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  1. mccaffrey owner here and fully on board with sky is the limit for this kid. buuuuuuuut, as a general narrative and within this context of the #1 pick for the year. there is absolutely a possibility of a regression on usage here with Cam back in the picture healthy. I'd think the Panthers have to focus around Cam this year if for nothing else because of his contract coming up for renewal next year, which is already being talked about now in the media. that i think will have to mean more Cam and less mccaffrey at some level. so i personally would lean heavily to barkley if i was in a redraft league. giants have to lean on him. no more obj to bail out whoever ends up at qb there. if it turns out Cam is not back to form with the new throwing motion and what not reported so far, then this choice would be much much closer.
  2. To be fair to Lat... Rush attmpts, average yards per attempt, and first down conversion rate for attempts 3 yds or less for first down or TD: 2016 (OAK) 47 att 3.7872 yds/att 0.6596 conversion /// League average 3.09 yds/att 0.6182 conversion for all RB's with at least 10 attempts 2017 (MIN) 37 att 2.3243 yds/att 0.5676 conversion /// League average 3.13 yds/att 0.6046 conversion for all RB's with at least 10 attempts 2018 (MIN) 18 att 0.9444 yds/att 0.5556 conversion /// League average 3.23 yds/att 0.6203 conversion for all RB's with at least 10 attempts Knowing how bad that o-line was at minnesota and the fact that Cook equally had 18 such attempts in 2018, he's probably more like the 2016 version than he is 2018. There's no denying his stats for 2018 stinks, but that looks anomalous. (stats courtesy of Data Dominator)
  3. looks like you tried everything i would try except one. check the CPU itself. The putty (arctic silver) that the CPU sits on sometimes dry out and that causes the CPU to overheat quickly even with a cooling fan on top of it. my pc had this issue twice in the last decade and it's a cheap fix. the two symptoms you pointed to, not booting and booting after a few tries but shutting down on its own, were the two symptoms I remember seeing before figuring this out. you keep pointing out how old it is and technically age isn't a factor at 7 years.
  4. cersei said "our child" and he got on his knee to pet the tummy. he just found out about the baby and thinks it's his. and from a few episodes ago...
  5. this. in the episode jon comes to meet dani for the first time, the red woman said to Varys something to the tune of i'll be returning to this land to die and so will you. since she died, i assume he's next.
  6. noticed NK wasn't there on the last scene of the episode. noticed NK nor the dead dragon was shown in any of the previews for next week. NK has a specific target, a lot was said in last night's episode that implied the target would be Bran. But is it though? I refuse to believe this is all of a sudden lazy writing for such an epic show.
  7. alternative theory, after doing the deed Yuron rubbed her tummy and said "i'm gonna put a son in there" or something like that. y guess is she let him f her as a backup plan so she can say the baby is Yuron's when Jamie is dead, at least based on her plans. so pretty sure she is pregnant. or, alternative alternative theory, she wasn't pregnant like u said and she got pregnant with Yuron, which she will try to sell as Jamie's baby when Jamie comes back home alive and well.
  8. two already mentioned in the thread that i'd think would be in the top 5 for me are mr robot and friday night lights. too bad friday night lights is probably much bigger for football fans, cause as a drama it's hands down the best i ever watched. the music and directing on that show was top notch. breaking bad easily better than both of these though (my vote). parts of the wire towards the end was just awful to me compared to the first three seasons, so that ruined it for me in terms of best rating. in that sense, the first season of true detectives would also make the list if we were cherry picking.
  9. i guess i can agree with the cutleresque comment since Rosen has always been that too laid back and no sense of urgency kind of a guy throughout his college career. but i don't know about the implication here that he's a locker room issue. lack of leadership qualities? maybe. in that sense that cutler comparison hits home. he was definitely known to show immaturity early on at UCLA and did not apologize for it. it is interesting to see hundley land here. i thought rosen had backed up hundley as a freshman, turns out they didn't overlap. but rosen did play as a freshman in a system that was built for hundley. (neuheisel scounted hundley, one of the top 3 dual threat qb's coming out of high school in the country; mora scouted rosen, rated the best high school qb in the country; mora coached both exclusively after neuheisel got the boot before hundley's freshman season). both careers derailed though because of horrendous oline plays, albeit it was largely injury related to the center and both guard positions. seemingly cursed positions for the bruins during that time.
  10. don't know if i believe this specific story, but i'm fairly certain QB's do things to spite <fill in the blank here whoever they are hating on at the time> in games. what i don't think happens is that the QB in question is so calculating as to think this through, like the narrative here. if ben did this on purpose, it was a momentary childish lapse of judgement, not some "i'm gonna make a point" action imo. the narrative comes after the fact.
  11. if Murray wasn't the (arguably) the top pick for this draft and AZ didn't have the top pick in the draft, would this still be true? what if AZ didn't have a top 5 pick, or what if the clear top 5 picks in this draft wasn't a QB? would there be still this much talk about AZ moving on from Rosen as a given? I would think not. they're in a tough spot. Murray could just as easily be a bust #1 pick.
  12. i think the narrative is going this direction, at least around this board, and it's really tough to put it on him. coming out of college I was hoping he'd land somewhere he can sit for at least one year, I didn't think he was NFL ready. but he's got enough talent that I still think he can be a franchise QB. the problems in AZ was so varied that a first year QB had no chance of succeeding. look at DJ's production, that team needs work. not sure what it was, there was zero chemistry anywhere on that offense. sucks for him to have this same offensive line problem through college and then come to the pros to have the same. i hope AZ does trade him to a better situation, even if he is a backup for a year or two. staying in AZ will kill this kid's career early.