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  1. Just to throw in my state. My county has 210k people. We've had 12 deaths of which the median age is 85. They don't give an age breakdown so I have no idea what the age breakdown is for the half of the individuals that were under 85. The CFR using only known recoveries is 2%. Like other states, unless you needed a hospital visit it was nearly impossible to get a test the first two months. It wouldn't take much to get that CFR under 1. 55% of hospital visits came from people with pre existing conditions and there are currently only 3 people in the hospital for Covid. There isn't mass transit here and people don't live in high rise apartments. Its a completely different life than the huge cities of the country. Its been 3 months since the NYC surge. Something like a quarter of the deaths are from New York. We've also learned a lot since then about treating the virus. At this point, should the 210k people of my county be trembling in fear? 57% of the people in my state live in my county or counties smaller than it. A top ten state based on population. This is what para is referring to when he mentions tons of people haven't been impacted. Imo the people saying "no big deal" is also relative and vague. They could mean hoax/election ploy (which is nuts) or they could simply mean not nearly as big of deal as people in this thread make it out to be. We were promised much more death than what materialized (even with lockdowns) so people's reference point is skewed to think the death total should be approaching a million. If promised mass death but the few people around you that aren't making it are 80+ its going to skew how you view the virus. We will never see a NYC surge in these counties but a one size fits all approach is being forced on them. Its understandable that some of them are angry as their businesses have been ripped apart. To call all of these people crazy is equally as crazy imo and that happens everyday in here.
  2. I get all of that. I truly do. I'm old enough to be around during Obama's program. I agreed with it. Also old enough to remember the push back she received. Also old enough today to recognize the left's (or PC crowd) position to make it taboo to mention anybody's weight. Obesity is still on the rise. Its contributing to the deaths from this virus and hospital visits that are then used to spread fear that thousands of healthy people are dropping dead. I also recognize it isnt just overweight people. As many people in here have mentioned there are other at risk factors. My response to the OP was simply that we've chosen to ignore so many other health issues that I think this is a bit of a mismatch of reaction. Im not comparing car accidents or mosquito deaths here. The flu kils thousands a year with a vaccine and its barely talked about. That's fine and all but then what is the threshold that we start freaking out? What moves that needle? 3x? 5x? 10x? We will ever go back to accepting virus deaths? If not, will we also actually tackle other prevantable deaths? I think we'll largely ignore all that as soon as we get used to covid even if it returns annually and kills 5x the flu. I went out to lunch the other day and due to mask orders had to wear a mask for the 10 seconds I walked into the restaurant and out to the patio to my table where I could then take it off. Mind you the whole one wall of the restaurant is open so its not even an enclosed space. Is that reaction/order actually reasonable? Or just a show of hey we're doing something? My take is simply that reaction doesnt line up with what we normally accept as a society. I won't clog this thread up anymore because I largely agree with you all but I just think the fear meter needs dialed back a bit compared to other things. Or the fear meter on those needs ratcheted up to match the covid fear.
  3. No my attitude isn't the same about them, nor obese ppl. I don't want them to die. My point is simple. Overweight and obesity kills in numbers that covid isn't. Nobody really cared. If we weren't so overweight as a country (and developed world) covid wouldn't be putting up the numbers that it is. We wouldn't be having this discussion. If you want to scold the healthy 20 year olds living their life then let's also have a serious conversation about health in general because decade long behavior has made covid worse than what it otherwise would be. Instead we get "now is not the time to talk about that issue because we have this other issue that isn't as serious" run around. We can absolutely talk about both. That's what I've been saying. I've said repeatedly in here if we want to wear mask thats fine. Buts let's not ignore a serious underlying issue that is contributing to the numbers. The one hardly gets talked about. The one has a political side that tells us its not nice to comment on people's weight and now wants to play the science card about masks. The other political side says muh freedom I can eat what I want! Masks are a bandaid to covid, getting healthy is a fix for a ton of diseases. An over reaction is happening to the one while the other gets ignored. The side effects of that over reaction are also being ignored. How does that make sense? Does our reaction make sense as a nation that exhibits such carelessness to health in general? It doesn't. It simply feels good to put the mask on and act like we're doing something. That's why I'm indifferent to masks, we simply don't care about health collectively except for this one virus that isn't as scary as what we first thought (which is a good thing but its still worse than the flu though). I'm not anti-mask and out there yelling muh freedom.
