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  1. My father in law is just itching to rub a Biden victory in my wife's face. The two of them go round and round about politics. Started a little today as we saw them today. I think we won't be seeing much of them this year at holiday time no matter who wins.
  2. You can't just say that. Stuff happens in movies just like real life. You cant just ahhh dismiss facts man, it is like malarkey. Just ahhh yeah.
  3. Exactly right, rexactly right. It is 2017 man, you can't be, out there, ahhhh, talking mean and all that. All that jazz stuff. Not right, it is just not ahhhhhh, right, this year and age stuff.
  4. Ahhhh shot them , ahhh you know like that show. On the tv, ahhhh, you know the upper thigh part. There is ahhhh, a lot, a lot of skin there, you know. It is called ahhhhhh, meat. Aaahhhhh on a cow it's ahhhh, meat. On a person, doctors call it ahhhh, not meat. Jill what do you call it? Aahhhhh yeah right flesh. The meaty, fleshy, part of the ahhhhh, leg. The ahhh upper leg. Right the fleshy part of the ahhhhh, you know the thing.
  5. If you are a good enough shot to hit the leg how hard could it be to miss the artery? Come on man, it's ahhhh simple, like ahhhhhhh, common, ahhhhhhh, you know the thing.
  6. Ryan Kamara Singletary (L. Bell out) Hill Theilen R. Woods Fant kicker Bills D Picked six
  7. It didnt follow trends it blew past the historical high by 20% for two straight years. That is called trend setting not trend following. I gave two policies examples by the Trump administration that i think contributed to it.
  8. Well black unemployment got better under trump. The 2 lowest years ever were 2018 and 2019 at 6.5% and then down again at 6.1%. Before those years the lowest it has ever been is the year 2000 at 7.6%. That is significant. I would contibute that to economic activity increasing with deregulation and tighter labor supply with tighter border control. Not all of it is Trump's ideas or policies but it is undeniable that it happened under his administration. Best two years ever. And of course black unemployment was going down, it spiked after 2008 and trended down with all unemployment as the country recovered from the recession. And yeah we aren't going to agree, and there's debate on this issue by people who know more about it than you or I.
  9. I think you are wrong on the purpose of the 94 crime bill. The entire point was to put people in jail. See the Biden video exclaiming how his wife, daughter, and mother are all going to be safer because of it. That's how it was sold and that's what it did, and the current democratic candidate voted and aggressively fought for its passage and the democratic party had the President that signed ot speak yet again at their convention. There is some sort of disconnect going on here, as the guys that help create this problem now have the insight to lead us out? Yes it is a complicated problem. But its not new. These issues were front and center in the 90's. According to the narrative I'm hearing systemic racism in police departments is as bad as its ever been. That's at least 20 to 25 years Democratic mayors have had to change cultures in police departments. What detail is missed in just that one area? How is Biden going to fix the violence in the streets if not using federal troops? His promises based on his record of solving these problems while in the senate? More pablum like was served up by the Obama administration after Ferguson? And there were indicators things were getting better for Black communities under Trump's policies, even if they be incidental. Among the most important is employing Black people first and foremost.
  10. So the Democrats in those cities have had decades to make changes and have tried but just failed? Ringing endorsement. The concept of community policing, as at least one method of police reform, has been around since the mid 90's at least. Black communities have been complaining about this for decades. Very little to nothing has changed by all accounts. Despite Democratic administrations having the ability to hire and fire the people who hire and fire police on the streets, set policing priorities, and set budgets. Amazing. And now Biden is going to fix it, an author of the now dreaded 94 crime bill. Supported by the guy that signed it. With a VP candidate that has complaints against her for these very problems when she was an AG.
  11. I find it fascinating that police forces that have been part of Democratic mayors administration for decades and are tools of systemic racism are this President's fault. I am talking about city councils and mayors that control budgets, policy, and hiring of cheifs of police, in cities where the majority has been Democratic, again, for decades. But the Democratic party is going to set this all correct if only they get voted in again and on the national level. It is just a bad joke.
  12. He could explain his method of mentoring female interns.