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  1. What makes you say Yeldon isn't good? Obviously the interest has been low up until now and we don't know where he'll land so that's not a good sign, but every time Fournette has been out, Yeldon's filled in nicely, and he had good games when he was the feature back as well. He's no different than Damien Williams who was a career backup until now and all of a sudden he's a 3rd round startup pick (30.3 in FFPC leagues). His ranking hinges on him signing somewhere good, which the odds are probably low I'll admit, but he could be a 70%+ workload RB somewhere, a lot of guys don't have that potential. I know I didn't list the RB's after tier 5, but its filled with bad COP backs, or minimal touches guys, or dark horse rookie picks. Dion Lewis, Gio Bernard, Ito Smith, Ronald Jones, Elijah McGuire to name a few. You'd rather have those guys ahead of Yeldon? The highest rated rookie I have in Tier 5 is Parris Campbell. I have him at #13 overall on my rookie board (I've updated a little since my last rookie post). That equates to an early 2nd depending on league size. And you slowly work your way down that tier and price drops. The last rookie in the dynasty rankings in that tier being JJ Arcega-Whiteside, #19 overall on my rookie board (actually Preston Williams but I have him higher on my rookie board for personal reasons). Both of who I'd likely take ahead of Yeldon. The RB landscape as a whole sucks after halfway through tier4 where I start calling some shots. So with these rankings I'm saying I'd take a chance on Yeldon for a rookie pick after #19. Yeldon is just one of those dart throws I'd rather take a chance on than a late 2nd early 3rd round rookie pick RB in a bad class. Once he signs somewhere we'll know more but for now I'm being optimistic.
  2. I don't see super quickness from Brown here, and if he does add weight I worry that he turns into more of a 1 trick pony. He can run routes right now but can he hold up at 166, or can he bulk up a little and keep the suddenness he does have. I think it's due to his weight though, not his natural ability to be quick.
  3. Saw a mock that had him in Houston and I thought that would be an amazing landing spot
  4. The Eagles have been heavily linked to every free agent RB so far. Not a good sign. He's a cut on one of my FFPC teams. I was hopeful for him but that situation in general isn't that appealing with Pederson wanting a RBBC.
  5. I'll have to add him back into the ranking with him being 29 when season begins, I was thinking he was 31 or something. Brain fart. I don't see his value increasing over the rest of his career though so he'll be low. Right ahead of AJ Green in tier4. Jeffery is another I left off because I want nothing to do with him but he's about the same age. I'm keeping him off but Thielen deserves to be added.
  6. He also was stuffed a lot with that defense keying on him and he showed good pass protection skills in that game. Watching Sanders a lot I learned that McSorley is more athlete than QB and he'd rather take off running. And yet they only gave Sanders 13 carries because McSorley wanted to tuck and run more often, he took off 19 times rather than hand it off to Sanders (most of those were RPO's). It throws some caution to Sanders for sure but he went 13/51 which isn't bad on limited touches he just never popped off the long one. But then again Sanders doesn't really make any of ZWK's lists for efficiency marks, or explosive runs which adds to that concern that he just can't. The hype around him is he looked so good in drills at the combine, but that doesn't necessarily translate to the field. I had him high before the combine partially because I liked what I saw and his size projects to an above average workload, so he didn't move a whole lot for me (moved from RB4 pre combine to RB3 post combine).
  7. Only way you don't get him at 1.02 is if I'm in your league and I have 1.01. Considering the only league I have the 1.01 in, I also have the 1.02, I think you're safe.
  8. Never said Henderson was a favorite of mine, probably ZWK yeah. He's not as big on Sanders mostly due to production and fumbles I think are the reasons. Production can be explained away a bit though (Barkley). I'm starting to grow on Henderson a bit though ever since someone mentioned DeAngelo Williams as a comp. Kind of showed me a new perspective of his game.
  9. I know I wouldn't pay anywhere close to that price for AB anymore, seems like they're doing a great job. I like both returns a lot.
  10. I don't like the Chicago landing spot like some do, I'd rather see him in Tampa or Atlanta. Everyone is sleeping on Atlanta but Freeman is 27 I think with injury history, and then they only have Ito Smith behind him now. That's the spot I want for my favorite RB, which this year is Miles Sanders. Wouldn't mind Ozigbo or Jalin Moore there either though, but nobody else. Chicago seems doomed to be stuck in the middle of identity crisis with their current talent, makes it much more uncertain in my mind.
  11. Just been cruising on his twitter a little here's another that made me love him even more
  12. Here's some fluff for everyone since nobody cares to talk about AJ Brown.
  13. Yup, he's actually back to back with Montgomery for me at the moment at 8 and 9 overall.
  14. Henry is probably a decent pass catcher, I just refuse to give him credit. It's a very irrational ranking honestly. I simply have no dynasty faith in Henry. He's lower on my list but I see his value. I'm sure he has his fans but I imagine he's a guy that people want cheaper than what other rankers might have him at. Either way he wont be on my teams, and if he were I imagine it would difficult to find a person who is favorable to him. I wouldn't trade Henry for Yeldon straight up either, but at least I see hope in Yeldon who has filled in relatively well when Fournette has been out. First 8 weeks of 2018 he averaged 16.88 points per game in FFPC, then bye week 9 and Fournette was back. I believe he can at least be a good back in a tandem backfield, with the chance to be more.
  15. I'm willing to guarantee that Fant and Hockenson don't both go consensus top5 in FFPC leagues