  4. Science: here's this one easy thing you can do to protect yourself from idiots and countless other diseases. Americans: "keep your nose out of my business and get me a big mac! I demand other people to go into a bubble to protect me!" See how that works?
  5. Right we have a long history of knowing the long term impacts of being overweight and how much death it causes and we still do nothing. Each person has their own ability to reign in their weight (outside of some disability folks) and we dont care. So as a whole if we don't care about health this reaction doesn't make sense. The main at risk groups are elderly and overweight people. Same as countless other health risks. And how much death will we eventually accept anyway just like any other disease? Some that are easily preventable. Wearing a mask is easy. So is walking a mile. We dont have to be in world class shape to put a huge dent in annual deaths but hardly a peep on that front. If we're going to pretend to care about health then lets actually care. I know I know transmission. As far as kids thats a huge if. Not saying its not possible but daycares have been open for months (my two kids are there). Kids have been congregating outside of school. My neighbors have been having sleepovers and get togethers routinely. I'm sure its similar across the country. I understand thats not on the scale of a school but at what point do we accept that we can try to open schools? Months? Years?
  6. If you've been following I've been talking about all the health risks that we as a nation accept relating to being overweight or obese. That then leads to inflated numbers when a virus breaks out but everyone continues to ignore an underlying issue. So my original question was why should we care now? We as a nation gladly accept 99 health risks as far as being overweight but this 100th one is too much? I get it, its from transmission but if we were healthy would this even have set the alarm bells off as much as it did? Or would a bad bug just worked its way through? (Im not saying nobody would have died.) So here we are, doing unprecedented things (more than just masks) and im asking why do we all of a sudden care so much about covid but ignore and even encourage being overweight? It can be both a serious virus and cause an overreaction at the same time. Unless of course we're suddenly going to take health seriously. That's why I'm indifferent to masks. We dont actually care about health on a serious enough scale for these reactions to make sense. We accept death.
  7. Because I think its an outsized reaction? I'm not anti-mask to the point where I'm throwing fits in stores that require it and I'd certainly wear it if it was required. The death rate appears to be heading lower. So whats the threshold to have reactions like this in the future? And if we're so afraid of this then why are more serious health issues flat out ignored? Thats my point. Im not talking about hippos. Real health issues that then make viruses like this have a larger impact than they otherwise would. What's the goal? The median death of this thing is 80. I mean it sucks that's its here but everyone seems to act like healthy people under 50 are dropping dead. Its not just a binary option of hoax or we're all gonna die.
  8. I don't doubt any of that but I dont think this rises to the occasion to still be so afraid of each other and be spooked of non mask wearers. We can agree its out there. We can agree its serious. But we've learned things about it now and to me its an outsized reaction compared to the risk that we routinely accept. So what are the goals? Whats the threshold?
  9. I have no problem wearing one if its required. And it looks like we're all heading that way so I'd just prefer if it was a federal mandate at this point. My issue is the over reaction we've had to this thing. Three months ago? Sure. But we know more now and yet people are still treating this as if its a death sentence. Its time to take a deep breath to look at the data and relax a bit. If a median death age of 80 scares us that much then we have much more serious health crisis that we need to solve in this country instead of it being constantly ignored. Im not saying go out and have a bunch of orgies. And again, what are the goals? Whats the threshold? Its all vague.
  10. Except those same people consistenly choosing the crappy food and not exercising are landing the more serious covid cases thus inflating the numbers. This pandemic wouldn't be affecting as many people if we were healthy. Be sure to judge them as harsh as you do the anti-maskers.
