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  1. I have 25 rookies ranked ahead of where I have Corey Davis ranked in my rankings. I'm also high on Corey Davis on the whole. I think he looked pretty good most of the time, but just didn't get the ball. My theory is that Tannehill just found an instant connection with AJ Brown and didn't really connect with Davis. Mariota didn't really connect with Davis over his multiple years either, so that is a concern. I wouldn't pay a 2nd for Davis, but I'd be tempted to because I still believe. As for David Montgomery I have him a little higher, 21 rookies ahead of him in overall dynasty rankings. I don't particularly like that spot for him, I also have him classified as a DND as I think he's a bust. I wouldn't pay a 2nd for him.
  2. I think you're right. The biggest knock I had against Devin was after athletic testing. I liked him overall as a RB though, I like CEH as an overall RB, but I'm waiting for testing to give me a final verdict. Currently I have CEH as RB6, right behind Moss but a tier below. If he tests well, and Moss fails, then it's a pretty easy decision, if they both test well then it's a much tougher debate for me. I don't think either one moves into top4 consideration though, no matter how good they test unless 1 of the top4 completely bomb.
  3. He's an athletic version of big school Devin Singletary. Likely to be drafted ahead of where Singletary was (pick #74). The tape is very similar between them, but I'm willing to bet CEH is a better athlete. Singletary was off my draft board (only after failing the combine), I don't think he'll last as a workhorse type, I don't think CEH will either (but he has a better chance), but boy are they fun to watch.
  4. no, it's a 30 man roster league I run. I would understand the 4th consideration in FFPC, but I don't value 4th's as anything more than a $5 blind bid in free agency in those leagues.
  5. I got offered a 4th for my Harris in one of my leagues. Declined without countering because what's the point in a 4th? People want to pay minimally, because they want 0 risk. He's worth more.
  6. Picks so easily. Especially in FFPC where roster spots are premium. All players in these deals are cloggers.
  7. Didn't realize it was in there. That guy comes on these forums for 1 AC post every year, and that's really it. I know which owner that is since I run the league. I don't think he knows I'm on here and that I post quite a lot.
  8. Nick Saban is on record saying he recruits RB's telling them that exact thing. That they aren't going to be "the guy" and they'll be fresh after their time there. It makes total sense.
  9. Mack was such a good pass catcher in college, I doubt it's because he's not good there and more a play calling/situation type of deal that has limited that ability. That's just a guess though, but it would be interesting to dive into that and see. Hines is behind him who is a special pass catcher doesn't exactly help either. Guess I'm still hopeful he finds a workhose role instead of just a rusher. I think his age contributes to that being possible. FA 2021.
  10. It's cause his o-line let 4 guys through so he doesn't know which 1 of them to block. I'm half kidding.
  11. Has everyone just forgotten about Dobbins? This impressive workout is going around right now and if he matches it then phew, look out for a riser.
  12. Saw a Nelson Agholor comparison on Twitter and thought "hey that isn't half bad" Problem is I loved Agholor coming out.
  13. The way I imagine Swift's role in the NFL is a better version of Phillip Lindsay. Used as a workhorse (most of the time), but also needs to be rotated out. But there were plenty of RB's last year used the same type of way and completely smashed. Dalvin Cook, Derrick Henry, Joe Mixon, Alvin Kamara all hovering just below 60% snap share. From last year there's only 1 RB over 90% of their teams snaps (McCaffrey), there's only 2 RB's over 80% (Zeke and Fournette), and 2 more above 70% (Bell and Gurley). You don't need be out there every play to be a top fantasy producer.