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  1. Definitely. Kristin Stewart's monologue was cringe-worthy. Like something they threw together in 5 minutes.
  2. Could anyone give me the best products/methods to throughly clean my shower? Half the shower is fiberglass and the other half glass. The fiberglass has some mold growth and the glass is covered in soap scum. Two different products for this job?
  3. Eddie Money died poor job of reading this thread by me.
  4. Yeah a bad trip. So over the top high that it is not enjoyable. Racing thoughts of death/paranoia. Difficulty breathing/ racing heartbeat Etc.
  5. I love em. But I use a half THC and half CBD blend. And I'm very careful to dose only the size of a grain of rice. Makes me feel fine. Otherwise, you're right. Go overboard on these and you're in for a very bad time.
  6. Picked up one of the mega-size Costco chicken pot pies yesterday. I love these things. Only available fall/winter. $18 a pop, but feeds my family for days. There must be at least two pounds of chicken in each one.
  7. My doctor is switching me from a CPAP to a BiPap. I guess my problem is more central sleep apnea than obstructive. I'm not enthusiastic because I about suffocated when trying the BiPap during my sleep study. Anybody make this switch?
  8. Yep. I have tried many cartridges. They never seem to give me the kick that actual flower does. I highly recommend Storz & Bickel products for all your flower vaping needs.
  9. lots of WR and TE talk here fellas. I need an RB bad.
  10. Even if he signed today, are you comfortable starting him Week 1? I can't believe the Cowboys would give him a full load considering the time he's had off. He probably has a lot of rust to shake off also.
  11. anybody else starting to think this hype train is getting a little out of control? I like Chubb too but not sure he's worth a first round pick. Especially for PPR. Last year he received above 3 targets only one time. Being drafted in front of Conner could be a mistake (he averaged 5.5 targets per game)
  12. Even if you were to turn the team around and make it into some kind of contender, this commish seems like the type of guy who you might have a tough time collecting winnings from.
  13. Email all the owners. Because of your misfortune, ask to have the #1 priority for the first five weeks or whatever.