it happened and it's still the best thing I've ever seen on the internet, didn't know where else to put it other than here and didn't want to make a new thread.
  10. Highlight clip: My favorite play of his vs ECU, play starts at 1:16:
  11. Meet one of my favorite WR's in the draft Anthony Ratliff-Williams He's played WR for only 3 years in Chapel Hill, improved dramatically from 2017 til now. He's likely to test well as an athlete, and if he shows the improvement he did up until now watch out. He looks the part, but there's not a whole lot of technique to him yet which makes me think he's a 3rd rounder at best. But on the good side, he's tough, strong and fast, things that teams tend to look for. I for one am pretty excited about him. I should hate him because he went to a rival high school of mine, but he's impressed me.
  12. Right now I have him around ADP 60, but that's without the rookie class coming in. Depends on how you view the 2019 class I think, I haven't looked too far into the 2019 class yet so I'm not so sure of the depth, but I'd imagine I have somewhere between 5-8 players ahead of Gallup in terms of ADP. I'd say late 1st MIGHT get it done if you trade him, but that's where I drafted him in multiple leagues so I don't I would do that personally.
  13. Beasley and Tavon are both free agents, and depending on who they re-sign/add to that WR room, Gallup might even be a buy low right now cause nobody is talking about him.
  14. Not involved in either of these but both in separate FFPC leagues 2020 1st and 2nd for Jarvis Landry picks could literally be anywhere but it was by the 1.01 this year, has a decent team, likely not playoff caliber though so 1.01 - 1.08 Nuk for David Johnson and Thielen
  15. Oh that's nice I'm wrong on that because you say so. I've watched most, if not all Steelers games the past 15 years, he's a body catcher. But being that isn't a death sentence like some think. Kelvin Benjamin isn't even close to the poster boy for that either. He high points the ball one hell of a lot. I'm done with this "body catching" discussion.