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  1. names you're bringing up are all in my target range, RoJo, Henderson, maybe even Hunt. Conner is easily RB1 in my league setup so he's out of reach, but who knows. will report back on results in a few days.
  2. huh, you all make some great points. this isn't as black and white as i initially thought. along the lines of CalBear's post above, if the offense is on the field to start the play to look like they're going for it on fourth with the punter in as an eligible receiver or something, and then last second they punt it anyway. wouldn't the D/ST get credit for this punt if such a stat existed in your league?
  3. curious on your projection going forward on these players MoP. both Gordon and Henderson are performing at roughly RB2 range and projected to perform there ROS in non-PPR, I guess this could be quite different in PPR, but who would you target as an improvement over them? I have Higgins with several other receivers rated in that just-around-top-20 range whom I was thinking about flipping also, so largely same question you're asking from the other side. My target include the two you're trying to unload in Gordon/Henderson plus a backup QB for two Higgins-level receivers. Haven't floated this yet to the other owners.
  4. wrong analogy here. whether there is a QB there or not it's the offense on the field. Interestingly, on CBS, there is no way to allow this to score for an offensive player even if I wanted to. Once the team is in punt formation the resulting play will always be credited to the D/ST unless it's IDP. Even so, it'll be scored as an IDP play and not an offensive play. I think the discussion here is more on whether the NFL should/would score this as an offense/special teams play, but in fantasy, like others have said, it's all about how it's set up. I actually would have just accepted that this is a D/ST play, but lots of merit on scoring this for the offense.
  5. Will be the 8th different OL to start the season if this holds up. on paper this looks like the best oline we've had all year even with the concerns with Peters. wish they would have left Mailata on the left though, like many of you mentioned over the last couple weeks i thought he was developing well there.
  6. Raging Bull is probably one of his best movies that didn't end up defining his future roles. you could say he got typecasted out of certain roles and maybe i need to go back and watch it again, it has been decades, but i don't remember anything from his character out of Raging Bull that had much influence on his later roles. never saw cape fear, so there's that.
  7. He's still on IR. DJax went into IR though so there is an open spot in the active roster, which I'm sure they are hoping to fill with Reagor before Sunday. Everything moving in the right direction on both of these moves, DJax out, Reagor in!
  8. i'm not sure what the new title means, if it's a local thing in Philly, but i live in LA and been saying that after every Eagles loss not really a Lakers fan though...
  9. here is the good reel from last night:
  10. first two targets in the game were uncatchable so not on him. but i wanna say there were three targets including that TD miss where he misjudged the ball with a defender close to him each time. before last night I noticed he had really good hands and majority of his catches were not body catches, which is part of what drew me into picking him up. last night i saw a these that weren't so clean and had forgotten he's basically a rookie. i looked for a highlight reel but only found one with his catches, which lol goes against my point here.
  11. this. in case anyone missed the best game of the season last night, he showed quite a number bad techniques and had at least one catchable TD go through his hands. it wasn't Engram bad, but should have caught it. he played well overall, but not in the elite neighborhood for now. let's see if he can continue to build on his opportunities.
  12. you know, during the game I thought his arms were not fully extended, but still, 100% catchable.
  13. Reagor needs to come back and step up so we can put this DJ situation to bed. I actually love watching DJ play, but some guys are just not made for the game.