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  1. Arian Foster. Drafted him in two local redraft bar leagues in 2010 when everyone thought Ben Tate would be the starter. Won 1st in one & 2nd in the other. "My" 2nd best, I talked my girlfriend into drafting Priest Holmes in a redraft when he was coming back from an ACL & slid to late 1st round, I then bombed the next two picks (can't remember who I picked but I think one was Peerless Price). I let her take over & she took Ahman Green, Brett Favre & Jerry Rice (her dad was a Packer fan & her brother grew up a 49er fan so she knew who Rice was). Career years for all 4 so she won her league & I had to eat crow as one of my teams didn't even make the playoffs & the other lost in the first round. She was registered under my login tho so I got the certificate. That counts, right?
  2. I don't think so. Team trading away Rodgers was 8-5 last season & the 3rd highest scoring team. Has Palmer as a #2. Team getting Rodgers was 5-8 last season, middle of the pack in scoring & has Smith as backup.
  3. 12 team PPR dynasty. Aaron Rodgers, Sneed, 4.11 For Prescott, Tate, 4.03
  4. Its not the order. Think Fournette, Davis, Howard & Juju were taked 2yrs ago. Cook & Williams last year. So it's basically 2.8 instead of 1.12
  5. 12 team PPR devy. Fournette, Cook, McCaffrey, Williams, Davis, Juju, Howard gone. 1.12 for Lacy (team getting Lacy also also has Rawls)
  6. The UT line has had issues but started getting better last season. They've got a couple holes still to fill from graduations of starters but gained alot of experience last season. Hurd & Kamara swap out quite a bit & with a running QB in Dobbs, Hurd is primed for an impressive season. As a Vols fan, I'm certainly hoping so
  7. TE premium (1.5 PPR), also have to start 2 & can start up to 4 with the flex spots Ladarius Green for 1.12