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  1. If you want to hear Colts GM Ballard talk about Lucks injury directly here is an interview he did with former Colts punter Pat Mcafee. Sounds like they didn’t know what it was and it was some type of compound problem.
  3. 4pm EDT. Can we shut this down now officially?
  4. 2nd half was weird for sure given how good they looked in the first. Jags came out start of 3rd and ran a 17 play drive eating a ton of clock. Colts had a holding penalty and went three and out their first 3rd qtr Drive. That was really all they got in the 3rd. Lucks INT in the 4th should have been a huge gain but it was a bad drop/tip by Mo Alie-Cox. They turtled up a bit rest of the 4th with short drives and ineffective running. Luck has looked great and no reason to see it stop as the line continues to improve.
  5. Well what do you know. Another Colts receiver has a ball go through his hands and results in an INT. Colts skill players have just awful hands.
  6. I think a lot of us are in that same boat. Greg the leg simply has too much upside to not try and hold him for a week or two. Plus LAR play against Bears and Eagles in weeks 14 and 15. Both good defenses which could mean more stalled drives in the redzone.
  7. He is going to absolutely destroy PIT next Monday night at home.
  8. Plugged him in with Fournette out. So pleased with the result. Didn’t get to see any of the game but can’t wait to see his snaps. Hopefully SSND does his highlights this week!
  9. Yep. First run in the tape for McCaffery last week. Also could see Lee whiffing on another tackle and being out of position a few times.
  10. Guy is just shook. Need to sit him at this point.
  11. From what I have read he isn’t filling in for Jones..he beat him out for that slot during camp and offseason. Norton had that in his preseason week 3 Eyes of the Guru article too Jones was inactive w ankle injury so maybe it’s more of a timeshare going forward but we will have to monitor.
  12. Totally agree. It was only a 4 yard or so pass but TD to Hilton was definitely gunned in there. Perhaps best thing for me was knowing he threw it 53 times and was looking better as the game went on. Throw to Doyle at the end was a strike and likely would have led to a Colt W if Doyle doesn’t fumble it away.
  13. Kentrell Bryce (s-GB) had a nice little game last night. Flowed to the ball very well and did great helping stop the run. Anybody have snap counts or thoughts on him? I know he was the better looking safety all through camp and favored to win SS spot. Edit it to add he played all 70 defensive snaps and looks to have been strong safety.
  14. Great accuracy but it wasn’t a frozen rope. Still very encouraging and it removes some of the doubt in my mind. He also shook of some big hits in the game so that also is a good sign. TD to Ebron week 1
  15. Wasn’t looking to do,it but he is just too good of a value this year so I’m onboard again. Hoping to get 10 games out of him.
  16. Tagging as I got him super late last night. Feels like a lottery ticket type player that I couldn’t resist.
  17. Lots of talk about what owners might think of him and who might give him a chance in the future. I think the bigger problem he will face is who on earth would agree to be his coordinators after seeing what he did to the guys he brought on board for the Colts. Would any hot prospect OC or DC want to trust and work for McDaniels? I doubt it. And that means as a HC he’s going to have trouble assembling talent.
  18. Jury is still out on O’Brien but 3 seasons at 9-7 in a weak AFC South and then 4-12 last season. Not exactly stellar stuff. Yeah they had a ton of injuries but still not impressed with them yet.
  19. In. As you guys have already said, I’m also hoping they trade down and pick up some additional picks. It does seem like McDaniels is our guy. Not sure I feel about that. He flamed out in DEN and no BB coach has had success outside of NE. Can Josh be the first in Indy?
  20. Ajayi wasn’t a huge factor but man does he run hard. Sets a tone for the offense.
  21. dominant performance by PHL tonight. Super impressive. Defense is legit and incredible offensive play calling.
  22. As one of millions who will be rooting for PHL against NE I sincerely hope their DL can pressure and hit Brady all game. JAX did great first half but wasn’t touching him in the 4th quarter when Brady did what Brady does.