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  1. I like Watson for the shootout potential as mentioned above . . . . . Boone and Mack in your other league. Good Luck !!!!
  2. Distance / performance league, need 2 Rb's. . . . . . Choices are: Mostert, D. Freeman, Boone and Royce Freeman (I have Cook and Mattson, but things don't sound good for either). Leaning D.Freeman and Boone, but with so much uncertainty surrounding MN situation, thinking of inserting Mostert. Any input would be greatly appreciated !!!
  3. He's my WR3 this week. Hoping for a good game so I can try and trade him to the Brees owner.
  4. Me too. He's in over Crowell. Same, and I'm also starting Gio. Don't necessarily like starting 2 RBs from same team, but also not automatically opposed to it either. Was thinking of starting both also, but probably gonna roll with "Boom" at the other RB spot.