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  1. I'm going to be putting together multiple rookie QB lineups this week for GPP plays. Some Mayfield, some Rosen, some Allen. Lowly owned very likely along with their skill position guys and if it hits, that'll be the winning combo. I hope.
  2. I've sent multiple offers out to trade him away for guys like Penny, Chubb, Guice where I'm RB needy for the future. I was dumb enough to believe in him but never again. Better learn it late than never right?
  3. I didn't diversify my picks so I'm out. Took the Jags in all 3 of my survivor leagues. I'll still update the thread title each week though.
  4. I heard he came in with a little left, hopefully he looked good. Looking forward to see what he can do. Sidenote, we have every other rookie QB starting pretty much (other than Lamar who will never start), so lets roll out Rosen and watch him play.
  5. I went Jag's happily, but not like that's any easier on my nerves. So much for the "lock" of the week ha
  6. FFPC seems like a no brainer for Engram to me. I'm also on the Keelan Cole bandwagon. For a dynasty trade, I think it's a super easy choice considering Sanders' age and Cooper constantly failing to live up to expectations. Don't get me wrong I like Cooper enough but I think it's wise to sell him honestly and Engram is likely to outscore him in that format I'd imagine.
  7. Totally fair to criticize a couple plays that he didn't perform in. That's part of him being a rookie to me. Not sure if you watched hard knocks but you can see Landry taking him aside and going over some routes with him saying he eased up in a couple areas that he could of been open for a little more. The reason Callaway is a great add to your roster is because he was open pretty much at will when his route isn't an intricate one. That's the thing though, is he needs to figure out how to get open more often in the short/intermediate rather than just deep. There were a couple other plays called for him as a deep shot as well that Baker just didn't have time to let develop, you can see him pump it and then he gets flushed from the pocket (totally assuming that Callaway would of been the target here), but they're trying to use him a lot which is also a good sign.
  8. I'll easily take the 1sts. Although even I will admit Cook is better than Freeman. Barely.
  9. Oh I watched, as my 20 posts in this thread alone following the pandemonium in this game, and he did well once they could pass. But Chubb is a boss.
  10. First step out of the way. 1. Play Baker Mayfield now to get the next 2 steps going 2. Fire Hue 3. Start Chubb
  11. Oh Browns, bringing everyone closer to world peace with this win. Everyone was rooting for you. Good on you. Now don't screw it up in the last minute here...
  12. Well in practice if you touch the QB you get put on the practice squad so of course Tyrod is going to look pretty good.
  13. Damnit Callaway, that was your chance
  14. We're talking Landry on the 2-pt throw. ETA: At least that's what I thought we were talking about
  15. Better throw than any Tyrod made