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  1. For myself personally, I agree with those who said this is your service and your forum, Joe, I don't have any problems with your social and political commentary on any of the services from FBG. If I don't agree, I know to skip over it and move on. Buuuuuuut.... I don't think this thread is the best way to gauge how your audience feels about this. Are all FBG subscribers regular posters on the board? Probably not and I'd imagine the actual % of people here that we're all familiar with is the minority in that number. Over the years I've actually gotten to know a lot of people here, most of whom I have never interacted with directly on messages or otherwise. So I can get past their, and your, opinions that I don't agree with, with a grain of salt. But if I didn't have that history, then I'd say such a statement in the email goes too far. I gave you my email address to send me football information. Anything socially or politically motivated like this should at least be separated to its own email, which I think I would accept more than having it tied to the normal emails. In this mad times, I actually appreciate everyone's perspectives and welcome it. But I'd like to separate the social and political from the football element like you've done in the FFA forums, which was a great move to keep things from just burning down.
  2. love this post. i bought into a narrative posted a few times during the last season that the whole scheme looked off and that is most likely because Nagy couldn't make the transition from Trub-centric offense to Montgomery-centric offense. Whether that was what he wanted, or if his hand was forced because Trub was just that bad, i have no idea. but forget in-game adjustments, it was painful watching the in-season adjustment. So i think it's fair to give Monty a mulligan for last season. I'm not all that high on Montgomery's talent, last year or now, and his projected ceiling imo is the same as last season. his improved situation offsets the shortfalls that we saw in him regardless of whether you blame the offensive line and play calling for that or not. Maybe I'd raise his floor a bit.
  3. and KC (with Seattle) seeing as how those are two of the top home field advantage teams in the league for many years now and that includes pre-Mahomes and pre-Andy.
  4. thanks for posting these. Just one context addition to this one above, Doug didn't bring this up. A media guy asked the specific comparison question to the Saints and Howie deferred it to Doug. Howie later brought up the Flacco/Lamar comp from the context of having two QB's with differing talents on the field together. But this doesn't seem to have been a focus for them deciding to pick Hurts. It really sounded like BPA pick and Howie really really loves QB's. He did say o-line and d-line are critical, and that they still have 4 picks to go and that there are still lots of talent on the board. He sounded very high on Reager and said he wishes his enthusiasm showed more yesterday. He pointed out they looked at trading up but the price was too high and they are very happy with Reager at that spot.
  5. I was thinking this exactly. please someone post a link or a video that makes us feel better about this one. a slight positive, not getting Mims seem to be a good thing, he's falling
  6. of those Chinn looks intriguing. looking like Mims should be there for us too. i mean, dallas takes another WR? no way, right?
  7. Not the kind of night i was hoping for, but not terrible. I hope you're wrong DJax lol, but in sentiment I'm with you. He's an Eagle now, like it or not you'll be rooting for him too. Back for round 2 tomorrow! Thanks gents.
  8. having become a Reager expert over the past hour the actual point of what is being shared on Reager is how bad his QB and the offense around him has been as compared to the other receivers expected to get drafted as top 10 receivers in this draft prior to draft starting. I saw one stat that in his Jr year he was open 73% of targets, but of those less than 40% was actually catchable. So there is quite a bit of apologist type analysis on his sub 1000 yd stats. So not exactly a reach, though it could be read that way.