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  1. thx... but I like the start bigger for optics, and you're right that he may turn it down straight up anyways
  2. ttt after answering others' questions
  3. I would take the JuJu side in a heartbeat
  4. if you're a contender, I'd go with either Kittle or Gordon. If you're stacked or rebuilding, then Guice or Kittle, but probably the former although he's probably a year a way from being a full time contributor.
  5. So, I'm a contender, and my QBs are Cam, Lamar, and Luck (now retired), so now I'm thin. I had traded Goff + 2019 1st + 2020 1st for Kamara. My other RBs are Gurley, Chubb, Damien Williams and Guice. a non-contending team would like Kamara, so I'm thinking of offering Kamara straight up for Mahomes. Per FBG, it's an even trade, and when I looked at projections, it gives me a little of VBD gain and a longer term asset. thoughts?
  6. they must be scared w/ Eli and no Odell, but yeah, accept it and run!
  7. Buckeye (OP), you should listen to Matt's RSP podcast this week, which is all about his lessons learned from mistakes. I think part of what you need to realize, is he evaluates his misses more from a criteria and process standpoint, than individual player misses although those are certainly the manifestation of any errors he's made or flaws in his process. You may or may not agree with him, or value the RSP, but at least you can't claim he doesn't acknowledge his errors or focus on continuous improvement/ adaptation.
  8. Concur with Rig24. Furthermore, I doubt the OP has thoroughly read the RSP or listened to enough of Waldman's podcasts to realize that Matt does in fact acknowledge he doesn't bat perfectly, and that he isn't addressing off the field factors. He also can't predict people's work ethic, intelligence, or cultural fit with the teams... or the team's coaching staff's willingness to tailor to the talent. There are so many variables which is why the NFL itself misses so much. I listen to various analysts, but Matt is definitely in my top 2, and I can certainly tell you he's contributed to some of my FF championships.
  9. Thanks Gally. I have Guice, but I am concerned with the REdskins offense - very few RBs can overcome a bad and inconsistent offense (see Cardinals last year) my current WRs are: OBJ, Evans, Hopkins, Watkins, D. Cain, D. Pettis, Robby Anderson. I am blessed to be loaded at WR, but I want to start grooming in the next generational window of WRs as these guys will be facing the end of their primes in about 3 yrs. So, I was considering trading Guice for DJ Moore + something. My current RBs are Todd Gurley, N. Chubb, Damien Williams, D. Guice, J. McKinnon, CJ Anderson, and J. Kelly. Would appreciate folks' thoughts/ considerations on this. thx
  10. for dynasty ppr league...either one would be WR4 or RB4 option...this is more about long term value play. concerned about the Redskins offense.
  11. I agree with Prinefan. RBs' shelf life is short, and he may still get challenged. would rather stash DG and get another shot with the 2.05.
  12. Hi Sig, Congrats on the the move and happy holidays! thx mostly to you, Matt and Jene, I'm in the finals for 2 of my 3 leagues. Would appreciate your thoughts on starting line ups (both are full ppr) League #1: 2 of 3 QBs: Goff, Lamar, Luck best 3 from: Robby Anderson, Mike Evans, Dante Pettis, Josh Reynolds, Gurley, Kelley, and possibly CJ Anderson if I can pick him up on waivers. Best D from: Patriots, Cleveland, Indy or Texans (yds and pts allowed, etc..) League #2: (20 pt underdog) pick one: Watson or Lamar best 3 of: John Kelley, Chris Conley, Ian Thomas, Courtland Sutton, and Trequan Smith
  13. Hi Sig, Thx for your help. Without you and Waldman, I wouldn't be in all three semi's across my leagues. League #1 - thx to the cruel FF playoff gods, I'm crippled and going into the semi as a 10-15 pt underdog. My only real choice for shooting for upside is D. Watson vs. L. Jackson - which one would you pick? League #2 - with OBJ out, would you back up with D. Pettis or J. Reynolds? thx again, btw, why are you moving to the Big Easy?