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  1. Sen. Paul Simon hod a boring voice.
  2. He wanted $20M to play and the XFL doesn't have the wherewithal to pay that.
  3. The Capital One ad where a woman "has to" interrupt a wedding just to give a sales pitch.
  4. Started off going for 3. I don't think they can change their declaration after a penalty.
  5. One of the announcer last week said that each crew will have a female official.
  6. The first Sunday game is not much better.
  7. I am feeling a bit better now. Had a nice dinner I liked. With the busyness of the board, I never started a topic here thinking whatever I started would be a Honda. I wouldn't know what to start since I have a boring life and I don't know that many people. Thanks for the fine words.
  8. This is one of the most depressing days of the year. I will try to treat myself, since I don't have loved ones.
  9. Especially during February sweeps. I would think they would put in smarter contestants to boost ratings.