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  1. And the award for most use of Battlehawks in a sentence goes to...
  2. This is my question about the legal side... it can't be just a misdemeanor to be unable to demonstrate that your children still exist.
  3. There's got to be some laws of some sort requiring parents to actively take care of their kids. It's not something I ever thought about honestly, so I'm not sure how this is defined legally. But if a legal guardian is responsible for minor children, and the kids disappear, and you don't have a legit explanation for it... something legal has to happen, right?
  4. So 4 reasons I enjoy hearing it every Friday: I still remember when my younger daughter told us about this new song that had become popular and how simple/dumb the lyrics were. We listened to it and laughed about it, then I would randomly play it to "aggravate" her. So it has a lot of nostalgia for me. The video that goes with it is actually a pretty fun (totally silly - but fun) little video... and I loved the story of a 13 year old making this video and it, improbably and against all odds, becoming a viral phenomenon. So an underdog story that I'm always partial to. If you listen to it a few times, it's actually pretty catchy. It's fun to have little traditions, like playing this song every Friday. I just wish I had started that when the kids were still living here.
  5. I'm still bummed they replaced the original video with a newer, slicker one. And... they removed the random rap solo in the middle of the song.
  6. Wow, her face has really changed - I'm not sure I would have recognized her. I still blast Friday every Friday morning to kick off the day - my wife loves it.
  7. Only the true silent partner denies his divinity.