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  1. 2QB 3WR 3RB 2TE 1Flex .5ppr 10 team league I traded: Dak, Corey Davis (sorry), 1.09 I got: Kyler and Minshew
  2. No As for all the points about Mahomes in his own tier and Kyler might not deserving of that yet. Kyler was QB6 in FFPC leagues, 3 spots ahead of Mahomes. Yes Mahomes missed a couple games, and was more efficient overall as a passer, but with the weapons Kyler now has, there's no reason not to be on board. Kyler was also 2nd among QB's in rush yards last year. I hope he takes another step forward because the dude is just fun to watch. I think he belongs. I don't particularly like anyone in Tier3 or later very much but I'd happily roll with the Tier4 group in re-draft over the Tier3 group.
  3. Actual value from his owner, probably. I don't see much difference between him and Kyler/Lamar though. I have 0 shares of Mahomes, probably never will now that he's won a Super Bowl. His name value is/will be higher purely because of that when fantasy points will likely be similar. Fade the name. If Lamar Jackson won the Super Bowl instead, you'd say the same thing.
  4. QB's Tier 1 - (1) Patrick Mahomes, (2) Kyler Murray, (3) Lamar Jackson Tier 2 - (4) Dak Prescott, (5) Deshaun Watson, (6) Joe Burrow, (7) Russell Wilson, (8) Baker Mayfield Tier 3 - (9) Josh Allen, (10) Tua Tagovailoa, (11) Daniel Jones, (12) Matt Ryan, (13) Jared Goff, (14) Carson Wentz Tier 4 - (15) Aaron Rodgers, (16) Matthew Stafford, (17) Kirk Cousins, (18) Gardner Minshew Tier 5 - (19) Drew Brees DND, (20) Jimmy Garoppolo, (21) Sam Darnold, (22) Justin Herbert, (23) Drew Lock, (24) Derek Carr Tier 6 - (25) Jalen Hurts, (26) Jarrett Stidham, (27) Teddy Bridgewater Tier 7 - (28) Ryan Tannehill, (29) Dwayne Haskins, (30) Philip Rivers DND, (31) PJ Williams (yes the XFL QB), (32) Alex Smith Tier 8 - (33) Jordan Love, (34) Nick Foles, (35) Cam Newton, (36) Jameis Winston, (37) Josh Rosen, (38) Ben Roethlisberger, (39) Tyrod Taylor Tier 9 - (40) Chad Kelley, (41) Tom Brady, (42) Andrew Luck, (43) Mitchell Trubisky, (44) Jacoby Brissett Probably should be a tier break after QB5, eventually couldn't do it. Dak's contract is starting to make me nervous, Watson has no Hopkins anymore, Burrow the rookie, Wilson with Pete screwing him over, Baker a little unproven. I imagine there's some controversy with at least one player in Tier2 those are the simple versions, but I see more solid floors long term than the next tier.
  5. I view him as a mid/late 1st depending on format. Superflex he'd be late, 1QB he'd be mid. I think most people will fight over how many/which WR's to take ahead of him but he falls somewhere in there for sure. Personally I have him behind 3 rookie WR's right now. Just recently moved him up my rankings after @Milkman's comments knocked some sense into me. Might be a slow start to the season so maybe his value is lower for that reason.
  6. Taylor was a Tier2 prospect for me, CEH was Tier4. That's where it's coming from, but everything everyone says is "in my opinion" anyways so I felt it was unnecessary to provide that. Not even to go into situation I disagree completely about "elite lateral movement" but that topic has been discussed so much I'd rather not continue. We just differ on our view on CEH's overall talent which is fine. I don't think he'll last as a top dynasty asset, but year 1 & 2 might be outstanding.
  7. It is true, no clue as to which knee it was though. Maybe I'm wrong here, but if you tear it as a developmental non-adult it isn't nearly as bad as a grown adult.
  8. I use this site
  9. It is based on 16 games, I didn't include some other players with lower numbers due to injuries like JuJu (who is arguably one of AJ Browns closest comps), Hilton or Preston Williams who missed a bunch of games each. Just wanted 1 in there for reference at the top tier level. As for snap % through the weeks AJ Brown was averaging a 55% snap share the first 9 weeks, then it jumped to averaging 87% the last 6 weeks.
  10. AJB snap share was at 68.48% for the year. Julio Jones was 69.52% DJ Moore 81.76% Allen Robinson 93.83% OBJ and Jarvis Landry 95.11% and 93.49% Amari Cooper 75.38% Courtland Sutton 91.38% Kenny Golladay 86.84% Davante Adams 62.89% Keenan Allen 87.83% By comparison for 1st year players in 2019, Metcalf was at 83.59%, McLaurin was 81.28%, Diontae 65.33%, and Deebo was 66.7%. Sure seems it's very offensive dependent or how crucial they are to their offense. Julio for example, is a great weapon and other-worldly, but they have other play makers who can carry some load. OBJ on the other hand likely demands more and is on the field more to help his QB, Matt Ryan doesn't exactly need Julio, I'd wager Baker needs OBJ for help. Opposite would be true for Lock/Trubisky and Sutton/Robinson. They are the only weapon so it makes sense they're on the field for 90%+. I don't like sifting through data at all, just thought this would help paint a better picture of AJB projection going forward. Do with it what you will.
  11. @wgoldsph Hines isn't a threat to me. To simply answer your question is that yes I see Damien Williams as more of a threat than Hines. For example if CEH isn't any good at all, can't get on the field and sucks, Damien is the lead guy. If Taylor sucks Mack is still the lead guy, not Hines. If I look at them side by side from my evaluations, Taylor is 2x the prospect that CEH is in pure talent. Landed in arguably just as good a situation as CEH and takes over as the dominant RB role, IF he's good. CEH doesn't do that. He fills a pass catching role in a high powered offense with the possibility of more. The touches are more built in to Taylor than they are CEH's. Even though catching passes is worth more. That's why I think he's clearly the #2 rookie, but the security of Taylor edges him out for initial value. I do think Taylor eventually falls off like I mentioned earlier in this thread and he'll eventually be beaten out by pass catching RB's for value, but as of now, going into the league and a dominant college profile, he's much safer.
  12. Because he's a better player? CEH doesn't have the talent profile that Taylor does, nor does he project as a full time player. He's boosted because of coach/team situation, which does matter, but he'll need to prove efficient with his touches to gain more of a role. Similar to other rookie RB's who are good pass catchers, the role is there for pass work, but can he really provide more? The others project as guys who can command more but CEH is in the better offense. Long term I like Akers/Swift more than CEH, but year 1 (again if they hit), you can flip him for Swift+ or Akers+. I don't particularly like the player but I can't deny he's a top2 rookie. Probably should have him lower than Kamara/Cook, but the contract worries me with them.
  13. Or he has faith that this kid will provide them with a top5 pick to draft Lawrence or Fields, not exactly an easy guy to read.
  14. I like him a lot for 2QB leagues right now, even in re-draft possibly but there's a ton of risk obviously. If he is something, he's criminally undervalued.