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  1. I dont think any large group Broncos fans is pining for Brady. Makes no sense for them unless Brady will be a back up and help Lock. Teams that think they have a Super Bowl window maybe, but the fact Chargers and Raiders are delusional if they think they are serious Super Bowl contenders being in the same division as the Chiefs. If I'm Brady I'm looking for a team in an easy division to win.
  2. Do you have any self reflection to realize that you may not want to have people who willingly put themselves in that much debt so early in life, long before they knew their earning potential, making political choices for the future of the country? I get that things are aren't as good as we might imagine they coud be and previous generations have and are leaving some messes. But people, really of all ages, need to get some historical perspective on how well we live in this day and age in this country, and there is a bright future out there that isn't dependent on a government that is in control of everything.
  3. Lucky for me I have no honor!! Wait wat?? Cheifs defense came through and played well vs. the run. Tannehill just can't carry a team like he needed to. Still not a believer going 49ers in the bowl.
  4. Not sure what i am going to do with your honor but I will find a spot for it.
  5. Like the Titans getting 7 points. The offensive line is playing at a very high level and Henry is obviously hit an incredible stretch as an arhlete. Defense just had to keep a lid on the Cheifs so the Titans can get a lead.
  6. One thing thst is going to be very interesting to see with the new stadium is how much of a home field advantage the Raiders will end up having. It sure seems like being in Vegas means other teams are going to have a lot of fans who are motivated to travel there to watch the games. Then you're going to have hotels and casinos buying tickets for corporate giveaways. I could see this new stadium being the best game day in the NFL, but also the worst home field advantage for any team. Seems like there could be a pretty high price point for the hardcore Raider fan to attend each game.
  7. Jackson is still very young, not sure how he can be expected to match playoff intensity until he has gone thru it a few times. The Ravens needed someone else to step up and have a great game but injury and a case of the droppies from the receivers laid it at Jackson's feet to win it. He just doesn't seem quite mature enough as a football player to do that yet. Rooting for him though he is exciting to watch and comes across as a good guy.
  8. Well it will definitely tell the guys getting ready to carry it out someone knows about it.
  9. Raiders suck in Oakland, in L.A., and will in Las Vegas.
  10. So what is the story with the Last Jedi RT Audience score of 43%? That was part of the story. Read reviews even here on this forum, lots of not strong on story but like it anyway for xyz reason. Also RT doesn't measure people who give up and just don't go to it. The Force Awakens did 2.1 Billion box office. The last Jedi did 1.3 billion and Rise of Skywalker is tracking to similar a number as that. That is 62% less. Yes later films in trilogies do less generally, but 62%? There are a lot of people not going to the second two movies and a lot of people not doing multiple veiwings in theaters. Even the theme parks aren't performing as expected. And the way critics have turned on the franchise from the Last Jedi to Rise of Skywalker just for the same story and theme inconsistencies I am talking about. Afterall these are professional critics. As professionals I assume you put more weight into their opinion than my opinion, the general public's opinion, or even your own opinion.
  11. You may not be arguing the point but some of the creators seem to be, namely Rian Johnson, and some other defenders of the movies. Yes, we can agree on the second point. But the question becomes was this a professional job? I would say the acting was, I would say the special effects were. Marketing was. Even the dialogue was good. Story no, not professionally done.
  12. Yes some what on objective vs. subjective products. But if you were in the building trades you would know there is a wide spectrum of what people will call "good". Star Wars is given a huge pass because it is a popcorn movie. If they tried to pass it off as a "serious" movie it would be a joke. No one said it was going to be an easy job but Disney took it on. Yes no matter what they did there would be criticism, but again they should know that going in. And look they have made lots of money so at least it is partially a success. But also it is blatantly obvious they failed in the planning stages. They did so by not having a story outline or by sticking to it. Not sure what your point is with the money thing.
  13. And more to the point here for Star Wars, as a entertainment franchise, and especially the Disney version of it since they weren't the original creators, chastising long time fans is it's own form of ignorance and arrogance. In a nutshell they take Luke #######g Skywalker and instead of having him do a laser sword fight I get to see him milk a sea cow and brood. Some of this is so bad it would be laughed off if the Star Wars name wasn't attached to it. I don't have to be a screenwriter to know that this current trilogy has movies completely at odds with each other THEMATICALLY. And at odds with the original movies made by the guy that thought up the whole universe. It is a bad job of storytelling and i dont need to be a storyteller to know it.