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  1. Bought some shares this year. Seems like a really solid player with good upside
  2. Yeah not a who do I start but I’m going to play two of OBJ, Larry Fitzgerald, and Chark. Very seriously considering benching Odell this week. Can’t take another 2 catch performance with guys putting up big numbers against vulnerable defenses [NO and ATL)
  3. Darnold cleared to start just now so that does lean towards a positive influence for Herndon if he is also cleared by Gase.
  4. Picked him up in a TE premium league as a what the heck flier in case Greg Olson doesn’t come out of this funk or gets hurt again. Hoping for that late season production the Jets had last season. Will be curious to see Herndons usage assuming Darnold comes back in the next 2 weeks. Anyone starting him week 6 assuming he’s cleared and active? Thinking it’s pretty risky.
  5. I don’t think it was was just a fantastic hustle play by Odum. I don’t think McCoy was prepared for the contact from behind but i don’t think a reasonable observer could say he was being careless with the ball.
  6. Desperate for help with bye week issues (Lev Bell, Breida) an injured Shady and no Gordon back yet. Had to pick him up for this week. Not holding out hope for too much but maybe some decent checkdown passing opportunity with the new QB back there?
  7. I have been trying to figure that out too. I’m guessing it was a scheme thing as the snap counts show he was in on 94% of the defensive plays in week 1. Sure hated to see a one tackle line from a high DB pick like him though.
  8. The Score app is what I’ve used for a few years. Extremely fast to switch between games, teams, stats, etc. No slow down with unneeded clutter. Just very clean and simple.
  9. Didn’t watch the game but his stat line from yesterday was unusually poor. Any thoughts on how he actually looked yesterday and why the stats weren’t there given the opportunity he had?
  10. He should have had the W there. Vinatieri misses 3 kicks, Ebron loses a TD to the ground. Colts invested a ton on defense the past two drafts and got shredded and he still had them in it. Lots of talents and encouraging to see that run game to take pressure off him. He will be fine this year. Not a superstar but a good functional QB He does need to develop a touch pass though. Everything seems to come out of his hand at ludicrous speed.
  11. The whole Luck thing sucked the wind out of the excitement for the season but I’m excited to see what they can do as well. Should be a really really good defense and Jacoby has a lot of weapons at his disposal. Still think they’re a playoff team.
  12. Hmm..a giants homer with skewed perspective maybe? Stats say he had fewer drops and a higher catch percentage than both OBJ and Shepherd last year. I’d say someone with a 70% catch rate is doing ok.
  13. I’m on board. If healthy I think he beats out Kittle and Ertz for the number 2 overall. Sky is the limit for him this year.