  11. (Disclaimer - I hope Trump loses every state. Feel like that needs to be said before being pegged muh MAGA) As a young healthy adult I wear a mask if required but not if it isn't. Does that make me anti-mask? This is probably less of an anti-mask reasoning and more of anti-overreaction considering what we value as a nation. This isnt necessarily to downplay the seriousness of corona. My reasoning is why now? Why do we suddenly care so much about every death with this virus? Sure its worse than the flu but what amount of deaths are we ok with before going on this mask/lockdown crusade? 3x the flu, 5x, 10x? We don't care about health in this nation. The follow the science crowd has been ignoring the science in terms of health risks with being overweight or obese for years. We're even trained to not just ignore the health risks of being overweight but embrace the inner beauty of overweight people or "plus size models are sexy too." Now absolutely being overweight is personal and not contagious like a virus. But like so many other things, corona seems to have an effect on the overweight more than the person that takes care of their body. How many deaths wouldn't have happened from corona if we were a healthy nation? How many less hospitalizations would we have had? Would length of hospital visits be down? I'll see a headline of "30 year old dies from corona" and when I click the link sure enough the person was 50-100 lbs overweight. That doesn't make it less tragic im just saying we don't care about our health as a nation and a narrative is even pushed to make it rude to encourage anyone to take control of their health. I'm considered a jerk if I dont mask up and a jerk if I tell someone they may want to start eating healthier/exercise. Will we actually care about our health after something like this that way our bodies have a better chance of fighting off the next virus? Will headlines read "100 lb overweight man dies of heart attack" like the current "man goes to covid party, gets covid" headlines read today? I doubt it. How many athletes have tested postive for this now? How many died? How many even required a hospital visit? Its almost as if taking care of yourself pays dividends in the health department when unwanted viruses come along. Yes I know some young perfectly healthy people have had bad outcomes but thats life with any virus. The odds are in your favor if you're healthy but we don't care. The collective personal decisions as a nation to ignore the health risks of being overweight make a virus like this worse than what it is. Other than the elderly, would this have caused mass panic if we were healthy or would it have just been considered a bad bug? If NYC didn't blunder their LTC facility response and we were a healthy nation, would we even be having this discussion? Now we got to mask up and treat those that don't like criminals? Fine but what exactly are the goals here? When does it end? When it is completely gone? When the median age of death is 85 instead of 80? Its just vague "slow the spread" and "in this together" slogans. Once corona passes will we be cool with 50k flu deaths a year again and stay overwhelmingly overweight as a country? Will a bad flu season put us back into our bubbles? What is the threshold? Suddenly I'm supposed to make it my objective to care about everyone's health in a nation that 70% of adults don't care enough about their own health and the other 30% have minor corona risk even if they got it? (Ignoring our 70+ age demo here)Tell me why? Just to feel like I'm doing something? In a nation that overwhelmingly ignores the science of health and fitness, I'm supposed to be a mask crusader in the name of health science?
  12. Couldn't you ask this question on any normal day? People drink bottled water for whatever their own personal reason is when things are rosy. It is a billion dollar industry after all. If people think they are going to be confined to their house and are normal bottled water drinkers then why wouldn't they be buying water?
  13. Kirkland update 120 residents as of 2/19 54 have been transferred to hospitals 26 have died (normal monthly deaths are 3-7) 70 of 180 employees are showing symptoms If this thing goes unchecked and spreads to a large number of care facilities and older folks not in care facilities (through 30 and 40 year olds that say "meh just the flu") you can see how quickly hospitals will be overrun. Younger people will need hospital care as well. Then on an economic impact what happens to half empty care facilities and their employees? This isn't just a "but they're old and had health issues" story.
  14. Go enjoy your car bud, you have another three or four weeks until you can gloat about FCF. Oh and there's a stock thread down the hall.