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  1. And to the thread question, I think yes Congress has ceded to much authority to the executive branch. In the end it would come down to the guys on the ground with the guns. President Hitler's plans ultimately rests on how many guys with guns he can get loyalty from.
  2. it seems logical that the guys on the ground will exercise some discretion even in a totalitarian state like the Soviet union. A small strike like described here, while a disaster for a country, wouldn't disable a retaliatory strike on the attacking country, thus it is an easy decision to wait and see if it is real. "no one" is dumb enough to launch only 5 missiles at the soviet union, no point in it unless you were a terrorist group that might be able to escape at least nuclear retaliation of your home land.
  3. people will give you lots of chances any way.
  4. can't you buy products at your work and just take them home save yourself tips and app price and maybe get a discount?
  5. I see Mahomes as a much better than Vick. I can't conceive of Vick throwing 50 TDs. Better coaching, better surrounding talent, and seemingly much better head. good thing is we will find out.
  6. definitely get what you're saying , but what mahomes does is a certain type of athleticism just as elite as the laser rocket arm in small windows , not as sustainable unless your name is Elway. Mahomes is still young got talented receivers running around and fresh legs with no injuries. Regular season is still gonna be Madden football for them.
  7. D was bad last year, which can actually be a plus for stats anyway. what kind of lead would you need to feel safe with that defense? Obviously nothing is a lock but barring a Mahomes injury I can see them having no more than a 10% decrease from last year stats wise. Will it translate to as many wins, probably not but it wouldn't be surprising if the the Cheifs won 13 either.
  8. It is hard to argue against the math and the trends. But I would argue for the Cheifs in this instance. And the argument centers around talent. WR core is one of the best in the league. TE is great. RBs are serviceable and now deep with adding McCoy. Is Mahomes great? We will see but I'm betting yes. Rams and Saints have legitimate questions of health and ability at key positions. Cheifs looking healthy, everyone returning, and still young and motivated.
  9. I was doing work in the home of a local pro football player, late on a Friday night. before I left his "escort" for the evening showed up. she was doing a dance game on the xbox when I came through his game room. she was so hot i ran into the door i was supposed to leave through, i literally could not take my eyes off her. by the time i picked up my tools and composed my self I realised that the football player nor his two buddies even realized i was there, had ran into the door, or dropped all my tools. only when the game stopped was I asked to leave. mind numbingly hot.
  10. I think it would be a good idea to have a cinematic universe start in this way. Start with the rise of a bad guy that provokes a hero to be created, in this case Batman, to fight back. Could be an intriguing twist.
  11. step one: become friends with a billionaire. I will sell you step two once you achieve step one.
  12. Brett Favre playing himself, Something about Mary!
  13. If ever there was a "useful idiot" it was John Lennon in the 70s.