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  1. Go back and send back are two different things.
  2. I keep seeing comments about Trumps lack of intelligence, and then he continually makes the democrats look stupid. I thought there would be no possible way Trump would get elected another term. Now he looks like a shoe-in
  3. If they just listened to your president.. They could have saved a ton of money and time.. Could have built 2,000 miles of the Great Wall for the cash they wasted.
  4. Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo better hope Trump gets re-elected, or they are out of a job.
  5. I should probably start being a little nicer to my dog. Because he is a nice dog, and too cover the bases.
  6. Perfect thread for this: Have a lot of things going on work/projects etc., haven't been sleeping well. I have a habit of watching and leaving the T.V. on while falling asleep and sleeping. Wake up some time in the early morning hours and stay awake an hour or so watching said t.v....The other evening I come home and find the cable reception down...Start my investigation and find that my dog has dug a hole and ate my cable leading to my house in half. That night no t.v. so I read about 20 minutes fall asleep and sleep like the dead until the morning alarm. (which by the way I normally wake before the alarm)... So I start pondering, did my dog eat my cable or was there divine intervention and God ate my cable?
  7. Correct and you also hold back the amount of water necessary to avoid a disaster.
  8. Leave race out of it and have a pre-test to vote. Suppress the uninformed voter.
  9. Its not the 4000-7000- in the first wave that is the problem...Floodgates are called floodgates for a reason...
  10. You want a living wage for American employees yet your actions speak differently...sorry that's just how it is.