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  1. Go enjoy your car bud, you have another three or four weeks until you can gloat about FCF. Oh and there's a stock thread down the hall.
  2. Alright we'll measure success by FCF in future quarters. I'll see you all in three months when we use a different metric to measure success. I'm not FC but nice guess.
  3. You talking about the S&P 500 again? Those two profitable quarters they needed turned into a $1.1 billion loss. You were close but success got in the way. But it's coming. I'll give them 3 years assuming they don't significantly cut back production to draw this thing out.
  4. If your bull or bear thesis hinges on the amount of sales that Jaguar has in the U.S. then you're doing it wrong. They're going to die from 1,000 cuts. The increased competition from various competitors (not just one vehicle from a company that doesn't sell well in the U.S), their horrific balance sheet, their dwindling capex, their brand destruction from poor quality/service, etc. They're a poorly run business with no path to sustainable profitability.
  5. The math doesn't even work for U.S. sales but carry on.
  6. Thanks! Good luck to Tesla in Q3 and Q4 with their FCF. I'm sure liquidating inventory and taking an axe to capex is a sustainable long term strategy.
  7. Was I? Did they sell 6k model 3s a week in Q2? Did it take price cuts that led to a 400 million loss even though it was a "record" quarter? Good luck with your new talking point of FCF in Q3. I'll stick with they don't have the demand at the ASP levels needed to avoid bankruptcy. Q3 will have a loss of >700 million when they slash prices again to keep the demand myth going in the cult.
  8. Dems, Reps, Inds of the board "Biden was terrible" Tim "Biden held serve" Hmm which one to go with?
  9. Yeah fascinated by people thinking Biden held serve. If I'm a Trump, he's the one I'd want to debate.
  10. What? An article a year ago said they were going to stabilize model 3 production at 6k. I stated even today they don't have that amount of demand. In Q1 19 they sold 61,500 model 3s if every in transit vehicle is a model 3. They produced 62,950, more than they sold. At a 6k weekely demand rate they would sell 78,000 a quarter which means in Q1 they would have had a growing back log. Members of this very board were able to order and receive their model 3 in approximately a week and several price cuts took place as well. Neither is a sign that demand is outstripping production by 15k a quarter. Not sure how that's turning my opinion into fact. I'm not nor have I ever been short the stock so I gain nothing by spreading "FUD". Reading that article from a year ago shows the exaggerated claims of Elon and I thought I'd comment on it while everyone else is fantasizing about the pickup truck based on claims from Elon. I'm sure this time is different though and he's genuine about the truck and the current model 3 production rate.
  11. The had 10,600 vehicles in transit, not ~12k. Nice number you picked there to get their deliveries plus in transit to equal production. Furthermore, that figure isn't just model 3s. Even if it was, 60,500 is less than 62,950 and that's with pulling various price cuts and "act now before the price goes up" techniques. Try again to show me they can sell 6k a week if they produced them (without huge price cuts that sends them to bankruptcy).
  12. I'm shocked a huge fan thinks that's FUD. Shocked. I guess citing the sales numbers is FUD. Q1 model 3 sales = 50,900 or 3,915 a week. Q1 model 3 production = 62,950 or 4,842 a week. At 6k a week they need to pull in 78,000 model 3 sales. It sold 63,000 in Q4 18. There isn't demand for 6k a week.
  13. Is there a reason you're sharing an article from a year ago? Trying to show how flaud the Tesla analysis is from their fans? "In short, over the coming years, these will become swamped by the (ever growing) automotive margins. Nothing to mention Tesla’s emerging solar and energy storage product lines, both of which should start becoming significant late this year." Ever growing margins. Oops. Emerging solar lines. Oops. "Model 3 Timeline: * Production rate before the most recent downtime: various lines running between 3,5k and 6k per week * Current downtime targeted at bringing them up to 5-6k per week, this quarter’s goal * Next quarter’s goal: stabilize at 6k and improve automation." A year later and they can't even sell 6k model 3s a week if they could produce them even though they're in more markets. This company is a mess and it isn't because of FUD.
  14. The auto sector is rolling over. Job cuts are up, production cuts are up, but inventory levels continues to rise which will lead to additonal cuts. From the articles. In May, new vehicles spent 74 days on the lot, highest number for May since 2009. Job cuts are up 207% through April compared to last year. GDP and the unemployment rate aren't leading indicators to a recession.