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  1. The thing I admire, and that hasn't been discussed much, is that Pats draft/trade/acquire for smarts. You can see it in the interviews. That's a big part of why they can be so flexible.
  2. The league could really use a kick in the ###. So many weak sisters.
  3. Well. Something went by on twitter a while ago, but I can't find it. Sorry.
  4. lol Matt Patricia disembarks wearing a Goodell-as-clown shirt. heh https://twitter.com/OllieConnolly/status/828730953585532929
  5. ATL D was on the field for something like NINETY TWO PLAYS!!
  6. I wonder if they just ran their own selves off the field. Wore themselves out.
  7. Both in this game and the Seattle game, I had. given. up. WHAT A BALLCLUB
  8. Therapy for place kickers could be a growth industry.
  9. Can't prepare for team speed that you don't have on your squad to practice against. Get to Brady without having to send extra guys. Early turnovers hurt bad.