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  1. So did Hamilton have a thing with the older sister? Or were they just friends?
  2. You guys have inspired me. I'm going to buy a Camp Chef pellet grill. Unless someone has a reason to not do this.
  3. When I was 2 my mom let me walk around the front bench seats of our car as she was driving around. WTF was she trying to kill me?
  4. Yes, your lungs will thank you once you give up burning weed and move to flower vaping. Plus you'll get higher. Storz & Bickel make the best flower vapes imo. They are costly but worth it.
  5. The Oregonian reports that: Coronavirus infections rising fastest among kids younger than 10, dimming prospects for Oregon's school reopening plans.
  6. Maybe Bluto was right all along?!? Researchers Are Looking At Cannabis As A Potential Way To Prevent COVID-19
  7. Can anybody take a deep breath using one of these? I think that's the thing I hate most about it. It fights me every time I try to take a deep breath. I'm guessing that's by design.
  8. I think That Smell is my favorite Skynyrd tune. hell of a price to get your kicks....
  9. I can only pray that at least maybe we have learned enough to spare future generations from our mistakes.
  10. Thanks for this. It's been awhile since I've seen Downtown Julie Brown.
  11. Sorry friend. It won't always be like that! It will get better. In Washington and Oregon we can place an order on the dispensary website. Drive to the place and they will bring it out to our car for us. Pretty sweet, eh?
  12. Oregon, which has maintained very low numbers throughout this, is also starting to show some concern. Over the last two days Oregon set records for the number of people testing positive. Hospitalizations have also increased 40% in the past week. Just when I thought we were close to done.
  13. The skill of gymnastics.... ...and the kill of karate.