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  1. I would run away from this as fast as possible. There are so many basic framework questions unsettled and potential distrust of the guy who may be commish or have significant influence. And the idea of changing any framework a year later with a future salary cap or other changes is baffling to me. In dynasty, I'm drafting/trading players indefinitely so I want the structure to be predictable into the future. Personally, I also hate transactional fees (real currency) because it can inhibit trading which is vital to a league's long term viability. Now, if you want to chat about starting a dynasty league yourself and the pros/cons of certain structures and rules, I'd be happy to share my experience. Before you do that, my best suggestion is understand what you like/dislike so you build accordingly. If you don't yet have a lot of experience to know, join some internet based leagues with different formats and see what works best for you. Once rookie fever starts building, new leagues will start more frequently and league openings will be posted here (I also use DLF). A lot of these leagues will be free or low cost if you're patient. Good luck!