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  1. I'll pay a 1st haha. He's an easy candidate to make the team, no question here. Can ya'll shutup for like 2 days before my pick soon though so this doesn't get the attention. I want 100% exposure and this is my last draft.
  2. During our rookie draft we had a lot of action here is the results of that, at least so far. 10 team 2QB 3WR 3RB 2TE 1flex .5ppr I traded Tarik Cohen for 1.08 (Took AJ Brown) Arob got traded for 1.10 straight up (1.10 was DK Metcalf) 3.03 and a 2020 2nd for 2.07 (2.07 was Parris Campbell) 3.02 and 4.03 got traded for Ito Smith and a 2020 4th (3.02 was JJ Arcega Whiteside) 2020 2nd traded for DT and Lockett 3.05 for Justin Jackson and DJ Chark (3.05 was Hakeem Butler) I traded Jordan Howard for 3.09 and 2020 3rd (I took Kahale Warring) 4.03 was traded for John Ross (4.03 was Diontae Johnson)
  3. 10 team 2QB 3WR 2RB 2TE 2flex spots .5ppr Team A got: Julio Jones Team B got: Chris Godwin, Dante Pettis, 2020 2nd Team B is by far the worst team in the league, he took the team over a few months back. This league is the type that everyone complains after a deal is done "I would of paid more" or "I would have wanted more" but is dead silent when it comes to trying to talk trades. Not a very active league.
  4. with 3RB and 5WR along with 2 flex spots, the TE (at least to me) is devalued, along with IDP who generally score the same as TE's that aren't elite. I own OJ Howard and Ertz already, I don't believe in Njoku as much as I use to, I also own Conner as well. All those things made me think this is definitely worthy.
  5. Disagree with Barber, we've seen what he does with a "full" workload when everyone else behind him sucks. His ceiling is what he did last year, 871/5 along with his pass catching 20/92/1. You may not like him (neither do I) but Ronald Jones is very likely to get more work than he did last year, at least he's an unknown with a high ceiling with a big "IF" he hits. He still might suck as well, but Barber is far from good. I like the rest of the list otherwise and have targeted a few myself. Mostly Moncrief, Reed and Lockett.
  6. I did this deal about a week ago, just did another one to get Jaylen 10 team 1QB 3RB 5WR 2TE plus 2 flex spots (1 being superflex), also full IDP. I gave up Njoku, I got Jaylen Samuels and a 2020 2nd (I'm guessing early, but mid at worst)
  7. Hilton by a mile, always undervalued. I probably go Andrews and Dede.
  8. Someone bailed on Guice right after the injury update about his hamstring Team A got: Guice Team B got: 2021 1st (probably late)
  9. I wouldn't mind an extended season. Honestly makes 0 difference to me. I'm more into the fantasy aspect of the NFL than real football though. From a real football standpoint, I don't like the 16 game max, and would rather see 2 bye weeks if that would work for scheduling. Seems to make way more sense and it would be a way to appeal to the NFLPA. 16 game max just seems like a cop out "fancy" type of rule that just doesn't need to be there.
  10. He and Jaylen Samuels seem like the answer to me. I've never been a fan of Washington. I use to believe in Moncrief, but that ship seems to have sailed as a true #2 as well. That leaves Vance, who has stepped up in the past, and Samuels who is looking like a key offensive piece.
  11. Straight up I take Dak > Jimmy Garopp's. I like both long term though. Garopp takes over for Brady/Ben/Brees and is a top15 dynasty QB in his own right.
  12. I don't play redraft at all anymore, but I imagine myself leaning AB, Evans or JuJu. Probably JuJu though. High powered offense and he's going to get peppered with opportunity, probably more than he should with a overall bad WR group behind him. After those 2, I think I go AB, Hilton, Cooper, Keenan, AJ Green in that order.
  13. Personally I saw enough from Ito last year to say he's RBBC at best. I'd rather take a chance on a guy like Brian Hill in that offense cause he's due for a larger workload IF he pans out and IF Freeman were to go down. Ito Smith isn't the type of guy I'd want to buy.
  14. Well I just bought Jaylen Samuels for what should be a late 2020 2nd in an FFPC league.