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  1. Well, it's official that Rosen sucks and isn't the future. I'm ready to write that part off. I'm also super disappointed in the Unicorn today as he barely showed up. At this point I'm just looking for growth during the year and he'll be stashed everywhere for my teams. I won't cut him, probably ever. But my patience is thin after today. Maybe I just expected too much with Rosen (cause I still believed in him) and Preston to assert himself, but it just isn't happening.
  2. How likely do you think he hits that 100/2TD? In cash you basically need 15 points for him to work out. That's roughly 90 yds and a TD. Not factoring in pass catching which I assume Henderson does more of? I'm not so sure about that floor. It could be there for sure, like you mentioned the matchups have been nice, but the floor seems rather low for cash games, even at his price point. Seems like an ideal GPP play, but I bet his ownership will be high.
  3. I don't see Brown being useful in cash. Especially on DK. That matchup is tough as can be and McVay already said he's going to get Henderson involved this week. We will see how that actually shakes out. Murray seems ok but risky cause that offense could sputter against a good defense. Edmonds would be good if DJ doesn't play, but it looks like he will give it a go. Good luck guessing that backfield split when DJ is still playing, although injured. Also I just love how Kupp is "included" now, it's crazy funny to me
  4. Had Kamara and DJ in a lot of my cash lineups. It made me a bit nervous with a lot of questionable things going on in the week so I subbed them out. Lineup turned into this: Deshaun Cook, Ingram, Bell Fitz, Pringle, Preston Williams Hooper Broncos
  5. Stacks I'm using this week in some fashion. Mostly GPP idea's with quick run backs. Baker/Landry/OBJ/Lockett *Thought about a pivot from this into Landry/Chubb instead of OBJ as well just haven't filled a lineup yet Minshew/Chark/Westbrook/MThomas/Kamara *With Kamara possibly out I'll have to figure this out a little more Watson/Hopkins/Pringle (might want to move to Hill and Keke here as well instead of Pringle) Mahomes/Kelce/Robinson/Hopkins Kyler/DJ/Fitz/Sanu/Hooper
  6. He's my GPP TE of choice this week. Surprisingly he's 6k though, which makes him a bit expensive for what might be a dud. My other GPP option TE's are Akins or Sprinkle and it saves 1400 or 1500, depending on who you go with.
  7. Turned the game on and it's only 7-0?? Shouldn't it be 24-3 by now?
  8. I don't think the expectation is super high on his return, I think it's more of a feeling of a true QB behind the helm. That can help a lot. Luke Falk is arguably one of the worst options in the entire league as a backup, since there's quite a few backup QB's that have come into games already this year. The second Darnold gets back into action, there's at least total control over what's going on. I have to assume they'll at least be more efficient of an offense with their actual starter playing. They at least have a much better chance to keep the game close than if Falk were in. I get the skepticism for Bell and I think the concerns are valid, but I'm chasing that volume on what I'm hoping Darnold can make it a close enough game so the high volume turns into something.
  9. In the NFL you mean I assume? As of now there's probably 4-5 that seem like early favorites. What's going to happen is 3-6 more dark horses show up and they'll creep into the conversation and 2-4 of them won't declare. Some might get injured and value plummets, along with it being what seems to be a deep draft at RB, that might slip more players down as well. I haven't done my 2020 research a whole lot yet, but I'm comfortable saying there's going to be at least 5 in the first 3 rounds.
  10. If I change the title of the thread back to what it was originally will that convince you? "Preston Williams Best WR in the Draft" or was it "Preston Williams Most Talented WR in the Draft"? I can't remember. Anyways, Rosen and Unicorn are best buds, his snaps have continually risen, and they realize right now that they need to see what the offense can do. It's time to test the waters in a cakewalk matchup. They know who Parker is, and I'd be willing to bet he has an above average game, but they need more playing time out of Preston and they're about to get it.
  11. This is the week to play him everyone. The worst NFL matchup in the history of the league, here comes Preston Williams
  12. Yeah that's what I noticed building a lineup this morning too. Lev is so cheap and volume is easily there, along with Darnold back he'll be the chalkiest RB this week I imagine. Lots of easy targets to find in the mid tier WR range and you can still pay up everywhere else. I like building on Fanduel more as it's easier with their pricing, but that also makes me question it more because everyone's lineup "looks" good. It's hard to make a lineup that looks questionable. Anyways my first look at it all this is the lineup I came up with for cash. Watson Lev Bell, Kamara, Ingram Diggs, Boyd, Fitzgerald Hooper (ARI D thank you) Broncos The only question I have is Boyd but they figure to be down, throw a lot and he is the #1 there but I have told myself that before and it hasn't worked out. I'll have to dive into some numbers there to see about Cincinnati. They play at Baltimore so I like it more than if they were at home. Ingram is the opposite where they're home, should control the game, it's just an easy projection of gamescript, but those can go wrong. He seems safe enough though.
  13. First look at a cash lineup has me questioning everything. Maybe it's cause I'm a day later than normal or I'm just feeling uncomfortable with this overall as I'm barely breaking even each week. Usually losing cash, and somehow pulling off some tourney's. Anyways, onto the cash lineup that is very questionable. Minshew Kamara, Ingram, DJ (If healthy, easy pivot will be to Edmunds and I'd feel a lot better about the rest of this) Amari, Diggs, Preston Williams (yeah I know I'm excited too but he's probably more GPP play) Sprinkle Broncos I was playing with RB for a while trying to see if the play was to pay up or pay down, this is the best I came up with on first look. The other option I found seemed ok was subbing Hyde in there somewhere and upgrading QB and TE around that. Alternative was Hyde for DJ, Hooper for Sprinkle and keep Minshew with $900 to play with. I don't really like any QB's with that $900 upgrade.
  14. Miami plays Washington this week. There goes the plan of taking the team that plays either one. First thought just looking at the games, might go with Ravens (vs Bengals), Falcons (vs Cardinals), or Cowboys (vs Jets).
  15. Hope everyone had McCaffrey lol