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  1. Dealing with the vast number not willing to sell back would also be a giant issue.
  2. I don't think our military is the only source of waste and inefficiencies. There are to many dumb rules, political appointments, and acceptance of debt across the board.
  3. Perhaps I am wrong in my thought process and I am interested to hear from Europeans and people who live in Europe, especially Northern Europe. It seems like Western and Northern Europeans demand and get, if only because it is an inbred feature of their culture, fairly efficient government. The American tradition seems to have lots more inefficiencies and outright graft that makes some of us leery of giving the government more $ to, let's say, use.
  4. I'm not a scientist but 3 minutes of -256 Fahrenheit exposure would kill you. like instant frostbite. it's a physics fact.
  5. what is the result of angel pirate mixing with an infinity stone powered babe? would have to be very good!
  6. The fixer in this, Singer, is a friend of a local guy that has been trying to get us as a client so he can help our daughter get recruited in her sport. Yes she does actually play it. Of course he claims to be shocked but I don't know, I guess so. What crosses my mind is if people are bribing people to get in like this, what is going on in the margins for other schools? Like maybe your a coach and got two kids similar talent bring on the kid whose parents leave a package on your desk? Knowing the competitiveness of some of these parents I think some would do it no doubt. Certainly when you consider you have spent 3k to 10k a year for the last 5 plus years to get your kid in a position to be recruited like this. Amazing what goes on in these "lesser" sports.
  7. pancakes are a good median for extra items as well. but a good old fashioned cinnamon French toast with Texas toast as bread and real maple syrup.
  8. The point being Che would be greatly opposed to democratic socialists, subjecting them to the horrors of the dictatorship of the ploloteriat, equal with capitalists. It is bizarre how many people idealize some of these dictators and their henchman but don't understand what it would mean to live in a country under their control.
  9. I think everyone but Robert, ned, and Jon aaryn knew , without reading the book.
  10. And diverted to the mountain dew and cheetos fund, love that combo.
  11. Saw a bar dedicated to the 80s and 90s. Looks like they have an arcade. You are old when your youth is nostalgia.