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  1. You guys are making me wonder if I should start Watkins over Julio. My opponent is starting Orton (2QB League) so it might not be a bad idea. I recall at least one occasion last year where Roddy White was in same situation, got declared active, and then did nothing but decoy all game. Smith tries to be deceptive, he can't be trusted. When he says: "I want the doctors to say he's ready to go," Smith said. "It's not going to be decision I'm going to make. It's not going to be a decision that Julio is going to make. They are going to evaluate it and make that decision." It could be a total lie. Doctor's could decide he's not cleared and Atlanta will have him active just so Pittsburgh game plans to stop him. Like I said, we saw them do this with White last year, I just have a bad feeling about this. As far as the game being meaningful, so was last weeks game against The Pack and they took him out with the game on the line.
  2. How did the Mike Evans>Julio plan work out for you guys the week? Hehe sorry, I love me my Julio
  3. Bills are absolutely terrible at utilizing him. He made 57% of his catches behind the LOS in college. I've seen him targeted there a grand total of 0 times in the 5 Bills games I've watched this year.
  4. Tried trading him away in dynasty last year for Amendola straight up. Didn't need his points and figured I'd give up a WR3 for an injured WR2 and hold on to some value going into this year. Thank god the offer was ignored. Guy is quite a surprise MVP, and to think he almost signed with the Cheifs!
  5. Parker or White as the #2 WR prospect right now?
  6. Emmanuel Sanders had 0 touchdowns his first 5 weeks this year, followed by 7 his next 5 weeks. If you have another WR1 like Evans on your bench then pick whichever you want, but no one should be benching him for a mediocre tallent.
  7. Give the dude a break, his life must be miserable right now. He gets a day or two to go back home and be with his friends because they played Thursday night, let him get wasted at lunch if he wants to. I'm sure anyone from Texas (or anywhere not Ohio for that matter) would hate being in Cleveland, especially sitting behind Brian Hoyer while he manages games to victory week after week.
  8. Can someone please tell me what the #### happened today??
  9. I'm putting Oliver in my flex this week over Patterson and Kelce assuming Mathews is out. Anyone have any info on Mathews?
  10. Traded McKinnon for him straight up last week in dynasty. Not feeling so bad any more about losing McKinnon.
  11. I'm pretty sure Sammy showboating his way into the end zone with a Jets defender on his back was far dumber.
  12. x4 for 37 It's a start, he looks slightly ginger to come down on the shoulder, but getting back to a groove with Brees. Slightly ginger? Have you seen him with his helmet off?