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  1. Also with Fleming, 2nd and 3rd place finishers could keep the money they earned that day.
  2. death threats and other unpleasant things. Which taught me to question authority.
  3. Moscow on the Hudson. Likely rated R for the language in a couple scenes.
  4. single jeopardy $1000 - he hit it very early Double jeopardy, 1st DD he bet it all, over $10000, 2nd DD, he bet $25000
  5. And he breaks a 1-day record by getting over $110,000
  6. 898th Most Common Surname in the World Approximately 591,026 people bear this surname MOST PREVALENT IN: Denmark HIGHEST DENSITY IN: Faroe Islands I checked a variant spelling and it had different results. The difference has where it originated.
  7. Wisconsin 70s, they taught square dancing to the girls but not the boys.
  8. My sister and her husband are that way too. I have trouble finding subjects to walk with them.