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  1. From NFL's marketability perspective, the persona of the teams to the rest of the country has to take on the perceived persona of the city than any reality or what you just said. Angelo fits the bill.
  2. the thing that keeps going over some of your heads maybe... refs are not robots and "NFL should xyz" means next to nothing without officiating being done by robots. When you go to work, is everyone at your workplace top notch performers? I'd guess no. In most places it's the top 10% carrying everyone else in terms of productivity. same here. and NFL has strived to improve, but that means more rules that they can't enforce. it's like tax laws. what's the point of having a million tax laws if it can't be uniformly enforced? at this point it's a dead horse situation. no one on this thread is wrong and i sincerely mean that. and i for one hope people can accept these inconsistencies as part of the game because i'm not sure I care for a sporting world, in any sport, where these judgement calls are completely eliminated. That's called Madden. i mean, what else would we talk about if things like this never happened?
  3. i didn't see where the ref was standing who called it, so depending on his angle it could have looked even more blatant so like so many people stated, close, but not a bad call. Kittle fully extended his arm, so between that and the shoulder movement by the defender, ref would have seen those two movements as an easy call especially if he was behind the play away from the sideline. thinking most people saying "good call bad call" are going by the angle they showed on TV, but probably not what the ref saw. and totally agree with the folks saying this exact play probably goes uncalled more than half the time during games. it's under the microscope now because there were really no other real controversial plays in this game (kudos to the refs) and SF ended up losing (because Jimmy G sucks as expected by some of us ).
  4. i pay for Malwarebytes. between that and the Windows Firewall, i feel pretty good about my protection. Stopped using free versions of AVG and Avast about a year ago and went to Malwarebytes when that stuff @Walking Boot posted started to float around and i was getting bombarded with popups asking me to opt into stuff and pay for the pro version every five minutes.
  5. wives and husbands and life partners in general are exempt from this. i'm pretty sure the behavior is specifically listed in the job description. but who pays attention. i have learned to just ignore the behavior in people like this, i feel like i know too many, and keep them around for entertainment value. they're really good for venting, they don't remember anything u said.
  6. that would be Pittsburgh front office who let him go before Mayock got the chance.
  7. That right there is why Watkins will never be more than never was. Can u be more open?
  8. i'm shopping for new floors and i thought the thread said "Hard Wood Thread" so maybe "word" should be on the list. just sayin'...
  9. And AB showed zero signs of this craziness back then, so that must have been Ward's influence. /sarcasm +1 for Ward hire, one of my favorites to watch back in the day, especially how tough he played without the ball as already mentioned. Top notch work ethics, would be great for the team.
  10. this reminds me of the gramatica brothers, especially the one who hurt himself after making a fg in a meaningless game.
  11. agree with this. i am in the camp of doubting Wilson all of his career but he's got top tier talent and now clearly that veteran presence. Mahomes is getting there quicker than most, Jackson is probably a few years away. Once Brees and Rodgers leave the game, Wilson probably will be finally in the conversation at least.
  12. not necessarily bad attitude, but the Cutler comparison keeps coming up from Rosen's nonchalant attitude. lack of urgency was an issue for him in college, or the appearance of it, and he was one of those nurtured, entitled kids. mechanically he had the right tools, above the neck though he's just about what I expected in the NFL. he needs a lot of attitude tuning and would need a strong coach to get him there, if he can get there at all.
  13. this board is wrong at so many levels on this, seeing that the second option has the most votes, yet first and the third options are the right answers.
  14. drafting Wentz i think was the right call and it did get us a superbowl technically, albeit not because of him. on the other hand, this. i dunno how i get behind Wentz next season always worried about the next injury. this kid's cursed.