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  1. The Dems think Russia wants Trump in there and maybe they did last election. But now that he’s kicking Putin’s ### around every corner. Putin wants one of the Dem communist sympathizers in this go around, to destroy all the wealth strength we have.
  2. Just thought I'd come in this "Great Place" , put my feet up and smile...Such a great time to be an American...God Bless you all and God bless America.
  3. Godsbrother knows I'll feel different if a Democrat is in the Oval office within the next five years...
  4. I feel sorry for the liberal/ Democrats. What should be the happiest time of their life with all this prosperity the country is experiencing ,they are sad, angry and depressed. Hot tip of the day, college students get your psychology degrees they are going to need a lot of mental health help. Probably the fastest growing sector.
  5. No need to worry about 5 more years of prosperity and greatness!
  6. What is she a100 years old?... If she wasn’t selfish she would have stepped down while Obama was in office.
  7. Trump's job approval rating rises to 49 percent amid impeachment, highest since taking office, Gallup says
  8. I agree. If the democrats would actually do their job and help the president ‘ just think what we could do as a country.
  9. Decline... Take a look at your portfolio. If you are not winning, you have no one to blame but yourself.
  10. What a huge win for Trump and equally huge loss for the Democrats. Quite a kick in the junk. Just say uncle, the dems are getting slapped around like Billy Bob Thrton in Tombstone... Are you going to do something or just stand there and bleed.
  11. Apparently Trumps approval rating has climbed since the sham impeachment. Great strategy dems, you guys are right on top of things.
  12. Really.. most people didn’t know her before and can care less now.. Bye Bye
  13. Their mistake was bringing a weak case to the Senate. They should have subpoenaed Bolton at the House level. Oh it's a victory now and probably in November