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  1. I had a Panasonic plasma that was 12 and a half years old. Thing was a OAK. Never a problem. 720p Still going strong but I donated it to Goodwill. 12 and a half years is long enough! I bought a new OLED.
  2. I've been reading up on the soccer trading exchanges in the UK. These seem pretty cool. not legal for US players. Are there any similar options available for soccer betting? Not sure I want to go the VPN route to achieve this. Thanks.
  3. So a guy I know wants to try his hand at gambling on English football - Premier League, Champions, Championship. Can you recommend some websites or resources with information regarding this? Someplace with news and wagering discussion. Are there any expert tipsters on Twitter to follow? Thanks
  4. Do we really need advertising projected on the pitching mound now?
  5. are you kidding I got in at ARZ -15.5 -115. Thanks for the encouragement! As soon as my bet entered the line moved to ARZ -18.5. Cool! Live betting is fun and probably a little addictive.
  6. Anybody have any success with live, in-game betting? Any sport. I'd like to start trying this more often and would love any tips you could offer.
  7. keep it rockin Brian. I'm gonna follow you this week: 2 team parlay NE -9 Miami -9
  8. Local 6th grade teacher is fuming after today's distance lesson. He forgot to turn off the Allow Users To Annotate function on his Zoom meeting. One of his students drew a huge #### on one of his slides.
  9. Thanks for your help everyone. Hated to do it, but I placed the mount higher up the wall and then drilling was a breeze. I am dead money right in the middle of the stud so I bet the above answer is the correct one.
  10. I'm using a new titanium bit good for wood or metal. Offdee mentioned maybe I'm drilling into concrete. That's not possible but aren't there metal bracings that hold wood studs? Maybe that's what I'm hitting to get resistance.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I think I just have a old, crappy drill. It is 1200 rpm. I picked up a 2500 rpm drill from Ace and going to give that a try.
  12. I'm trying to install a mount for my new big screen TV on my wall. The mount requires drilling 4 quarter-inch holes that are 2.75 inches deep into wood studs. I have DeWalt titanium drill bits. Holy hell I am leaning into this drill full force and it is not moving much at all. The drill bit starts smoking so much I could cook smores if I wanted. Would a different drill bit help this problem? Do I need a better drill? I know it's not easy drilling into wood studs but I didn't think it would be this difficult. Thanks for any advice. eta: the first 1/2 inch of that 2.75 inches is drywall
  13. This is going to forever change public education as we know it. There's no way most of these kids are going to return to the way it was before.