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  1. Thanks to YouTube and Rob, we now have the answer! I gotta warn you in advance, this video is weirdly mesmerizing. I'll probably watch a couple other videos he has that looking interesting as well.
  2. A slightly more obtuse theory would be that the real letter writer is trying to make the apparent letter writer's identity slowly become deducible... i.e. they're framing someone to make them look like a delusional meddling ### for writing those letters. And once OldManHawkins and his ilk do zero in and become suspicious of someone, it will be hard for them to shake the nagging suspicion that that person is the letter writer. Even worse, the question of whether to ask them about it or not becomes a genuinely tough decision that is destined to yield no satisfaction whatever they do.
  3. If so, he might end up with stitches.
  4. There's a ton of wisdom in this little story. Throughout my life I've seen numerous little incidences like this, where I was aggravated by something, or assumed something, and later found out more of the story that made me realise that I should have been more compassionate and considered that there could be extenuating circumstances. I try my best to remember this constantly as I go through each day. But man... sometimes the freeways... but I digress.
  5. In the moment, I don't think I could have either... I was really impressed by the way Tommy handled his eviction. While it feels like a mistake to keep Michie and Holly, I think Nicole and Cliff may have concluded that their best chance of winning was to be potentially sitting next to one of those 2, as opposed to sitting next to Tommy.
  6. I know exactly what you mean, but from a game-play perspective, it was brilliant and amazing. BB is a weird mix of game and real life... but ultimately it is a game. I think this year's cast has been particularly good about keeping that perspective.
  7. I wish to :subscribe: to this new hot women thread. It's starting a little slow, but I'm sure it will pick up.