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  1. Bummer about Wilson's injury - Hasty has his chance now. I'm hoping to use him for my RB2 next week.
  2. I'm hoping Moore is finally a plug and a play for my team now. I've sat him a couple of times, I almost did today.
  3. Hasty is a new lotto ticket I've added to my wallet. Some good thoughts here:
  4. Well worth adding, even with a bye this week.
  5. I drafted Mattison as a lottery pick - sadly instead of a jackpot, for the past week at least he was just a $1 scratcher. I figure I might as well swap to another lotto pick for this week since Mattison is on a bye, and likely will be back to his normal role the week after. His latest showing will probably help to keep him available on the wire for a while. After surveying what's available in my league, I think I'm going to swap him for Booker - just on this page there are several encouraging posts about Booker.
  6. I'm surprised Koo isn't number one in scoring in your league, he's number one in Average points / game by almost 2 points in my league. I'd love to have Koo, he'd be my first choice this year. I could see a K being used to sweeten a trade with a team that's weak at K.
  7. It sounds like you are having a bit of a rough first year of fantasy football.
  8. Another positive take on Williams: Jamaal Williams, Green Bay Packers (19.5% rostered; at Buccaneers) After proving dominant last season, Tampa appears to possess the league's stingiest rush defense yet again. Citing Tampa's defense might be an odd way to promote Williams, sure, but the premise is that he has recently surfaced as a helpful third-down option in the receiving phase for the Packers. Funneling targets to the backfield as a means to replicate the running phase could serve Williams well in this matchup, even as Aaron Jones obviously consumes the more valuable role. Week 4's spike in receiving usage for Williams could prove to be an aberration, but against an overwhelmingly tough run defense, I can envision the Packers looking to move the chains via the air. Washington's J.D. McKissic, available in roughly 85% of ESPN leagues, is another viable receiving threat out of the backfield worth considering for those facing injury and bye issues. -- J.M.
  9. Playing Time is the main concern I have... if Fulgham continues to get it, I'll enjoy having him in my starting lineup.
  10. I'd be just as happy if he took another week to recover - my team needs a healthy Fant ROS.
  11. I added Zuerlein in hopes the Cowboys offense ends up with a few more FGAs each week under Dalton. If they do, Z is someone you'll want to have.
  12. From a redraft perspective, I hope you're correct. Last week was disappointing, but I'll be very interested in seeing how the offense morphs under Dalton.