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  1. Looking like the future is now.
  2. They're saying BUF is not expected to match.
  3. Can he catch? Is he fast? They say he's smart...
  4. Falcons got Sanu.
  5. Looks like it's all Chris Hogan, right now.
  6. I've got the whole internet set that way...
  7. Polling the Experts: Who Will Win the Deflategate Appeal?
  8. Yup. Trying to lock up the kids on D.
  9. This is why we can't have nice things.
  10. You guys know this issue is being discussed quite a bit in the outside world, right? Maybe I follow too many female sports journalists? The thread title is a bit incendiary, but it's an actual issue. Curious if NE_REVIVAL checked with mods as to what happened to the old thread. The original Shaun King piece has a lot of holes in it and I wanted to walk back some of my posts in the other thread. King was quoting documents from Naughright's law team, and even at that, I didn't read them very well. But the way the Mannings smeared that woman were pretty bloody lousy. Holy man, I just googled Naughright's name to check my spelling and they're STILL smearing her right now!
  11. Because of Stradley, I had way more interest in the Texans this year than I would have. She's been a champ on the PSI issue all along.
  12. I'm getting to like Quickslants:The Podcast. Once you realize Curran's schtick in the intro is a joke, they go pretty deep, really.
  13. Maybe they like the look. As others have said, if this site is blasting your corneas out, check around, it's not the only one. It's the look of the hour.
  14. It's kind of always been there though. I remember reading something about his dad saying that Johnny would use anger to avoid stuff. Dad would try to tell him something, Johnny would freak out, and dad would back off. It's worked his whole life. I was always hoping he'd get it together so we could see what he actually was as an NFL player.
  15. This is probably well known, but I just noticed it: If you highlight some text a box pops up saying "quote". Click that and it builds the quote box in your reply -- and attributes the quote. That's pretty neat, and a big improvement.