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  1. I'd easily take Mack and put the other 3 out to pasture where they belong.
  2. Zyphros

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    For me I think he's still firmly in the top12. Nobody this year really made their case to jump up ahead of him, so the WR1's are pretty much unchanged. I wouldn't say he's "elite" but he's a #1 WR for a dynasty team still. OBJ, Nuk, Michael Thomas, Hill might be the only ones I'd rank ahead of him in a startup. Which leaves him fighting with Evans, Diggs, Thielen, Adams, JuJu, AB, Julio, Green, for that 2nd tier I'd say. Personally I'd take Allen over most, if not all, of those guys in a startup.
  3. Zyphros

    Draftkings Week 11

    Similar to the FD one I posted but my first thought on cash for Sunday. Eli Zeke, Barkley, DJ Agholor, Corey Davis, Moncrief RSJ Bengals I have Dion in another one right now which like you said allows you to spend more at WR, just not sure how I feel about it yet. Or which I'd rather go with. So I'm posting the one that differs a little. I wouldn't touch Jacksonville Defense in cash though. Steelers are surging and they have weapons galore, not a recipe for good production.
  4. Zyphros

    Dynasty & Redraft: Josh Adams RB, PHI

    Depends entirely on what Adams does for the rest of the year. If he cements himself as a 50% or more share of the workload, then I think they might just be content going into 2019 and maybe add a 5th rounder to the backfield or something minimal. Nobody is scared of having Clement or Smallwood infront of them on the depth chart, but Adams might just be a contender to lead the backfield in the future IF he proves something these next couple weeks.
  5. I assume you mean 1.10 and 2.10 with him being in 1st place. If so I think it makes sense for both teams, but it feels light for MT. I traded Davis/1st earlier in the year for Julio and MT is what 4-5 years younger?
  6. Zyphros

    FanDuel Week 11

    First glance for cash Am I crazy for thinking Eli Manning is a cash option? O-line looked a little better this week, and they get Tampa. At 6700 seems like an obvious choice but I honestly think I'm crazy. For RB's I'm looking at any of the top10 RB's but my favorites at first glance are Gurley (If you're going through the Monday slate), Zeke, and DJ. Otherwise I think this is the week to play Dion Lewis. If you really want to save, Josh Adams is the play, but that's a GPP play, Smallwood might be the cash option, still risky though. Assuming you pay for RB (which is what I've done all year long, and I don't plan on changing that), the WR's I like to save a bit: Woods will be 70% or more owned I'm betting, JuJu, Reynolds as a cheap option, Tyreek Hill, Calvin Ridley, Tyrell Williams, Corey Davis (yes again), Devin Funchess. Then depending on where you spend you can possibly fit in Kelce or Ertz if you want, otherwise I really like RSJ this week as a cheap option. Here is my first attempt to fill out a cash lineup Eli Manning Zeke, DJ Michael Thomas, Funchess, Reynolds Kelce Dion Lewis Bengals (as a placeholder if Flacco can't go) otherwise I'll have to fiddle some more. Still leaves me with $500. But overall I like the look of it so far.
  7. Zyphros

    FanDuel Week 10

    Back to being successful in cash. $10 in $18.40 out, pay for lunch or something during the week who knows what I'll splurge on. Also put $1 into a squib, and cashed with $2 WOOHOO!!!! Feels good to be back on track after screwing the pooch last week and losing all my lineups.
  8. Zyphros

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    I totally agree I'm just trying to figure out where the "bold ranker" would put those types of guys.
  9. Zyphros

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    That's probably near consensus but would it be completely outlandish if someone had a Jones/Mack type ahead of them?
  10. Zyphros

    Dynasty & Redraft: Josh Adams RB, PHI

    I was on him early too. Pretty sure I had him as a top10 RB before the draft, and I don't even remember the foot thing though which isn't a good sign for my memory ha. Was surprised he went un-drafted. I think people overstated the ND o-line a bit which was one reason he wasn't seen as a top RB, and then I guess the foot contributed to his slide as well. Either way I'm glad he's going to get more work and that I have stashed in a few places.
  11. Time to go make a similar offer in my FFPC for Conner
  12. Zyphros

    Dynasty & Redraft: Josh Adams RB, PHI

    The dude runs like Demarco Murray. He's like a clone. Everyone just passed him by during the draft process because the Notre Dame O-line was so good, but he can clearly play. It makes no sense why they trot out Smallwood, a guy who was on the roster bubble in preseason, or Clement who is the definition of a backup RB by now. Give the man a chance.
  13. Zyphros

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    Can we talk Mixon for a minute? He's so talented, but that offense doesn't run through him. And even when it does on the odd occasion, he doesn't really do anything super special with that opportunity. There has been no "coming out" party or anything but he's been rather consistent. His biggest game was Tampa but that was shootout and a bad team so we expect him to do really well. But I feel like he didn't announce his presence to the league or anything with any of his performances to date. Now to pivot a little to other RB's like Marlon Mack, Aaron Jones, Nick Chubb, Kerryon Johnson and possibly Rashaad Penny after last night, all who I feel like have had that breakout performance. And the question I have is, is it outrageous to possibly prefer any one of those to Mixon. It's not like Mixon has been bad at all, he's been really good, but I feel like he carries more value from name purposes rather than usage. I mentioned it at the top of this page, but any RB after the top8 or so could be listed in almost any order, but with recent breakout's by these 1st or 2nd year guys, do they get the nod vs guys like Mixon. The only guarantee's I see are Barkley, Gurley, Kamara, Hunt, Zeke, McCaffrey, Gordon, and maybe Conner? Other than that I could see someone being a little bold and put Mack > Fournette or something.
  14. They very well could have made the plays easier to read for him as well. You don't know the play calls and read progression so maybe they're simplifying things a bit and it's working. Either way I think you have to be encouraged by what he did today, but most people will be a little wary.
  15. I think he's pretty safe as a WR2 *IN GOOD MATCHUPS*. Otherwise I'd be comfortable as a WR3 in most formats. Mariota and that offense has looked really good now that he seems to be healthy and the coaches have settled in a bit with their first season. Same with Davis. I'm not really worried about him anymore.