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  1. He's making John Brown slowly irrelevant though. He was always the bigger better version of John Brown. I said that months ago in this very thread. John Browns snap count was 81, 56, and now 29 this past week. Mostly due to injury but it's not like Davis is showing poorly. When Brown comes back I have to imagine that it's relatively even or in Davis' favor. He hasn't shown anything to suggest he'll take a backseat (mental errors, rookie mistakes, those sort of things). Davis is showing out and becoming the 1b to Diggs' 1a. The Thielen to Diggs that is making Josh Allen play better all around. He went under the radar during the pre-draft process, under the radar during the draft, and going under the radar now.
  2. Breakout star here we go. Lots of rookies stepped up this week honestly. Higgins looked legit and like the long term answer for Burrow. Star in the making. This is why I had him as my WR1 before the combine/draft/anything.
  3. BEAST!!!! Get on board or get left behind. Looks like a true #1 out there.
  4. And there's more and more TE's now that can regularly be in the 20 point club. We're seeing a bunch of breakout TE's right before our eyes already this year. That just pushes Engram's value down. Agree he'll get an uptick without Barkley, but how much does that realistically increase his long term value? I'd argue very little because people just don't like him, he hasn't been healthy regularly, and there's younger TE's who are in better positions to succeed long term than Engram is. I'd rather have Goedert, Jonnu, Hockenson, Fant over Engram. Maybe Ertz and Hunter Henry depending on your view of them. Not even including the elite top4 Kelce, Kittle, Andrews, Waller. That's 10 TE's in my view that are better dynasty TE's. Long term he isn't special, will likely get hurt again, and older than all of those TE's I listed. Tied to a bad offense, but he'll get volume this year. We'll see how long that lasts. I'd happily cash out for that 1st in non-TE premium.
  5. Engram isn't worth anything anymore now that more TE's have broken out. I'm not the biggest fan of Pittman but he's looked solid so far and better than I thought he would be. I'd easily go 1st and Pittman here. Especially in non-TE premium
  6. I'm not exactly happy with it, because Drake is older and unsecured long term. I generally hate trading future picks for guys like that. I'd have 0 issue if he had a contract. The guy didn't have a 2nd, or another player I was interested in so I figured just kick back a 3rd and I'll deal with it.
  7. FFPC I got: Kenyan Drake, 2021 3rd I gave up: Myles Gaskin, 2021 1st I am currently 2-0 with the most VP (if you're familiar with FFPC VP points). I did not play Gaskin this week so I can put Drake in my lineup. The only thing that gave me pause was that Drake isn't signed long term. Saw a lot of Gaskin and he looks very bleh.
  8. I'm on here a lot less these days but still have time for lineups. So far I've done well in cash, and here's my cash lineup this week until I change it later on Dak Ekeler, Sanders, Aaron Jones Lamb, Lazard, Tre'Quan Mo Alie-Cox Bucc's Slight variation would be changing the cheap WR's to Lockett, Lamb, Slayton and Sample at TE which I like a little better because there's a safer play in there but that's a different slate.
  9. If you truly are an orphan rebuild, you should definitely not trade your 1st. Sutton's value will now be suppressed because of the injury, and Ridley is overvalued. I'd actually be looking to buy him in my rebuild spaces. Purely from a talent/situation standpoint, I barely have Ridley ahead of Sutton. Add in the injury and a worse situation and in a rebuild, there's no chance I'd trade Sutton for Ridley.
  10. Did another one this morning, not FFPC this time. 10 team, 1QB 5WR 3RB 2TE 2Flex (1 is superflex) plus full IDP, .5ppr I traded: Nick Chubb I got: Antonio Gibson, Michael Gallup, 2021 4th
  11. FFPC I traded: Engram, Mims, Renfrow I got: McKinnon, Fant Engram just doesn't hold value anymore so figured I'd trade him in for Fant who looked incredible. Pretty sure I'd take Fant > Engram at this point overall too. But I have Kelce as my starter. McKinnon I needed a RB to help me compete. Didn't lose a RB, *fingers crossed*, but was pretty thin with just Taylor, Jacobs, Akers, and Gaskin. Renfrow was my drop.
  12. When it comes to rookies, you just look for increased snap counts and trust beginning to form. Generally. Edwards/Ruggs have both seized immediate opportunity (along with a lot of rookies this year actually). Now what I'm looking for at least isn't stats, it's making clutch plays. He did that with a few of those catches against the Saints so this is purely positive for his outlook to me.
  13. I'll self admit I have a short trigger for guys that don't provide a "splash" early or guys that fail to make those special catches when they have the opportunity to. There's a lot of plays he keeps leaving on the field. I continue discounting them in my head because I don't believe the ceiling is as high when they don't perform immediately. I know that's wrong in a lot of cases though. Can't help it. Don't get me wrong, the talent is always what drew me in and I'm still VERY high on him but I'm trying to be realistic. I hope it was just the matchups that shut him down and the lingering effects of such a major injury, but special players show up in special moments. He hasn't done that yet.