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  1. don't know if i believe this specific story, but i'm fairly certain QB's do things to spite <fill in the blank here whoever they are hating on at the time> in games. what i don't think happens is that the QB in question is so calculating as to think this through, like the narrative here. if ben did this on purpose, it was a momentary childish lapse of judgement, not some "i'm gonna make a point" action imo. the narrative comes after the fact.
  2. if Murray wasn't the (arguably) the top pick for this draft and AZ didn't have the top pick in the draft, would this still be true? what if AZ didn't have a top 5 pick, or what if the clear top 5 picks in this draft wasn't a QB? would there be still this much talk about AZ moving on from Rosen as a given? I would think not. they're in a tough spot. Murray could just as easily be a bust #1 pick.
  3. i think the narrative is going this direction, at least around this board, and it's really tough to put it on him. coming out of college I was hoping he'd land somewhere he can sit for at least one year, I didn't think he was NFL ready. but he's got enough talent that I still think he can be a franchise QB. the problems in AZ was so varied that a first year QB had no chance of succeeding. look at DJ's production, that team needs work. not sure what it was, there was zero chemistry anywhere on that offense. sucks for him to have this same offensive line problem through college and then come to the pros to have the same. i hope AZ does trade him to a better situation, even if he is a backup for a year or two. staying in AZ will kill this kid's career early.
  4. just saw this also. adding link to story. and from another link:
  5. as a football fan it would be fun to watch this combo, but with MT there i just don't see this being a consideration for the saints. looking like brown's disgruntle-ness came in no small part because of juju's rise to fame, so no way he'd be happy playing opposite another great receiver like MT.
  6. I can't find the link to the article I read on this, it's floating around either on this thread or the Rams thread, but this topic is overblown at least from a contractual perspective according to the article. It was situational. I looked up his contract details to piece together what I remember from the article. Saints had him on his rookie contract through 2017 and in 2016 MT blew up as a rookie himself and Saints didn't have a need to resign Cooks to a big contract. They would have had to with his production. Instead Saints ended up with 1.1M dead money dealing him to Pats and the Pats got him for peanuts for a year. Salary for 2017 season was around 750K for the Pats. Pats also didn't want to sign him to a big contract, which he clearly deserved after the 1000 yard seasons with Saints and Pats. I don't think the Pats ever do this. So he technically had one contract before Rams committed to him. In the context of is he good enough to be a clear WR1 for a team, I think yes by a mile, but Saints said not for us (because of MT I assume) and Pats said we don't care.
  7. thought of Wilson when I wrote that and i don't disagree. Vick may not have been as accurate as Wilson, but the way he just flicked his wrist to throw 25+ yards on the run was just sick.
  8. had an entire week of this debate last week with my buddies. apparently there was a ESPN special about 100 greatest athletes of all time and Jim Brown was depicted as the greatest "football player" of all time, which prompted the discussion. our conclusion at least was that in football it has to be positional. NBA in contrast could have a greatest player of all time, but it's easier for one athlete to play every position in basketball. baseball was the opposite extreme, even more so that football. so it's too subjective. btw, greatest athlete to play QB has to be Vick. unless we're talking it has to be someone who actually won stuff, then Young still over Brady.
  9. Kick officially ruled as a blocked fg. saw mention of this yesterday, expected to see it mentioned here somewhere. not that it changes anything, or maybe Parkey's career doesn't end here.
  10. He still plays for the eagles. Good job agent parkey, ur check is in the mail.