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  1. guy tweeted what he thought was the play. If he's right it wasn't a sack it was a scramble and JB was hit downfield. (Wilfork fell on him)
  2. Can't say enough about Allen and the punt team. Sooo nice to have that in your back pocket.
  3. Rural internet, bandwidth cap, currently dl'ing a Witcher 3 update. So, no. Curious though.
  4. Brock rattled?
  5. I love how Bill is always kicking to the two yard line. FU Goodell.
  6. Now lets not soften up *too much.
  7. Handy calls.
  8. Wheels off.
  9. Carrying the mail this year. Love that guy.
  10. Looking pretty dang good there, I say. They've handled the bad breaks really well. If the thrill is gone in GB... .
  11. Feels good man
  12. Eh, Belichick gets in your head. You think too hard.
  13. Punt team playing great ball.
  14. Looking like the future is now.
  15. They're saying BUF is not expected to match.