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  1. I hope this is all true if only for this week, Mack is my lone running back for this week in the FBG contest.
  2. Rodgers really gotta stop hitting receivers in the hands smh.
  3. earlier in the game aaron jones had a wide open td pass drop at the 1. no one around, ball hit him in the hands. it's been all j williams since. then ajones came back in teh game when I posted that, caught a lateral, and ran two yards backwards. the dude has to be nervous as hell.
  4. i think aaron rodgers might get aaron jones cut during half time.
  5. good angle that isn't conventional wisdom in the situation i think, totally agree with this.
  6. i personally have serious doubts about this. i think he's a better than good receiver who looked like a great receiver while playing with AB. Great receivers can overcome decent QB plays and i feel like he's had that with these backups. it's not like the QB's are constantly throwing behind or over him. jury out on him for me, i still not sold on him as a legit WR1 even if Big Ben had not been hurt. I thought Kupp's return would maybe hurt Woods a bit but not enough to relegate him out of the starting lineup nor did I think it would impact Cooks at all. Totally wrong. Kupp's return killed all receiver values in LA except Kupp's. Watching Goff's tendencies, I feel like Kupp's return is actually hurting Goff's value too. For whatever reason his accuracy to all other receivers looks to be very poor. His accuracy to Kupp is just god enough for Kupp to use his skills to secure the ball. in a way, it's like he's getting lazy and only focused on the short routes to Kupp. that's what I see the last three games. Or Goff just isn't a good QB like I thought he was, which was kind of already proven in the SB and it's not about the receivers at all. Speaking of Goff, his Combine buddy Wentz not exactly off to a hot start. granted his receiving corp keeps changing with injury and not having preseason reps probably hurt a little bit, but does he look like a first pick QB? Eagles certainly not clicking on the offense like they were expected to behind that great o-line. Potentially Goff/Wentz not so good early picks for these teams. Sticking with the Eagles, and not ready to call this "right" yet, but took a chance on Jordan Howard as my RB3 and looks like that's trending in the right direction. This was both my hope that Howard is more like the Howard 2017 than Howard 2018 AND that Miles Sanders isn't a world beater. I read so much about how much Sanders moves laterally and that's proving to be 100% accurate. The dude would improve his ypc by one full yard if he stopped moving side to side and just hit the hole on his carries. Not bad ypc on his catches though. On the other hand, Jordan Howard is quite possibly the slowest 1000 yard rusher in the NFL.
  7. per RotoWire MVS a full participant at practice today, Friday. looks like he'll be WR1 again this Sunday, for whatever that's worth at this point. WR1 for the Packers and i am ecstatic i don't have to start him. so wrong. hope he goes off for anyone who needs him.
  8. per RotoWire Cooks cleared the protocol today and is not on the injury list for Sunday.
  9. +1 on sleeperbot, it's like twitter on steroids for fantasy football
  10. MyFBG does work just like what he described actually. the 5 second primer is close, with maybe the only thing lacking being the analysis we see here on the board by the community, which I find carries a lot of value in itself, sometimes more so than expert rankings and advice.
  11. but here's the thing. when you say "startable players," you can't define it. it means something different for everyone. FBG and the Sharkpool has the info you want, you have to go find it though. what you described is absolutely a great idea, but a message board thread won't accomplish this unless you have someone dedicated enough to your definition of "startable players," which is only you. yes, my first response was snarky, this one isn't. would you want to take this on? why would anyone else? we're not staff. as far as news for your player only, I assume you play in a league that's hosted somewhere. even yahoo's interface gives you news just for your players. what you get here is a more in depth analysis of the news, but the news i assume is already there for you wherever you are hosting your league. my snarky answer was more fun to type that these obvious things.
  12. this sounds like you're asking for a summary of the Shark Pool in a single thread based on players you care about so you can link to the actual thread that has the information from that thread. so, like a search function. but not the search function. this sounds like a great idea and you should start that thread each week. please make sure it's updated daily. you might want to use the search function to find the threads with the info you need at the start of each day to make sure it's updated. Thank you in advance.
  13. but it doesn't. i admit i'm old school, but you don't get to "make up" for #### like this. we give these kids too much leeway. coaches gotta do their jobs too. admitting also there's the flip side, bienemy could have been spouting some bs that wasn't helpful at the time, so no way to really judge this without knowing what he was saying.