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  1. Tiger's final round score of his five green jackets: 69, 68, 71, 71, 70 The scores of the final six golfers yesterday: 70, 70, 70, 72, 73, 74 Sure he didn't "dominate" but that's not how Tiger plays on Sunday. Apart from starting the final round in the lead, Tiger did what he always does. Put up a decent round and let the others around him succomb to the pressure.
  2. You might want to look up his results in the 7 or so events prior to that comment. It was a bad take.
  3. Wins since this post: 2 Lot of time to add to it before the end of 2020.
  4. Ford's (and other manufacturers) circumstances aren't the same as Tesla's. Tesla has a crap balance sheet and can't afford to cut into their margins with price cuts. To be fair, they've always had a crap balance sheet but Elon has been able to go to the free markets and raise funds at the snap of a finger based on brand image and hyper growth forecasts. Issuing several price cuts and still having a steep QoQ decline in sales shows the growth story is over. They have exhausted their three year reservation list. Their brand image has also taken a huge hit which won't help matters going forward. They aren't going to be able to raise funds to pay the bills anymore so the business has to survive by itself and the signs aren't pointing that way. What do you get when you have a balance sheet problem, demand problem, brand image problem, margin problem, competition is finally here problem, tax incentive problem, and wide spread service problems? In Tesla's case, an erratic CEO making erratic business decisions and having twitter meltdowns. Elon is attacking the WSJ and Bloomberg this weekend, amongst many other things in his 48 hour meltdown. Every alarm bell is ringing right now for them thus the constant pumps from Elon, board stock sales, and top executives leaving in droves. Now they have this autonomous event on the 22nd that's going to be a game changer per Elon. Does anyone actually believe that is true with everyone bailing ship? They'd be in for a huge payday but they can't leave fast enough.
  5. The masters, this thread, or GoT going to be the most entertaining today?
  6. Since FC is MIA I'm picking up the baton. From memory the last month and half look like this. Late Feb - Tesla PR - $35k model is here! Deliveries in 2-4 weeks Reality - it doesn't exist and Tesla tries to upsell any customers that ordered it. No deliveries were made. March - price cuts Model Y event. 90% of the presentation is about Tesla's history and other products. Final 10% is about the Model Y with good reason, it was just a slightly modified 3 with a third row in the trunk. Place your deposits now! This was such a flop not even extreme pumper Musk has mentioned how many orders they got. Next few days on twitter Musk spends more time talking about the Tesla "pickup truck" than the Y. - price cuts Tesla announces its immediately closing all of their stores and going to an online order only business model. - price cuts A few days later, after some stores have already closed, Tesla says just joking and reopens them. - price cuts April Q1 deliveries get released showing demand has fallen off a cliff even with the price cuts and giving free stuff away. Panasonic says no thanks to expanding battery capacity and further investments at the gigafactory. Maybe because demand has fallen off a cliff? Tesla scraps the $35k model 3 via online orders (it never existed). You can still order it in store as they'll just software limit the more expensive model (what? Sounds good on margins). A month after announcing they were going to online orders only, you can now only order the $35k model in store. Makes sense. Leasing! You can now lease a model 3 with crappy terms that doesn't allow you to buy the car after 36 months because we need those cars for our self driving taxi service! Elon trying to pump his stock valuation to lyft/uber. All that on top of finance/legal departures (plus other executives) and the board is cashing in their stock. When do the masses recognize the current business is doomed? I, like others, like the S and would have bought one years ago if I had 100k to burn. Currently, I wouldn't go anywhere near a Tesla car until this all plays out.
  7. And the house of cards begins to collapse. 77k cars produced in Q1 with 63k delivered. A whopping 31% decline from Q4 2018. Even worse, a 56% decline in their portfolio that was profitable (before the price cuts anyway.) Inventory piling up with dwindling demand will unwind this magic show in a hurry. But the demand is strong! Who cares about the price cuts! They need more production capacity! FC took a lot of heat in here but the signs were all right there in the above post. Will be an interesting few months ahead for Tesla.
  8. In this scenario it'd actually be a $100k+ difference over 40 years. Assuming their tax liability is 10k a year and the choice is to pay 11k in tax or 9k. One chooses to pay the extra 2k and the other invests it. Person A invests 166.67 per month and withdrawals 1k at year end to pay the remaining tax bill. Net contribution equals 1k. Person B withholds an extra 166.67 per month and receives 1k back at year end and then invests that. At 7% difference of 26k At 8% difference of 42k At 9% difference of 68k At 10% difference of 108k But we all know this is a dream and the money would be wasted.
  9. The dude is barely drinking. This doesn't have to be a quit drinking or divorce situation. They could maybe talk through it and get to the underlying issue? Maybe divorce rates are up because ultimatums are given instead of talking through things?
  10. Yeah but in this example of a "drinking problem" that'd be like one spouse getting upset at the other for spending ten extra dollars a month. I'd call that the saver's problem for not being reasonable.
  11. Strange comparison considering we do revote every four years and get to say oops we learned a lesson.
  12. Can you imagine the national emergency when we learn there are 1,100+ murders and 18,000+ sexual assaults committed per year in Texas? That's 8,800 murders and 144,000 sexual assaults over the same time period. We might need to wall off Texas as well. Bad hombres.
  13. Because they all head to the upper Midwest to take over rural towns!! The border cities are just a passing through point so of course they don't care!
  14. As a fan of a team not in a conference I've never understood the love of conferences. Locked in to the same 8 or so schools every year doesn't seem exciting to me. I'd rather blow it all up and come up with a better system that gives teams more schedule freedom. However, that's not realistic so ND should probably just get it over with and join one.