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  1. Are you the wife or the husband?
  2. I can around here in Denver. Never been denied it.
  3. peppermint mocha. Mot just for Christmas anymore.
  4. It is hall of Fame not hall of Numbers. Aikman was a key to one of the best teams ever. It was built on Smith and the running game but Aikman complimented it perfectly. Plus he always seemed like the leader that kept the team pointed in the right direction. Watch the NFC championship game the Cowboys lost to the 49ers, was that 1993?, heroic effort in defeat. His playoff effenciecy is fantastic as a QB. First ballot, probably not. He definitely deserves to be there though.
  5. I would like to know the amount of pipe I have laid. yes I am a plumber.
  6. completely intentional 90% sure. same as the chant 3 and 2 whatcha gonna doooooo? walk her walk her walk her... chant. my daughter pitches in 16 yo level softball. getting ready for first year of high school ball. I've seen all the head games up to and including the entire other dugout standing on the fence rattling it and just screaming at the top of their lungs, stay classy Oklahoma. 99% of the time I can hold my tongue but some of the coaching tactics is just to much. delay , call time out, argue with umpires, anything to break up a pitchers rhythm. something anything. then it's hard not to be vocal.
  7. I think the point of the yelling is to throw the pitcher off her game and getting in her head. Obviously giving up that you are reading the signs is not bright. The pitcher knowing that the batter "knows" the pitch that is coming might get her to doubt or change the pitch mid pitch.
  8. seems like this might have been a better song if they let ac/dc play with it a little.
  9. Rome was funny in the beginning, when he was less accommodating to athletes. His drug test schtick was great. But he slowly sold out. Better to hob nob with the athletes than be the hero of Cliff in Cleveland.