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  1. It is a TV image. It is not painted on the field.
  2. Seattle, Vancouver, St Louis*, Kansas City, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Buffalo, San Diego *St Louis got a perpetual payment not to join the NBA
  3. Take a Chance on me. Hoping that song would apply to me.
  4. Marquette University changed to Golden Eagles.
  5. Saturday in the Park - Chicago
  6. There was a theater that showed family-friendly films during but played hardcore X movies at night. Does that count?
  7. I use a full-face mask. I found that I need one difficult to remove otherwise it does not stay on for long.
  8. peanut butter and chocolate ice cream, m&m cookies, Milky Way midnight bar.
  9. Last week, then February. 4 on sides and back. Longer in the front as the top of my head is thinning.
  10. There were multiple mentions (spoken and graphically) that it was a new episode today.
  11. Tulsi:
  12. only 2 more are scheduled. There will be no audience for the next debate because of the coronavirus.